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  2. Nah, they dont need to be concerned with RDR2, This game is PC RDR2 is PS+XB (they dropped the PC). So why would they need to be concerned? Unless people would go out and buy a playstation/Xbox just for the game..... doubtful.
  3. Well, not to feed a troll, but WWO does need to be concerned about Rock Stars' RDR2. Why? WWO developers recently admitted in an interview that the inspiration and motivation for WWO was DRD2 and it's lack of PC support and online presence. However, in some media reports on RDR2 they mention big plans for the online market (with multi-player missions, crafting, player to player markets and a social hub). Not as full featured as a true MMO, but still something I'm sure the WWO team is watching carefully.The impact that RDR2 has on WWO depends on how solid and appealing WWO ends up. In my view, WWO would have a tougher time pulling people away from RDR2 than they would holding on to their market share with a solid, fun game.
  4. alpha beta start?

    Urlaub dauert noch bis Montag, ansonsten kommt der nächste im Oktober.
  5. Boas vindas

    To no hype intenso man.. esse jogo ta prometendo demais //
  6. TROLOLOLOLOL... WHAT ? I'm just feel bad because of updates of the game sorry ... So what ? Tecnically the end of summer is in 31 days ? Tecnically the end of july is the end of july, and we don't respect that..
  7. I'm happy to hear the the design team plans to add Civil War clothing. However, I felt I needed to post this because of the errors on an existing character concept sketch. The art shows a man wearing what appears to be a Federal kepi and field jacket. The error on the jacket? It has both, black corporal stripes and officer shoulder board rank. You don't have NCO and Officer rank on the same uniform. With regard to the NCO strips, black was used by some militia, but the primary colors for both North and South ranks/facings were as follows; light blue Infantry, yellow Cavalry, red Artillery and black for Union Staff Officers. The other item of possible concern is the visor on the kepi (hat) looks to be the same blue color as the fabric. The visors on kepis for both armies was black leather. Officer kepis often had braiding and knots. Note on officers: Federal wore rank on the shoulders while Confederate wore them on the collar of the coat with braided knots on the coat sleeve. There is ample reference on the internet from museums and reenacting sites. Please make use of them. It will be time well spent. Thank you for your consideration.
  8. I know right. Thats some expensive beaver skin I couldn't agree more. The more diversity in the hats the better. However wouldn't you agree that authenticity should also play a factor?
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  10. Any word on how the plots of land work?

    Or farming....
  11. People will always bitch, even if there is no good reason.
  12. alpha beta start?

    Ich hab vor ner Woche meine ersten Lebkuchen gekauft.... d. h. der Sommer is VORBEI :-)
  13. 612 Games is making this game

    The Anticheat that comes with the engine has been updated over the years recieving some huge improvements on the Shattered Skies release. They called it an entirely new Anticheat made especially for the engine, which i don't believe. Its just a better version of what they had. Since the engine also is. Shattered Skies had nearly no cheaters in it (3 in 800 hours of gametime). The Anticheat worked great. So cheaters shouldnt be the largest of ur worries.
  14. alpha beta start?

    laut twitter antwort von wild west online endet der sommer ende September sprich bis da hin kann es dauern das die alpha kommt weil es wurde noch nirgends bestätigt zu 100% das es ende August kommt
  15. what game have you spent the most hours playing

    Ive got over 1000 hours in Warframe, World of Warcraft, Everquest, Smite, The Elder Scrolls games, Fallout games, Assassins Creed games and World of Tanks
  16. Is there an Alpha?

    They had aimed to release it by end of summer, but we dont know if that is actually going to happen. Once Alpha has started, if you ordered an early bird pack, you will get priority access in the Alpha and you will receive an email once it is released
  17. steam market

    From the Q&A responses post in the other section of this forum: Q: Will it only be played on steam or will also have your own client? A: The game will be played using its own client, and it also will be available for purchase on Steam after the pre-launch period. All players who pre-order the game, or who purchase it on our website at any time, will also receive a Steam key. Since no-one has got a Steam key yet, obviously the Steam key won't be supplied until they actually have something on Steam Sorontar
  18. R.I.P people who paid fully prices.

    Time means nothing, if Alpha doesn't get released until December or June of next year, we are still going to get a full phase of Alpha, followed by a full phase of Beta before the game is released. They aren't going to go and just full release a game without it being tested by the players.
  19. able to play?

    Just saying, you constantly post and complain about a game that has no official release date and we have been told multiple times that there is no official release date, just an estimate of when they would like to try and have the game released. Yet you continue to post every couple days, if not daily and complain about the game.
  20. Any word on how the plots of land work?

    I am going to assume the large plot item will be like a house or a manor and the small plots will be a cabin or something but I cant say for sure.
  21. When can I play?

    Alpha has not been released yet, And I think you can still buy the 3 different packs so you can buy a cheaper one if you want to
  22. When can I play?

    It's simple: will take over, definitely, refund. If developers are unable your hand will correctly calculate that it's only their fault. It was necessary to think at what point to start selling. and now it's not even Early access, and just Bring us more money, because we are so cool.
  23. steam market

    They've already confirmed a steam release.
  24. How do you remain calm while aiming?

    A suggestion, avoid situations that can lead to gunfights. 1. Situational awareness. Be aware potential threats and avoid them. 2. Avoid traveling alone or in the open when you can. 3. When you must defend yourself, remember that it is only a game and you can't really be harmed, and your attacker won't be harmed even if you defeat their avatar. 4. Try taking a deep breath, then exhale slowly. Throw as much lead down range at your target as you can. Hopefully, you will suppress them while you can get to cover or to a better position.
  25. able to play?

    it will be snowing by then lol
  26. able to play?

    By the end of summer which is Sept 22. Why is there no choice for that? Do people really believe that Summer ends at the end of August????
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