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    Update: Ten days passed by. No chaneges concerning the drop rate of uncommon or rare weapons and blueprints. The only thing they have done is to rise the price of the flares massively up to 495 TN (apox 12 Euro for 20 flares). I asked for the reason on discord, but nobody could tell me. The devs not responding or answering. To rise the price for an almost useless item and dont fix the ussues with that item is a very bad idea and a very bad call to the player community. For me it sounds like "we are the devs, we dont care about that what the players want or complaining about, we do what we want to do". And of course, it was a very bad timing. They raised the price shortly after the announcement of RDR2/RDO for PC. Sonds like "grab what you can, the end is near". Note to the devs: take back the price of the flares. Fix the issues with the drop rate of uncommon or rare weapons and blueprints at the balloon event. Both immediatealy. I dont like to talk about this issue again and again. I dont like to write negative about the developement. But some issues should be adressed. If nobody talking about, nothing will ever happen.
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    Totally agree. I would like to add to the building point that we should be allowed to build as much as we want inside of our land deed aka NO SLOTS limitation. If slots are a must be in the game, then allow us to get more using the in game money that we get from nuggets/ingots not just gold bars.
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    Yeah......the whole game, per you guys, is a pvp game. To make it better its gonna HAVE to be balanced pvp/pvm. This is why the first go-round failed. PVP simply has NO meaning to the game, whereas you can have "goals" in pvm.
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    ok.....material god.....and items(guns,kitts,gardens)? next patch..again deleted house?again build?......thi is bad..very bad
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    You forgot it? Another reminder.
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    Agree with everyone on the property Flag matter, Change it to a Letter box with the same function as the Flag.. Plus other functions, 1. Transfer of goods like with the Post Office. 2. Leave Text messages to members [Offline] 3. Add members. Other Building Materials to be added. Add binoculars Fences & Balustrades/Gates In house weapon traps Lighting :IE lanterns, Fire Place/with flutes, lit candles. Planting = Farming and water system Remove Metal walls replace it with Bricks and concrete. Trade shop = players selling booth Better towns not half built or destroyed by aliens.. towns house =climbing access for stealing or robbery. Add a Train [Building mode] even if waiting at a station/ plus carriages = looting for goods
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    killed a dude yesterday, I had to scroll down like 4 times to see all the shit he dropped. whatever the change is you drop a SHIT ton of stuff now. I thought he was just loaded with extra loot
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    I am at the opinion that it dont worth to buy the flares at the shop. I am just talking about the weapons you can get. For 150 flares you launch, you will get 99% common weapons (Equalizer, Coach and Cattleman), which you can easy and cheap buy ingame . If you are very lucky you will get a black widow and/or a 87. Meanwhile you have a much better chance to get better weapons at the Town Capture event. What makes me angry is, that some people asked for a better rate of uncommon or rare guns weeks ago. Till now, there was no propper response from the devs (except "a Equalizer can be usefull"). I dont want to call it a scam, because you can get other (more or less) usefull items, but for weapons..... you know. Dont buy the Flares at the shop, if you want a better weapon. They dont worth a cent. Just open the gun safes. No better chance, but you dont have to pay for it.
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    Yeee haaa 100 locations found lol.
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    RDR 2 for PC will be released soon. Do you think that New Frontier will survive next month (or will survive Read Dead online)? I dont think that the devs will be able to do what they wanted to do, including the private servers. The player base is dropping. Do you hear the noisy sound of silence concerning your question from dev side? Its the same sound you can hear if you aks for their future plans. I still like this game, but i have no hope.
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    yes, I learned this lesson last night as well when I placed farms on my property then realized I had to do it through the building mech by hitting "P" twice then "E" to go to the very end at the top of the build page and that is where all the farming stuff is. Now I have a nice roof-top garden!
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    Yes, realy nice. Good work.
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    After a few games I realized that often enemies come to the respawn area and do spawn kill. Put the protected spawn area.
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    continue to spawn kill @Sheriff Billy @Frontier Admin
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    Wait, i can confirm the Luke Willis quest repetition but on Red Peggie is not possible to do it again, as far as i know.
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    So I think it would be a lot of fun if you guys added a working train! And make it so, players can hop on and even rob it! I think it would also bring in more players! Who else wants a working Train?!!!
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    @Sheriff Billy in another post you said "We have compensated a lot of players at the beginning with Land Deeds and Materials." My only question is; why dont you compensate ALL players who lost a base with materials? If my base decay, thats my fault... But a server error is not..
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    I was one of the early investors in the game before it changed hands so to speak. I was very upset this past week after I worked so hard to build my home by famring for many many hours to pre pay for deed for 8 days only to have everything poof vanish 3 days later. I can not tell you how frustrating this is and since I was put onto a European server decided to start again on a US server. It's bad enough to loose the contents and all the mats it took to make but to not have my deed in my bank or inventory is beyond brutal. I had to spend more real cash to be able to buy a large deed since the small deed is insanely expensive and I just think this is wrong to people trying to support the development of the game. I can not get my mats back, my real cash spent back and more importantly all the time I spent to build which went away with a "poof". Now I cant find a free table to craft the mats I need to get started on my new home. So very disappointed with this.
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    I know this issue isn't easily resolved but I currently am having trouble getting to have any of my friends to play this game. the graphics are simply just to high requirements or the game over all is simply too high requirements to play, now huge open world MMO's like TERA have fantastic graphics system settings that you can play on high and ultra without melting your graphics cards. my friends all have graphics cards like the GTX 1050 and gtx 980 and some lower budget AMD cards which struggle to even open the game and play on lowest graphics settings, 2GB video memory should be enough to handle an open world MMO and have no issues what so ever, I believe that the devs should look into this and does anyone else have issues with framerate drops or huge screen stutters?
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    Why yu guy delete few of my post ? I understand yu didn't enjoy the irony/satyre feedback/suggestion in base building tuto, not the place and yu probably have 0 humor, no problem But why also delete other post like the one about zombie mode (and m5) system ? Too honest feedback/suggestion make yu afraid people agree ? or is it cause i don't say it in a asslicking way maybe ? or may that cause yu're unable to make thing in the way i suggest but then why not just admit it's not in your capacity or possible ? Why just delete the post like that without warning for edit and make censure about what people want ? Yu already ignore many suggestion/feedback of people and even sometime did the total opposite, now yu start censuring ? No need to think about how yu're losing yur player that fast ... Yu take more time to delete the bot spam message that try to sell weird stuff to forum user than yu took to delete this suggestion/feedback lol
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    I'd like to surf on one!
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    Fun fact, the other day i was thinking about how bullshit is this loading screen , the map is just empty and dead and destroyed with weird abandoned building everywhere whatever it's npc or player building, and 0 pve content only braindead pvp grindfest, except few braindead ai animal or monster under cocaine ;S
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    Nice to see i'm not the only one to suggest some change for this material, it's so ugly while a mix of brick renforced or not with metal stripe would look way better and more realistic ;P
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    Me neither, but there are many players who do. It kind of defeats the object if you pay for a free game. I did however purchase Wild West Online!
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    For me, flares are just some kind of a lootbox. You have to pay and you dont know what you get and what are the chances for it. Even the Entertainment Software Association rowed back with that a bit. You know the discussion about that.
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    LOL, dream on. Its just an artwork. Have nothing to do with the game.
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    A working train would nice and fun to rob.
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    I was sent compensation, thanks to technical support. Helped very quickly... please contact technical support, it is really very good
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    If you can not ensure the safety of the house, make a 100% refund of resources. If you have not made trade loyalty levels, open a trade...
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    Те же проблемы... Пропал дом, участок, 295 слотов (EU 20)... не думаю что с такими проблемами вы что-то заработаете, господа разрабы
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    idk if that have any interest, yu guys like to do the exact opposite of what we suggest and want but let give it a try ... - To change : Reduce gathering and crafting time, allow multiple craft at once so we don't have to wait 2 sec between each fucking object ... Reduce amount of ressource needed to build if you keep this slow gather/craft boring system ( look like dev only tested their game with some kind of "spawn Xitem" commande cause that one of the most greedy building system i've ever seen...) REMOVE or Lower the upkeep : this upkeep is killing the last will of people building their base, people said it to you and you got idea to make it worst ..., gather/craft time are already really long to do and allow to build almost nothing, but when yu have to do additionnal boring farming for " upkeep " it's just too much, i understand the function of upkeep, it encourage people to reconnect, but actualy the fact it is expenssiv either in time to gather/craft than in material and money make actualy people deconnect and leave the game ( i lost my first base cause of coming back few hours too late to renew it, i was really really really really pissed considering my base costed me hours and hours of gather/craft as well that ton of material ( building was more expensiv at this moment, but i also got wall dissapearing that i got to replace each time, and also put goldbar and tn in it as well that the dollars of deco ...., LOST EVERYTHING and even if it was after ukpeep update, and that i got half back would still be angry ... Remove that stupid flag that block our entrance and fuck the esthetic, instead make the base management pass via a desk that we could place where we want in base less restriction on placement ( for exmple i can't build in some place of my land cause there is a rock that cross the border on some part (and only little part of this rock ..) and we can't build objject trought stone ... ), or building thing over floor over foundation is also stupid and boring when yu know the amount of time to gather/craft it's really pissing to waste material while we could just place it over the foundation, etc etc At least allow to build throught stone Make foundation placement snappable or not to the land deed border, i've wasted several material by building foundation and noticing that i didn't got enough space to place the last one on the edge cause i placed the first like 5cm too far from border so i got to destroy everything and try again till i found the perfect placement to use all the base space ... REMOVE OR INCREASE THE BASIC SLOT AVAILABLE IN BASE , really stupid to make it so limited, good for perf maybe ( yu could anyway earn in perf by removing a part of high tree and remplace it with medium and small variation that require lower loading distance), really ugly for eyes , frustrating to upgrade and build with such restriction that make all house look like an empty wood/stone/metal blockaus clone If yu keep this available slot restriction then at least make goldbar easyer to get or make it upgradable faster allow control on land deed extension , i mean we should be able to select wich part of the terrain we wanna extend Allow more rotation, we need a 45° rotation for wall, so house will look less blocky, thought it will also requier according floor and roof to match a 45°rot, but also for thing like the triangle wall - To add : more variation for object more object obviously More interactiv object large door/large stairs brick material/variation FIELD ! make no sense to use tiny garden when yu've free land all around to make field like they all fucking do at this time, why not add hydroponic culture too if yu wanna make it more ridiculous ... Also, as yur map look empty and dead ( not enough living town, no pnj out of town, every place are stupidly destroyed, 2 wild animal only, etc) , field would be a way to show there is live as well that providing more environnement variation. Field would get his own landdeed we could snap or place near base one Management Desk to remplace the ugly boring flag, that we could place where we want in base base trap that stand way longer ( ive waste many material for trap outside of base to notice it dissapear after few hours ...) more ligthing/fire object better window shader (except if yu wanted to make plastic opaq glass it look really ugly Decorative vegetation ( ivy on wall, flower pot, small / medium tree etc) and more decoration in general To remove : Remove Metal wall , i know people want strong resistance, but let's be honest, metal base are really ugly and ruin the paysage as well than beeing not realist for this era in a wild region without industry or make it more aesthetic like a mix of stone/brick renforced with metal or idk To think about : Base NPC: Some base npc could improve many thing in this game that really need life and content. It would not only make base alive and less empty, but could also be used for task like harvest field, recolt wood/ore/stone wich will highly reduce the boringness of player to do it even for stupid upkeep, even thought they can't recolt billions, any help will free sometime to the player to play instead of farm cause farm/craft is not really playing ...., or again as guard to get a minimum of protection in our base so raid would be a bit more challenging and fair , or as trader that could go in town buy/sell stuff ( would also make a new event where people could raid wagon and get a part of transported stuff There is many possibility and improvement that could be bring to this game with just more NPC , unfortunatly, seeing the fact yu've no npc out of vendor and only braindead ai monster and animal, idk if you're able to do npc else yu would probably have add bandit or farmer or whatever instead of making all place dead/empty/destroyed ... xS And if yu're not able to add npc to make yur map alive then i've some doubt about what yu can do on this game, will it be an empty world where everything is about gather/craft and killing other or a true game ? I'm not gonna lie, i've stoped the game since month due to the fact there is nothing to do else than craft and kill and that the map is so empty and dead and generic that we feel 0 immersion or the fact building is so greedy, i'm still hoping good future for your game, so keep watching forum time to time, but the fact yu made downgrade that are the opposit of what player ask as well than axing yur game only about pvp more and more ruin my hope pretty fast. Seeing some NPC will restore my faith about the dev team capacity to make a good game not only a braindead battle royale without real content xS
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    You have to craft the fuel out of oil. Check your crafting page. You can find oil at the oil towers (1-2 oil barrel at each tower - if there no barrel, you have to wait for the spawn). There are two oil towers ingame. One at Ghostcrag Farm (East of Devilbrook station) and one at area Goldenbranch (just follow the dead end streed on the map) east of Brockton Station. Frabric you have to craft too. I addet a map which will help you a lot. Crafting materials also can drop inside the baloon, but this is random. For the stagecoach cabins: you dont realy need them (except you need additional safe areas, teleporting or for the achivement). There are 6 train stations. And you need to ride many miles, because you will need the horse XP (100 XP for your horse for each ridden mile) to upgrade your horse. Trust me, you want to upgrade your horse one day. Btw. The horse upgrade points and the research pionts are not resettable. Once used, you can not get them back. Use them wise. Ask if you have further questions.
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    Yeah, great addition to the game. Wait, zombies, base building, survival, crafting... 7 Days To Die, here I come (back)
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    So glad Zombies are being introduced, the Aliens/Monsters are lame and add nothing to the game, Well done devs, and thank you.
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    After further playtime here are some more suggestions: 1. Base foundations should not be able to be destroyed. I'm ok with doors, windows, walls etc....being able to be destroyed within reason and with varying strengths! Example: A wooden door is worth say 100 hit points to be destroyed. A Stone door is worth say 400 hit points to be destroyed. A Metal door is worth say 700 hit points to be destroyed. (this would be the same with any type of building material except Foundations which should not be able to be destroyed in my opinion) Pure and Simple....if someone is going to be a douchebag and try to destroy / loot my base....it should be very difficult for them to do so. Adding to my previous suggestion for a notification system if our bases are being attacked by someone so we can log in and deal with it before all our shit is looted. 2. Why can't we craft a steel door / lock that cannot be lock picked by anyone? I have over 100 hours of playtime and have yet to see a blueprint for strong door yet..... 3. Buying an XP boost from the store is pointless since your ingame coding basically LIMITS the amount of gold/steel/wood etc...is mined when a boost is active. For example I mine Gold and with boost active I netted 600 materials But when I didn't have a boost active that same mining time would of netted me 1500 materials. Who the hell is buy xp boosts if your basically negating the extra amount of xp/materials gained by having a boost active? I sure as hell am not going to be buying them and would love the amount added back to my bank notes! 4. Why can't we see ingame who is on the server playing with us? 5. You should add the server time in the main screen of the game with a countdown timer or something to let players know when the vendors will open back up. 6. Still no working vendor loyalty? Why not open the weapons with a higher price tag until you figure that feature out? And add a list of features that DON"T WORK YET so we don't waste recipe points and xp points for shit that doesn't work yet? 7. I still never received my small land deed that was glitched out of my inventory. Check my account and you'll see that I had to spend real money to get a large land deed because you wouldn't answer my request / report of the bug. 8. Clan / Team creation would be a great addition so we don't have to keep creating these groups every time we want to play with our friends / clan mates. A searchable listing with info about our teams : webpage, discord, steam, clan logos, application forms, editable team roles/positions/permissions just to name a few 9. Ingame trading system that we can easily use between players to trade goods/materials etc.... 10. Mod tools for builders / coders that we can create mods or pre-fab buildings via an ingame marketplace of some sort? 11. The ability to add / invite anyone on server to a group/party without having to be in the same "vicinity". 12. Add sound to the ninja bears/monsters that they are nearby and I'm about to get the shit kicked outta me.....too many times I may be in the menu or whatever and get a ninja bear mauling because I can't hear shit besides my lifeless body hitting the ground because a I couldn't hear it coming. 13. Destroying a building material when editing my base should give me ALL THE MATERIALS back ! The only time we should lose any amount of materials invested should be when they are attacked by non friendly players. 14. Static meshes/Bsp rocks surrounding mountain tops/peaks are still horribly coded for collision. Not sure what engine your using or if it's an inhouse engine but you really need to rework the rocks/boulders all around the map in regards to movement or traversing them on horseback. Getting stuck every 2 feet is getting old fast. The rivers should all be crossable except the ones bordering the outer limits of the map itself. Having to literally find a 3foot by 3foot path across some rivers to the other side is very annoying and tedious....especially if we are evading monsters or enemy players. These are just some more ideas/issues I've had personally and probably aren't shared by everyone. But suggestions nonetheless...hope it helps?
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    I got news for ya billy yer rarity has already been destroyed when even I have a warner LR , also on shotgun rounds damage wise , a shotgun slug should do more damage and have slightly more range than a regular shell , example I hit you with a regular shell you have a bunch af tiny holes that don't go all the way thru , I hit you with a one ounce deer slug you have a big hole all the way thru and you gonna die . right now they are the opposite .
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    It was fun for the month I have played it, it's going down hill now. The aimbotters are now rewarded by the recent changes. I'll cut my losses after the $30 I gave them.
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    Really needed update at this time!! Said no one ever.
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    A little reminder. No changes here since weeks: https://trello.com/b/ACzLFTo5/new-frontier-development-roadmap
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    What if "Group/Clan/Tribe-Bases were destructible, but individual bases were not? Only certain things could be done at the larger Bases (Towns/settlements?), so that would encourage larger encounters...good and bad...maybe ugly too...
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    Just give them 200 of each so they can all be quiet. But then again how would they know who lost what unless players submitted a ticket, not everyone lost a base.
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    And frogs would like to fly, but they have no wings, and the game has no train.
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    hi guys I play on the US official 20 server but a few days ago I logged on to find that my home and all the things that I hade made to go in it all the crafting benches 4 chests to store all my collected item that I currently wasn't using have vanished and I was just wondering if you had any intention of putting all these items back into the game that your update patch took out of the game as I don't have the deed to build a new base and gather all those resources again it would be a shame because I like the game but don't see the point if every time I build up my home and resources you release another patch that take it all away again I had 28 days protection on it so it would be nice if you could put it back in the game for me thnx
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    where is my house and all the workbenches, I extended it for 416 days