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  1. Gameplay Trailer Feedback Thread

    Howdy Pardners, The gameplay trailer is live. This is the requested thread for feedback. Remember, this is pre-alpha. We're happy to receive all suggestions. We will consider them all and implement what we can. Enjoy!
  2. When can I play?

    This topic comes up a lot. We aren't yet announcing firm dates for Alpha, but so far we are on-track for "late summer". //
  3. Howdy all, Folks have asked for more in-depth updates about the game so we're going to try to be good about publishing a series of posts about gameplay mechanics and other game info in the Dev Blogs forum -- and the first one is now available. Enjoy. To avoid clutter in the Dev Blog forum, those posts will be locked and posts like this will be put in General Discussions and pinned to be the official "comment what you think about this dev blog post here" thread. We will read that thread, we may or may not have time to sort out and read other side-threads any such topic spawns.
  4. Waiting on Alpha.

    Mostly we feel excited that people really want to play the game, but now that early access games have been "a thing" for a while now, we feel a little surprised that people aren't more familiar with how early access goes. If it was going to be perfect, we'd just ship 1.0. Early access means "endure the bumps along the way to make sure you get in early and your feedback is heard while the game is still emerging", not "we can secretly hit a 1.0 level build several months early so come get that". But mostly we are thrilled that people are so passionate about the concept and we want to get y'all in there at least as much as you want to get in.
  5. Fan Communities / Sites

    Use this thread to collect all the fan created Discord, Twitter, Facebook, etc. fan pages into one place so all your new friends can find them.
  6. Official Fast Travel Thread

    So, we conjecture that a couple people might have some opinions about fast travel... The four basic concepts we've noticed in the various discussions about this topic are summarized as such: * No fast travel at all. Pros: Easy to implement, makes some people happy -- especially ambushers. Cons: Alienates non-core players and others who find this tedious. * Contextual fast travel (stagecoaches and/or trains that are similar to GTA cabs, auto-run similar to BDO). Pros: Makes role-players and ambushers both extra happy. Cons: Most difficult to implement, some people also find this tedious. * Map-based fast travel (as seen in the video). Pros: Easy to implement, makes some people happy. Cons: Makes some people sad. (Note: there are ways to make this ambushable, one of which is basically a dice roll to potentially force an encounter with ambushers along the virtual travel path.) * You're stupid and I hate you. Pros: none. Cons: you make your fellow forum users angry, you might get banned. We'd like to hear which of those first three you love most, why (obviously, personal preference, but why that preference from a game experience standpoint), and how you think that mechanic would play-out in a satisfying way for you. We're also interested to know why you think one of the others is a dealbreaker (if you do), and if you have a concept of how you think this should work that isn't one of those three, that's also very interesting. Cost or other limitations are also a consideration. What resources do you expect / most want to spend to travel: nothing at all, money, time, daily usage credits or something else we're not thinking of? Do you want fast travel to be a safe zone or an ambushable zone? Should this be a per-server decision? All points available at once, or you have to unlock travel points? Any other ideas you have, we'll consider. Clearly this is a topic of importance to some folks, and we want to make sure we have captured all the arguments in order to help us make our design decisions.
  7. Reputation System, Griefing & PVP

    Howdy Pardners, There's a lot of excitement surrounding Wild West Online right now, and we want to try to satiate your insatiable appetites for more information! Many of you are wondering how PVP and the reputation will work, so we'd like to address this topic. Our main goal is to have a world where PVP is not restricted, but to still attempt to remove the griefing atmosphere that plagues a lot of open world games. To do this, we will leverage the Reputation and Fame system. The reputation stat goes from negative 1000 all the way up to positive 1000. All players start in the middle with an even score of 0, or neutral. Any player can choose to go down a dark criminal path, or work towards becoming a saint that represents peace, law and order. The Fame System - This reflects your status in the world and how other players will perceive you. Each action you take in-game may potentially increase your fame, and to earn fame it doesn't necessarily need to be a good deed. If you rob a bank, you'll get a bit more (in)famous, but you will also net some negative reputation. The Reputation Score reflects how "good" or "bad" you are based on what actions you've taken, from theft and murder to apprehending villains. Together these two parameters of Reputation & Fame define your status in the world. The most noticeable effect of your fame and reputation will be how NPC vendors treat your character. If you have a positive reputation and you're famous, you may get a discount in stores in lawful towns, yet if you're a famous bandit, you will not get a discount in lawful areas and will have to seek discounts in bandit controlled settlements. Your reputation will also give your character a title such as Outlaw or Scoundrel for negative reputation and Lawman and Sheriff for positive reputations. Other players will not be able to see your current reputation unless your fame rating is high enough. Want to become a Sheriff's deputy? You can become a deputy by applying for a job in a local Sheriffs Office. You'll get a badge and a license to kill the 'bandits' that might be harassing the town. Beware, as a deputy you need to uphold the law and because of this attacking innocent civilians is HEAVILY penalized. Attempting to steal anything or shooting innocent civilians will result in not only your deputy status being revoked, but severe penalties to your reputation. Infractions that are bad enough will leave you marked as a most wanted player for others to hunt you down and claim your head. And with great power comes great responsibility, so one of the bonuses you'll get as a deputy is that you can see whether other players have a positive or negative reputation via a black/white hat icon on top of their head when mousing over them. A deputy can kill any "bandit" without repercussions and his reputation will only be increased for doing so. To become a deputy you'll need to either pay a hefty fee in gold bars (which you'll need to find or mine) or perform a series of quests that involve catching several "most wanted" criminals. You don't need to have a positive reputation to do this - IE a bandit CAN become a deputy. This creates interesting game play where it's technically possible for a bandit to rob a bank, take the gold bars from the safe, then move to another town and wait until the most wanted status fades out -- then buy his way into becoming a deputy. After that the player will have to uphold the law and if they do something bad they'll lose their Deputy status. This seemingly contradictory system reflects a number of actual occurrences in the Old West where bandits split town and bought or earned their way in to lawman status. What is most wanted status? This status works similar to the GTA games and others in that genre where doing bad things gets you an increasing immediate status effect that represent how "rogue" you are in the world. Technically the most wanted status is not directly tied to your reputation, but if you have a large enough negative reputation, you'll always have at least 1 star – i.e. permanent wanted status. So how do you get most wanted status? Attacking another player first will give you this status effect. There's an exclusion from this rule however - Bandits & Deputies can attack each other without becoming 'most wanted'. If you rob a bank while in town, or do certain major illegal activities like cracking a safe, you'll also gain this status. Your most wanted status will fade over time, but it's up to you to make sure you survive and other players don't hunt you down in the meantime. When you have most wanted status, Deputies and Sheriffs will see you as a marked player and your name and location will go into the most wanted list. When this happens, eve regular players will be able to claim a bounty on your head. If you enter a lawful town you'll have an icon over the top of your head and other players can and will kill you. The exception to this is that as a wanted player you can also attack lawmen and neutrals when inside certain safe areas, provided you make it inside alive. Dying as a most wanted player will cause you to lose ALL of the items you are carrying. Being a criminal may be profitable, but it can also come with a very stiff price for death. Tired of being a bad guy and want to redeem yourself? A nearby church can help you with this. You can go to a church to pray your reputation back towards a neutral state once a day. The more negative your reputation is, the more church visits you’ll need. No more greifing? When we started designing these systems we had two mutually exclusive goals: make a game with relatively unrestricted PVP while still making sure the game doesn't turn into COD deathmatch where all players shoot first and ask questions later. We feel that we have solved that by giving players a choice about how they will live in the world that carries actual in-game consequences. Sure, you can open fire on the first person you see, but you won't be getting many benefits from this because killing them won't cause them to drop any items (unless they've been recently mining gold, something we'll get into in another post before too long), yet you'll now have 'most wanted' status and risk losing everything you are carrying if you're gunned-down while marked with this status. So being a kill-on-sight player is a double edged sword because you get the satisfaction of killing players, but you will also have to deal with the loss of all of your items when you are eventually hunted down and killed. The path of crime and murder can be a fun role playing profession, and great rewards can come from it through robbing banks, caravans or gold miners -- but this path also carries great risks, and that's the choice you'll have to make each time you think about pulling the trigger.
  8. What game to play while we wait?

    Overwatch For no reason other than I'm obsessed with it. It's neither Western nor an MMO.
  9. We try to interact with the community a reasonable amount. Every Dev's comfort level around this activity is different. For each "posts a video daily/weekly" team, there are others who say very little along the way (including plenty who actually release games, like, say, Fulbright). We're in-between. Yet, we hear that you want more, and are going to try to deliver as best we can. Thank you for your support.
  10. Fake Tent Shadow Kill!?

    It's all fake because it's a video game.
  11. Possible to upgrade?

    It should always be safe, but everyone should also remember that if you cancel your early bird order you lose those premiums. So upgrades are only loss-free if you're upgrading now from a normal, post-early-bird preorder. We apologize for that, but it's what Xsolla can handle for us.
  12. Game reset question

    Yes, you will get them back. These things will be reset on each wipe. You will lose anything you bought with the notes, but the notes will be restored to the start value. Same with deeds, garment bags, etc. Wipes will mean you lose what you got when you executed those resources, but the resources will be restored to the initial value. After release, the plan is to never again wipe, so this only happens during pre-release play and once it's post-release, anything you get with those notes, deeds, etc. is final.
  13. FAN ART Friday!

    Lisa just created the new official WWO poster. //
  14. Bounty Prices Research

    (As is the design of the reputation and bounty system, which, like much of the game, will still be subject to iteration and testing before full release.)
  15. Bounty Prices Research

    Prices are subject to change without notice.
  16. F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions

    Here it is cowpokes, a brand new FAQ addition for Wild West Online! Believe it or not, we do read just about everything said on the Internet about our game, and we want to respond to some of it. There certainly are questions people have that we haven't addressed here, but we promise there will be even more details coming very soon. Until then, take a gander at this fresh new Wild West Online FAQ. Q: Is the Alpha late? A: Technically, no. There was some misunderstanding due to a mistaken release that went out in some territories saying it would be late July, along with a lot of misinterpretation of the Early Bird end date as being the Alpha start date, but the plan has been “late Summer” since before the first public announcement. We apologize for any miscommunication. However, if you still want to think of the Alpha as late we totally understand, and we look forward to you receiving your late Alpha access soon. Q: How will players be selected for the Alpha and Beta releases of the game? A: First we will fill our slots with players who pre-ordered game. If there are slots left, we’ll randomly choose players from the pool of players who signed up on a website. On top of that we’ll give away alpha and beta keys to youtubers, streamers, and social media type people to help as many people see the alpha and beta as possible. Q: What are the Alpha version recommended requirements (GPU/CPU) ? A: They’re listed on Q: Are horses like ghosts we can spawn out of thin air once we've purchased one, or are they persistent in the world and very much mortal, able to die and be lost if shot? A: Yes. You “spawn” a horse by calling it, and it can’t die. We’ve discussed the idea of horses being mortal and 'real' creatures within the game, but for now we’ve decided against it. This may change based on feedback we receive during Alpha and Beta testing. Q: Will we be able to dual wield pistols? A: Not initially, but this is something we are definitely looking to bring to the game after the initial release. Q: As the game progresses and the player base grows and you release new content, will you be adding more cosmetic items such as weapon skins, clothing pieces, and horse variations. Or will you be adding weapons, maps, missions and possibly more locations? A: All of the above. The map will grow, adding more explorable space, as well as more places to visit on the existing open map, we will periodically release new cosmetic items, new guns, new skin, and of course customizations for your horses like saddles, color patterns, etc. We also planning to introduce more NPCs and their “storylines” to the world over time. Q: Will there be a system wipe? Will it be as bad as Rust? A: The game is persistent, so no there will be no regular wipes happening for sure. We will, however, wipe player’s stats during alpha/prior to full release, but this is standard. Q: My question is about the pre-order editions: when the game is reset to be released to the public, will we get our Treasury Notes, Small land deeds, and Large land deeds back even if we spend them or sell them during alpha and beta? A: Yes, you will get them back. These things will be reset on each wipe. You will lose anything you bought with the notes, but the notes will be restored to the start value. Same with deeds, garment bags, etc. Wipes will mean you lose what you got when you executed those resources, but the resources will be restored to the initial value. After release, the plan is to never again wipe, so this only happens during pre-release play and once it's post-release, anything you get with those notes, deeds, etc. is final. Q: Will this game have SLI/CrossFire support? A: If needed and if we will have a sufficient userbase. We need the installs to warrant that. i.e. if we have one million players and only 1,000 of them have SLI – then probably the answer is no. If we’ll have one million players and 100K users have SLI system, then the answer is yes. Q: If I play during the alpha test I will lose all my progress in the future, including my character? A: You won’t lose your character's look and cosmetic items, but you will lose their stats. Q: Is there any way I can reserve the nickname for my character? A: Yes, we suggest you preorder the game and you’ll be able to reserve your character name the first time you login to the game during Alpha. We will not delete characters after alpha (just progress/stats), so your name will remain claimed by you. Q: Will we be able to use a lasso to catch other players, or horses? A: This is a frequently requested feature and we definitely will look into that as we’re getting closer to release. It may come as post-release update. Q: Will we be able to use the iron sights of the guns in the first person view? A: Yes – in fact we’ve shown that in our gameplay video at around 5:17 Q: What will the map layout look like? Will there several big-ish cities or will there only be one major city? A: There will be several large towns, a bunch of small towns, and also homesteads, farms, settlements and camps around the playable world. There will be four major different biomes (types of environments) at release. Q: Will there be item decay in game? Will weapons, tools, etc. have durability? A: Only guns and tools will have durability. The more you use them the more you need to repair them. Q: What types of crafting will there be? Are there any plans on making jobs based around making things for other players? A: We’ll talk about crafting plans at a later date (keep an eye on the forums and FAQs). Q: How much character customization will there be? A: When you create your character you’ll be able to choose gender, race, specify skin tone (variable slider), choose face features (scars, tattoos, etc) and change hair color. Those are traits that will stay with your character forever. Once in the game, you’ll be able to change your hat, eye mask, lower face mask (such as bandanas), shirt/jacket, pants, boots, gun holster belt, and apply face paint. Q: How will sheriffs be able to get ammo? A: Like others they will need to find it or buy it. They will be paid for their sheriff duties, so that should cover it. Q: Is there any carrying capacity and weight-penalty? Or will we have a weightlifter, equipped with endless capacity black-magic bag? A: At start all players will be equipped with a relatively small inventory. As players progress and gain XP, they will be able to spend skill points to upgrade their inventory size and carrying capacity. You also will have limited number of “weapon slots” in your “backpack” – so even if you maxed out your character you won’t be able to carry an arsenal of dozens of guns at all times. Q: Will we be able to choose any server location such as Europe or North America, or will we be restricted? A: We do not plan to have regional restrictions. Q: How many people are actively developing WWO? A: There are around 30 people who actively working on the game right now. Q: Can I open my own bar? A: We do not plan for that for now, but this is one of the features we will consider as we’ll be getting closer to release. More people seem interested in this than we expected, so it may make it into a post-release update. Q: Will the game have Vulkan API support? A: There are no plans for that. Q: Are the forum accounts going to be used as game account? A: No, you will need to create a game account. The forums are open to anyone. Q: Will Ultra setting players will be disadvantaged comparing to the Low setting players by having more/less vegetation such as bushes? A: No, as “cover” bushes will be rendered on low, and we set grass/low bushes rendering distance to match approximately how far characters are rendered in a world. Q: I'm wondering if players will be able to become farmers, tavern owners, blacksmiths, etc. I know gathering has been covered. Yet I'm wondering if players themselves can fulfill "npc" rolls such as these. A: You will be able to do the following “peaceful” activities by the time game reaches Beta: -Have your own farm both growing crops and small animals. -Gather plants for sale -Catch small animals -Mine gold We’re also looking into other ways to expand the functionality of your personal “homestead”, and may add more activities later on. Q: How far is the draw distance for human players? A: Technically speaking it’s a few hundred meters right now. In reality, it’s up until the player is reduced to few pixels. Q: Will there be an official WWO Discord where everyone can chat? A: No, but of course players may create Clan Discords for this purpose. Q: Will the servers have a player limit, so it won’t become too crowded? A: Yes, and that limit is will be determined during alpha/beta tests (and tuned, if needed, post release). We also going to increase it as we open up more and more space on the map. Q: Will be players allowed to sell crafted items, like blacksmiths selling guns etc.? A: Yes, players will be able to sell crafted items to NPC vendors or trade them to other players. Q: Will players be able to hire NPC's as a bodyguard or companion to help them? A: We don’t plan on featuring this. Q: Will there be different types of ammo, such as a "steel bullet vs iron bullet." Would the damage on the ammo vary? A: Yes, there will be different types of ammo, both varying in damage dealt, as well as functionality. For example, certain guns will be able to accommodate explosive or “fire” rounds. (Imagine a Lemat type pistol with an explosive shotgun round!) Q: Will there be detailed weather? Dynamic weather? Nature sounds (like birds, wind, grass blowing, crickets, etc.)? A: There will be nature sounds, and we’re experimenting with dynamic weather, though this is not something we’re ready to talk about or promise yet. Q: Will this game be fully-voiced, with the important NPC's actually speaking to you, and with even the "unimportant" NPC's still at least saying "Hello" or "What do you want?" or whatnot, when you either click on them? A: If all goes according to plan, yes. Q: How will the in game currency system work? A: There are basically three currencies in this world. First and foremost is silver dollars. This is the base currency, which you earn through a variety of in-game tasks, and with which you can buy almost everything in the game ( except for certain cosmetic packages ). Then there’s “gold”, which comes in the form of golden nuggets that you mine or in gold bars that you either steal by robbing bank safes, or find on treasure hunt missions. Gold can then be sold for silver dollars, and also used directly to purchase certain high value items. Last but not least are Treasury Notes. This is premium cash currency that you can purchase using real world money. It’ll be used to buy certain cosmetic items, cosmetic “crates” and gun skin crates. It can also be used to purchase land deeds, but you can also use gold bars to purchase land deeds, so even if you don’t have treasury notes you won’t be left out there. Q: Will there be rag-doll physics when you kill player's/NPC's? A: Yes. Q: Can we please have more than one character slot? A: Yes, you will have more than one character slot. Q: Will you have to buy horses, and also are there customization options for them? A: No, you don’t need to buy horse. You will always own a horse, but you will be able to train/upgrade it to increase its stats as well as unlock customizations. Q: Will we require food and water to live? A: WWO is not really a survival game, and you will not need food and water to live. We actually had this mechanic in the engine when we got our hands on it, but choose not to use it to make the game more accessible to a wider variety of player types. One of the rationales for this is that game is about the thrills of the old west and exploration, not core survival. We also want to keep it relatively “realistic”. If we make it like other survival games where you need to eat/drink every five minutes, we feel that will become tedious for too many players. If we make it realistic where you need to have food/water only every few hours, it would make the whole system unnecessary. Q: Will cosmetic items in the game cost in-game currency or real life currency? A: Both. Certain items will require real world currency, but not all. Q: Will there be rare cosmetics to be found out in the world ? A: Yes ! A huge part of the game will be based on “treasure hunt” missions, with rare cosmetic items, the most powerful in-game consumables, the rarest guns, etc. available as prizes for these missions.
  17. All In-Game Businesses

    Wait until you meet Dr. Firstname von Generic. (That's a joke, but if we end up putting it in the game, then it's an easter egg.)
  18. All In-Game Businesses

    We're pretty good at coming up with dumb names. I suspect there will be more of this to come.
  19. Possible to upgrade?

    Unfortunately refund and replacement rather than upgrade is all that's possible. I don't really know why, all I know is Xsolla told us that this was the only way we could let people upgrade, and we're not big enough to change their minds/policies. Sorry.
  20. "Unclear" purchase

    Purchase registration is tied to the email account associated with your purchase. There will definitely be a STEAM release. Your in-game name will be registered in-game when you first play (we are not planning to wipe prior to release, so if you snag a name during Alpha or Beta it's yours). Forum accounts are not tied to in-game accounts or purchase accounts (you don't want that kind of insecurity, trust us).
  21. Question about the advantages

    They're cosmetic and yes.

    It's a pretty crazy time for us during the past few and next few weeks. We want to give this a go, but at least the next few weeks are really slammed for us. WWO has garnered A LOT of attention more quickly than anticipated, and we're having to do A LOT more stuff than we thought we'd have to at this point. The "workload increase curve" is not tracking what we planned prior to the leak, and we're dealing with that. More videos is on our "things we really should do" list and we really should do it. Hopefully soon.
  23. Complete Gameplay Text

    Putting glottal stops like "Euh" in there might make a dev a bit self-conscious. But thanks for doing that for the folks who missed some of it.
  24. colorblind (deuternopia tetranipotia stuffs....)

    Hi guys, we want you to be able to see the UI for sure! But please file bugs in Alpha or Beta period if this doesn't happen. We don't have anyone colorblind on the team so we'll be looking to you to let us know if something isn't working for you.
  25. It's AUGUST!!!!!

    PR people also make mistakes. I, for one, believe they make MORE mistakes than Devs do, but I am highly biased. The Alpha should consistently have been announced as "summer", barring mistakes, exactly to avoid this kind of issue. We are getting close, but we're not going to announce an exact date for people to complain if it slips. It will be announced once it's basically ready to go live. We're also excited and want to go go go... but we want the Alpha to be Alpha quality (still far from perfect, just to keep in mind), not worse. Also, please be kind to each other. Games are supposed to be fun, and we want to keep the WWO community as friendly and amazing as possible.