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  1. Advanced Character Editor

    At another project am at users are able to make and upload/add on their own or bought Avatar attachments such as hats, accesories, clothes and so on..so the outcome is limitless...
  2. 3D Fan Art

    I got lots more, but was hoping I can import to this game...
  3. 3D Fan Art

    More 3d fan art... my ugly simple sheriff jail and office..
  4. 3D Fan Art

    Heya Lisa, funny..hehe.. some outhouses later in the years were fitted with exhaust chimneys to get the stink out of there for a more pleasant rest...
  5. 3D Fan Art

    Howdy, I use 3dsMax along with many other graphics tools... then to test and visualize it I use a virtual reality platform thats currently being built from scratch..
  6. 3D Fan Art

    A screeny of my 3D modeling art... still patiently waiting for this game...
  7. Controversy thread

    It is very hard to swallow.. many indies come and go..short-lived, especially those without very much support or funding. We know Rock Star Games is invincible and their upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 will be a hit regardless whether its not ported to PC or not. As we stand on this project scratching our heads having doubts the best you can do is support the project and push them to allow community developers to create content for it by releasing the developers SDK... that way they can formulate a plan how to make 10-15% per sale from user created content... thats only way they can stay afloat, funded to keep it alive. In this life nothing is free...everything costs money.
  8. Advanced Character Editor

    The job of the alpha/beta testers is to break, smash, criticize the game until its nearly perfect...we need cabrones..not purdy testers..
  9. Advanced Character Editor

    Am at another alpha, but its a VR alpha and character customization there is BIG priority there.... user community there will be allowed to design and sell avatar clothings, accesories and even whole new character shapes...
  10. Character Design

    A good openworld has a good balance of bad and good... nothing comes free so it takes some effort to get what you want... better clothes, weapons or whatever should come with a cost to support the community creators...otherwise it won't work.
  11. Character Design

    I already work doing content for other games... they have it all, from freebies to premium kickass content..its all there... custom weapons, so if the developer does it right here it will be a game to sure last a long time..
  12. Advanced Character Editor

    Character/Avatar customization is the biggest selling point in the metaverse, openworlds, mmos, games... I hope the development team pays careful attention to that..
  13. Character Design

    Developer needs to release character SDK to allow community content creators extend character customization... we can create more clothes, more hairs, skins, tattoos, and more! Allow community creation involvement..
  14. Talking about horses, another mmo i been on since 2007 have been auctioning one of a kind breedable horses for up to 2000 dollars! you need to feed the damn horses to keep them alive!
  15. User created content, clothing, avatar accesories, weapons and more..will keep it alive... we need access to developers SDK to be able to start community created 3d content..