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  1. Système économique

    surtout ils ont eu beaucoup de feedback sur la vidéo ce qui leur à demandé beaucoup de changement j'imagine
  2. System requirement

    ah mince
  3. Early Bird - Maybe too early

    yes some teams are doing things different like you want but there are always people better at something maybe those team put more effort in communication but this one putting their whole time in developing and only very few Time in actually communicating isn't alarming as they showed us all the remarks and ideas are taken into account, I'm not very worried, maybe the other way around no?
  4. Summer 2017, We need some clarification!

    it's nt further an further that just pushed it once and again it's nice of them to give deadlines, most just don't and just say "voila"! the game is out. deadline doesn't necessarily mean that you have to kill anyone if not thoroughly respected btw.
  5. Advanced Character Editor

    I don't think it will be like it cause everyone running around with the same face would be way too stupid and maybe it's only for Alpha and maybe only the first phase, maybe it was just for the video and we may already have more customization for alpha?? We don't know yet I think they know nearly everyone wants customization and I am sure even they want it so wait and see I hope for lot of customization
  6. System requirement

    le troll viens même sur le forum Français haha pour parler anglais en plus...😒
  7. Fake Tent Shadow Kill!?

    actually he isn't messing
  8. Homme de loi ou Hors la loi ?

    d'abord il y a les outposts de bandits qui à mon avis permettent pour les deputy des mécaniques similaires pour pouvoir voler chez eux, peut-être des attaques du marché noir similaire à l'attaque de banque... et on ne sait pas vraiment ce qu'ils ont prévu a faire pour les deputy et pour les bandits. ce qu'on a vu, la traque d'un bandit, est fait par un chasseur de prime, pas spécialement deputy donc ça ne fait pas parti de leurs attributions. Normal quitter la ville pour traquer un bandit pendant des heures et la laisser sans défense serait débile, il faut mieux payer des gens pour faire ça.
  9. Fake Tent Shadow Kill!?

    I know but the tent got me worried 😥
  10. Clothing Suggestion

    @mmritter devs could make Woody this outfit for his customization from his package ^^
  11. Clothing Suggestion

    @Woody did you purchased a preorder?
  12. Fake Tent Shadow Kill!?

    and is the tent dead too??? Poor tent!
  13. Permadeath

    same here when I wanna play I want something different from life or else I go life
  14. Permadeath

    a mode some people want in which when you day your character is close to deleted and you have to start from scratch, but it would be completely out of the style of this game, it fits survival games but not this one, and there is just so much of this genre. plus I think it fits much more primal eras.
  15. Like and Upvote glitch?

    me too @Lisa and for the one's she don't like ... Brace yourself... Hell is coming