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  1. cest votre plus haut level? Combien de joueur etes vous actuellement?
  2. Salut, juste quelques petites questions : Quel est le level de votre meilleur player? Quel est la moyen d'age du clan ? Sur quel serveur jouez vous? Merci
  3. Basebuilding improvements

    I would like to be able to move my crafting bench’s and furniture, if I want to rearrange the layout of my house. For now the only way to do it, is to destroy it and rebuild it.
  4. Housing and Blueprints

    So the LIGHTS for the building can drop in the balloons?
  5. PATCH 7.25.19 Changelog

    This new safe zone sucks. I understand for the new players it was tough, but there was always a way to leave town with out being killed. For people who build a fortress in this zone now it is pointless.

    The red writting is normal, it means you write it, but for other player to see it you need to be maximum 20m away from them, otherwise they will not see your messages

    Just relog in the game and it should work
  8. You can currently pay in-game to extend the protection of your house. Cost a bit of resources, and in-game dollars, so it is pretty easy to keep it.
  9. TPS or FPS ?

    You should keep the way it is and let players in game decide what view they want to play
  10. TN July 2nd

    Look at his profile, just made last month lol
  11. Our Development Focus - what we're working on right now

    Town Capture event... This is your event? So you just took what was already available in WWO. I hope you can make it better, otherwise the old players wont be happy.
  12. New Update

    Man you just join this forum couple of month ago. I have been playing wild west online before this new dev team bough the game to change it. I know it is a ALPHA but the devs said, they will do a big update with new content after E3. Then they change to multiple updates during 3 to 4 days. We actually got only two updates that fixes some bugs but no new content. I saw this game gone down once and I don't want that it happen again. But the way it looks now, I don't think it will survive.
  13. New Update

    Where are the new updates? No news from the dev, this doesn't smell good. You better update your game soon, because less and less players are playing.
  14. New Update

    The mission (pickup mail package in post office) does work. You just need to find the right post office