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  1. Gameplay Trailer Feedback Thread

    Graphics look amazing! Makes the environment look immersive. There are however still some things I 'dislike' (I know it's in alpha, but I hope they're going to work on these things): - Animations and sounds - Missing wildlife - NPC's not really doing anything - Fast traveling. I hope this can be turned off and on on a private owned server.

    Graphics look amazing! Makes the environment look immersive. There are however still some things I 'dislike' (I know it's in alpha, but I hope they're going to work on these things): - Animations and sounds - Missing wildlife - NPC's not really doing anything - Fast traveling. I hope this can be turned off and on on a private owned server. - One shot kills. I don't feel like this is the kind of game that should have 1 shot kills (3-5 seems more reasonable), you've said in the Q&A that it wouldn't be, but that it would have critical headshots: Q: What kind of damage model are you going to implement into the game? Will it be a standard fps shooter(potential 1 shot kills), or will it be more like The division (bullet sponge)A: It'll be something between those two, with the average kill require depending on the weapon. Something like 3 to 5 body shots and with a chance to deal critical headshot damage.
  3. New Weapons!

    Yes they confirmed this a while ago. Poison ammo was confirmed. Ot: the new weapon looks good, but the weapons are not the in-game models though.
  4. No Dropped Items on Death

    You will lose quest/mission items when you die. I'm of the opinion PvP should entail risk vs reward. If they doi it right this could still be a fun PvP game. For example: they've already stated that you can lose the gold you earned from the future 'train robbery' DLC (free) upon your death.
  5. Happy Wild West July 4th

    Roughly 5.2 milion Native Americans do not celebrate July the 4th. In the Declaration of Independence the following was stated by Thomas Jefferson (who by the way was a grave robber to satisfy his curiosity; he 'excavated' Native American barrows/mounds while one was still being visited by possible descendants): "...the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions." - The Declaration of Indepence. This rule, and America's history with Native Americans, explains why many do not celebrate the 4th of July. "Any holiday that would refer to my people in such a repugnant, racist manner is certainly not worth celebrating," "[July Fourth] is a day we celebrate our resiliency, our culture, our languages, our children and we mourn the millions — literally millions — of indigenous people who have died as a consequence of American imperialism." - Simon Moya-Smith, a culture editor at Indian Country Today. Simon, and many people, are of the opinion that the 4th of July is also a celebration of genocide. A lot of Native Americans feel VERY discomforted due to the holiday. Not all agree with the words Simon choce, but most agree that they don't celebrate the day due to the American history regarding Native Americans. To answer your question: my character would not celebrate the 4th. He'd commemorate all the fallen Native Americans at the hands of the imperial 'westerners'/'whites'.
  6. The Fortress

    A few weeks ago I posted that I'd want fortresses in as well. "Perhaps also add a large zone in which clans can build small upgradeable forts for a lot of money. They can then defend their fort(s), but they can also capture and destroy other forts and gain some cash and fame (ranking board)."
  7. Taking over

    A few weeks ago I suggested the following: "Clans can fight over one territory in the world they can capture and hold for 1 week (1 posse per clan can enter the zone during the weekly 'conquer period', thus potentionally creating 8 vs 8 vs 8 vs 8 fights), and if they capture that territory they may use it for one week, before the 'conquer period' starts again. A clan that owns the zone can alternate the looks of the zone by building, decorating, setting prices during that week. Their clan banner can be seen on buildings. After one week the zone is open to be captured again (capture the flag/zone perhaps, hold it for X amount of minutes, the more posses show up the less seconds a posse(member) needs to stand in the capture zone). More zones like the above could be added as the gameworld grows. Ranking boards would be nice for clans (kills-deaths, kdr, points for capturing the zone(s), etc.)."
  8. The playstyle

    I don't think WWO will be like RDR at all. I got a feeling it will look and play like warZ/romereo's aftermath and shattered skies, but with a wild west skin. Sure there probably will be some simple quests (fetch and catch = confirmed), but no fully voiced NPC's, no shooting from horseback, no carriages, no bows and arrows, not a lot of melee weapons. People really shouldn't expect so much. Let's wait for proper non-scripted and edited gameplay footage. They've already stated that the gameplay video they're going to release is partially scripted..
  9. Video Delayed

    Hopefully it's not heavily edited or scripted to mislead us. I will see right through that. I want actual gameplay footage that isn't altered too much (sure I don't mind them using different camera angles that players can't use or fixing a buggy horse animation, but other than that nothing). We can't judge the game based on a heavily edited or scripted gameplay trailer/video with enhanced graphics that won't be in the game at launch, just so the devs can show us how it might look in the future. That's false advertisement. A few companies have done so, and in ALL cases it has backfired.
  10. What's your thought, does voice chat help or hurt roll play?

    I don't like written RP to be honest, never was and never will be a fan of it, I'm all for voice RP. But people are free to do as they please, though it might get weird when neither has the majority. It'll kinda be like speaking with 'mutes'. As for your voice not sticking the character.. I guess you'd have to play a character that does fit your voice.
  11. Public hanging

  12. Guilty of looking at the forums

    We've been calling it ICT for ages in The Netherlands. OT: Hah! That's funny! Lucky you ;)! Your forum name suits you!
  13. Steam Summer Sales

    I bought Day of Infamy! So much better than the multiplayer in Cod WW2 will ever be!
  14. Legends of the Frontier - Roleplay Community

    You've got mail!

    This cracked me up haha! I'd definately play UNO! Or a card game like Gwent (Witcher 3) or Hearthstone. Of course with a western style. I guess now is the right time to run? Especially after saying that I never played other/traditional card games? I once played a drinking card game called 21, that was fun! But it was based on the real 21 card game so yeah.. don't think I'll play any of the card games they'll implement (provided the game is good). Now if they add gambling on and participating in shootouts, shooting, horseshoe throwing, and horse lassoing.. then I'd be very interested.