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  1. Cast your character (Just for fun)

    Yeah I was only half joking. I consider Rango an underrated western. And a great entry to the genre for kids too. In all seriousness it's really tough to cast my character. There's so many good options.
  2. Cast your character (Just for fun)

    I think I will go with the obviously best Western he did.
  3. Introducing The Reavers!

    I hate to double post, but we're planning on playing some Overwatch this weekend. As it's free to play this weekend, even if you haven't got it yet, it's a great excuse to try it. It's also going to be a great way for us all to hang out in an actual game and get to know each other that way. So come check it out with us and play a few rounds while making some new friends. Then in the future we'll already know each other well enough to really get into WWO on day one! Info about the free weekend can be found here; https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/blog/20793052 Discord; https://discord.gg/kX7Z5vH Recruit Survey; https://goo.gl/forms/8aOBuf7NRhkHQme82
  4. BUYERS BEWARE - Just a possible heads up.

    Might want to be quick on that because that's not a great sign. Especially considering the history of Free Reign and their engine. Didn't I say that I was expecting someone to swoop in and start deleting stuff? Quick! Censor the community! Edit: Oh, I notice that very carefully, only the posts saying that they will still buy the game remain. Interesting...
  5. Introducing The Reavers!

    Dibs McCree (In before @Vega)
  6. Fan Communities / Sites

    The gaming group I am part of (The Reavers) have a Discord with a WWO channel. It's not WWO only, but feel free to pop on and say hi and meet some people who are going to be playing! https://discord.gg/kX7Z5vH
  7. Supernatural Aspects: Yae or Nay

    I think the best way a "weird west" element could be pursued is by doing something "through the understanding of the times." So, for example, getting attacked by a group of horrifying monsters. Ghosts that appear in the night! Turns out it's actually a group of Apache or something. I'm probably explaining this poorly, but essentially I'd say no to the supernatural elements, but that doesn't mean we can't have storylines where the characters interpret it as such. Assassin's Creed Syndicate might be a great example of this. Where you pursue Spring Heel Jack. The NPCs assume that he's a demon, but of course he isn't really. Essentially, it'd be fun to have an element of "where legends come from."
  8. Funnily enough he replied to a topic just before you replied to this one lol. I do believe you can follow their profiles, so you will be notified when they post. If that helps?
  9. New expansion announced

    They actually look fed up with your joke haha.
  10. Introducing The Reavers!

    Hi Juke. We got your application, but it looks like you didn't join the Discord? If you can, jump on and say hi so that we can get you set up =) https://discord.gg/kX7Z5vH
  11. Ammunition: Yae or nay

    No I'm suggesting that you don't take the specific items they have at all. To be honest from players bodies the most you should get is some random crap you could sell, and maybe a few bullets.
  12. Penalty for Death in a Town

    People really really need to stop pushing for permadeath. This is a mmo. No mmo is going to succeed with permadeath, because the whole system is built around longevity. Player longevity, character longevity, company and game longevity. The whole point is that people play for a long long time, which keeps the company going, which keeps the game going. If you keep killing off players characters permanently they won't bother coming back after a while. Because, and I would have thought this was the most obvious bit, trolls will go out of their way to ruin the game for people. And permadeath just makes it easy for them.
  13. Ammunition: Yae or nay

    99% This. The only thing I don't want is for the bullets to be so expensive that you're basically screwed if you run out and have little to no money left. It should be enough that you are careful with it, but not so much that it can ruin fun. I am all for looting players bodies but I wouldn't make it that you actually take their stuff. That would just lead to all kinds of grief very quickly.
  14. Introducing The Reavers!

    It's worth keeping in mind that a lot of people have very fast internet nowadays too. It's not like we're still living in the 90s.
  15. Alpha Access for influencers/youtubers?

    I wouldn't be surprised to see bigger youtubers getting keys. That's just how it works now. Youtube is free advertising for them. I wouldn't be surprised for example, to see the guys over at Rooster Teeth getting sent keys so that they can show off the game. I don't think that we will see them giving out anything more than that.