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  1. Help us to make the game better!

    Yeah unfortunatly they didn't listen at start what people were talking about and wanted and now Rd is here and soon mods if that not private server mod, it's a dead end for NF except if they really make some move toward their player to motivate coming back and a PVE content that worth it to keep the player, not an other braindead greedy battle royale that is doomed to die xS The base defense is cool idea thought, but noone will dare to waste time to repair after wasting time for the upkeep xs
  2. Patch 10.31.2019 Changelog

    Personatly i gave up when they erased people base but didn't want to fix their error after 3days cause lazyness and admin was like "why dafuk yu angry of loosing your base " ... ( pretty sure they use command to get materials and have no idea how much time it take to farm/craft xS As yu guys said the lack of content begun to stretch overtime and building is too greedy to be fun, i don't imagine with monster attacking the base how much hours it will cost to repair
  3. Tips & tricks

    Else, yu can craft faster too, for exemple, when doing crafting material, plan to do rock and metal, craft one and when its finish instead of waiting few sec that the button isn't grey anymore to craft again, just change to other material and the craft button will be usable asap. Yu just earn few sec, but since it's really long to craft, earn few sec by few sec is still interesting lol .... So weird to have to find work around to make game better really hope dev will reduce gather/craft time or just reduce the cost to build xS
  4. base lost

    I don't ask for exact amount , except if they've something that save player base constitution and stats it would be hard to get exact amount of ressources wasted i don't even talk about time wasted in gathering crafting xD. Just saying that only a land deed cause of a abused 3 days repair limit for their error it's wtf and not professional and unfriendly, base is a core of this game, this error is an important one and a decent repair/refund for material and at least tn and dollars ( upkeep and slot increase) seems legit but not only cause there is already a huge part of gaming time wasted wich is frustrating. And i'm not talking for me but everyone ! Many people didn't stay on this game cause it take time to gather/craft/build in this game, yu don't notice these leaver cause of upkeep eating more of their house (yu know abandoned foundation) than it really encourage to reconnect. If admin was boosting this gather/craft time a bit it and reduce upkeep cost even if that limited to something like 60/90 days ( 2 or 3 month where people have to reconnect to relaunch upkeep of 60/90 days) would already bring more people and make them ok to come back till that don't cost them ressource to stay on this game, and with this kind of "repair " for this important error that wasted hours of gaming and ressources player earned during this slow gathering/crafting and that is barely refund and limited to 3 days only after what it's only a landdeed, it's ridiculous If they gave decent amount of ressource ( or reduce building cost as well on material than for upgrade or upkeep cost) they'll make the game alive again and people coming back will get enough to build something more gratefull than a piece of foundation or a weird blockaus that cost them money ... By doing a good move after this error, giving a good amount of ressource to restart the game by attracting leaver, they would show they listened their player and i mean steam user or youtuber so what will grab new player in game. So basicly what i mean is that their actions on this error is not really userfriendly and even the opposite, in itself it wouldn't be a problem to restart with only a land deed and 200 material with few tn if they boost the gathering/crafting time or simply reduce building cost and arrange this upkeep system that is usefull to clear the server but not to keep player ( most game of this kind reward their player a little each day , sometime exponentialy, to encourage them to come back and it work, while here we pay upkeep to keep playing and it simply dont work xS, it make no sense and totaly ruin player envie to reconnect cause the base building was already long, doing extrafarming is unnecessary This base erasment wouldn't be that much a problem if they make a great move about refunding correctly material and at least Tn/dollars or even better if they reduce base building and upgrade cost or change upkeep to a dayly reward system for reconnecting , it would not only bring people but people losing stuff will be ok to restart from scratch after a such error their system just miss of some balance and logic stuff to work correctly, right now these two point i try to explain( Gathering/crafting/building time or upkeep/upgrade/ cost as well that a little boost for people to restart not from scratch) would not only solve the base erasment issue but also bring back people and more important bring new player etc etc whatever they've more interest to keep or bringback people, instead they troll all people still here with unsignifient repair or just a landeed after 3 days ..., i'm pretty sure they care about all the player they lost i just dont understand why they don't react asap to arrange what fail, they need to be more userfriendly on somepoint of the game and everyone would be happy including them xS
  5. base lost

    yeah 200 ... i litteraly lost all my ressourc by hundreds or thousands depending what kind (except gold bar and rare ore that are less used but still dozen more or less), with 200 of the 3 material and no tn or dollars i can do nothing, will be able to restore my base at something like 5 or 10 % of what it was before their error and still have to refarm everything again wich mean a lot of hours ...
  6. base lost

    totaly agree it's pretty unfair
  7. base lost

    About base ; yep yu right for the first, thought decay is something occuring over time, i thought it was the reason of my dissapearing wall like they decay over time so they dissapear cause yu didn't do animation, how could i know by decay yu mean collapse in 1 sec without any warning ? at this moment nothing was said about upkeep not even it was about ""decay "" i think, most people thought it was against player , and we got no info to know it would just dissapear in 1 sec, and again less about the fact we didn't get anything back ... so technicaly i lost everything cause of the lack of info at the release ... yu want ignore ? Ok no problem for the second base, when i deleted the base, the material i should have get was displayed but i just got a land deed when action done, about tn and goldbar yu're right it wasn't there so make sense i don't get them (even thought it's bad if yu expect people enjoy more the game and have fun cause they're hard to get, loosing them is like a kick between leg), but don't know why material wasn't sent back ;( you want ignore ? ok and the third base is litteraly not my fault and yu just trolled many people with this 3 days period limit to notice YOUR error ... That like saying all the people not here these 3 day ( and i think there is a lot) get out of this game we don't care about you ... yu don't realise cause yu're admin and can probably get everything with a simple command, seeing one of your screenshot (or was an other admin base idk) it was obvious yu didn't farmed anything , for regular player this error is like a huge troll, not only cause they lost ressources, bt also cause they wasted a lot lot lot lot of time to gather and craft these ressource ( one of the most greedy farming game i've ever seen if i can be honest) and just loose everything for no reason while admin don't repair their error correctly after 3 days , why not after 1 days instead ? lol ... I don't ask everything back, i can't even know how much exactly i lost, but a land deed for that much hours of game wasted in 1 sec by dev error while i can just start a new character and get a landdeed ((even thought i lost a big and not a little landeed) is equal to no repair literraly ... So well, act professionaly or not that yur choice and i'll accept it without arguing more about my ressources refund anyway seeing the people complaint they're not really satisfy when they've been able to get it Oo , at this point i can't be more " upset " anyway, i've litteraly nothing left and loose to much time to get force to restart once again , so whatever yur answer on this point, it will lead to a simple decision i think, keep giving chance to this game or uninstall, may i'll wait zombie to take it, but i don't expect much now About the other part : sorry for the satyriq post in tuto, it wasn't the good place i agree and understand this delete, just regret yu took it that personatly while i said it wasn't against yyu , the point was just about highlighting important base building problem that yu guys seems to ignore and just wanted try this kind of " salty " way to get reaction wich actualy worked, i'm just direct but nothing personal or negativ in itself, i want thing to be improved for a better game cause it have potential but wrong focus or decision, i dont see how this is negativ, if yu want rude and negative comment there is steam or youtube then i'll look like angel xS if yu want negativ impact just watch yur upkeep making people leave for exemple Thought wasn't expecting anger from someone geting terence bill i mean hill picture as profile pls no slap , but that wasn't needed to be that upset and begin to censure with deleting more post cause yu don't want people to see problem there is or agreed to idea that require some important work or just legit complain, and if it was only my post ok; but yu also deleted other people post that were complaining about the same thing, losing base cause of dev error, geting only a little part back , being their too late ( in same time 3 days i guess at least 50% people miss your error " repair ", isn't it ?), etc etc ... wich is sad and a really bad move when we know it's a dev fault if base are destroyed and that yu don't fix it professionaly after 3 days (never saw a such short period limit to fix a problem that is dev fault wtf so basicly if we got a life and don't play this " game " all day we can go out even thought we wasted many hours by giving it a chance ? seriously xD?) Since base building is the only real main content for now with pvp grindfest , and that many people just don't like yur pvp system cause to axed on griefing ( even thought there is improvement made wich i salute on this point even if that not perfect yet there is good thing brought, just a bit late compare to steam release) and so mostly just focus on base building, you've to understand how boring it is to lost many many many hours of boring farming aquiring not only material, but also tn, dollars, goldbar, etc that are really hard to get, as well than many hours of slow crafting and lose it in one sec cause unfun reason like upkeep or dev " error " So yeah, it's a natural reaction to be upset when problem are not solved or intensified, i agree i can mitigate it or that i push it too much sometime, i'm just honest and that not by hate or " rage " but cause i really wanted this game to work, , if yu want, yu can check steam review ( was also an other error, people said yu to wait before launching on steam but yu ignore and failed xS), yu will see my points are frequently coming back in people review (they're just not censured and more direct or rude but not necessary wrong unfortunatly xS) There is so much important thing to do and fix/change but yu guys don't act like yu listen your player and sometime do the opposite of what they want/expect, but also make stuff like splited game that make population more split than it is already with just the regular game server amount ( talking about m5, but i guess zombie mode will be split too ? idk yu censured the post and didn't answer so ... xd), keep a gather/craft really boring and slow that make people leave cause well it's too slow, simply, nothing hard to understand but yu guys don't react on this , and when they find force to do the farming for building, theyy discover upkeep that require to farm more again and it just ruin their last wish to play cause everything is about gathering/crafting finaly .... yu expect upkeep will encourage people to reconnect, but it actualy make them left if yu didn't notice yet , just sayin, if player are ready to push some dollars in upkeep, material is really a bad idea, anyway i don't even have dollars anymore cause everything was gone in the upkeep lel etc etc etc so much bad decision taken while player said it to yu, or NECESSARY/IMPORTANT change that are not done, so obviously it can only lead to discord about this game yu find me negative but i'm still here giving this game several chance even thought i'm again trolled, while many other people just left, and don't expect steam user or youtuber to be nice they'll say thing as they're or even being excessivly toxic, whatever yu want or not to hear, sometime truth is not nice but it's a necessary pain to improve, not really my fault not really my intention i'm just not the kind of guy to make as%lic%ing , i try to be direct and honest not to give pain by" rage " but to improve thing for a better future about this game also i could have mitigate my behaviour before if instead of ignoring or censuring yu just talk and said it like few post ago ? why wait people begun upset by ignoring or deleting post to reproach them to be upset , it make no sense Thought i can understand your anger, it's not ease to see complain over complain, and check everything and answer, etc, i've been admin for SaMp server it was the same at start, just get more admin to reduce yur work dude, and listen the player opinion whatever its nice or not and people will come back
  8. Well, that the Third time i lost my base, and when i think i mostly focused on base building, it mean i've waste almost all my " playing " time on this game ... the first base was lost cause i came back few hours to late to renew this stupid greedy upkeep, lost hundreds and hundreds of material ( base building was really expenssiv at begining, plus bug was forcing me to recreate wall that were disapearing at each dc ..., etc) , hundreds of Tn put in this slot upgrade as well than 6 or 8 goldbar, and many many money put in decoration and stupid greedy upkeep without forgeting hours and hours of time for gathering and crafting ... The second was cause i wanted to change for a big land deed, so i deleted my base and was expecting refund like yu said it will do but only a land deed, lost hundreds of material, few tn and goldbar put in slot increase, and the few days material and money i put in stupid greedy upkeep (was like 40 i think) And now yu delete base cause of error and i lost my biggest base where i put the most of time, i've waste hundreds and hundreds in building, but I also put everything i got in upkeep ( i didn't want to loose my big landdeed like my first base so i invested for something around 190 days, i've literraly no more money and no more material cause i put everything left in that stupid greedy upkeep ), but i also lost hundreds and hundreds of tn in slot increase and like 6 or 8 gold bar too ( that were way harder to get since update making bank not giving it ), and here again, dozens and dozens of hours of gathering and crafting lost for nothing. So i've played, or should i say Wasted many many hours, got no base, no more money, no more TN, no more gold bar Youpi ! I always keep 40dollars to put in such game with possibilty and good idea, but i always wait few month to get opinion about if it deserv or not ( too many abandoned project make customer carefull), clearly this one is not a game to put money in it yet ... yu guys really have to listen and do improvement on main feedback/suggestion cause it make yu loose all yur players to ignore them ...
  9. My 8 days land, deed and house are gone!!!

    Yeah, wasted dozens and dozens of hours on gather/craft to build and get this stupid greedy useless troll upkeep fed, but everything went away thought i don't even get the " poof "
  10. that cute ^^, i lost 3 time my base, never get any compensation out of the landdeeds (not on first base lose thought where i came back few hours to late to renew the stupid greedy upkeep and don't even get landeed...) lost dozens and dozens of hours gathering and crafting, thousandS of crafting material, thousandS of money put in stupid upkeep and decoration (with my 3 base i must have invest for like 300 or 400 days stupid upkeep both in money and material ...), all tn put in slot incease (a lot ...), all the gold bar put in slot incease ( like 12 to 16 can't remember ), etc Also, the only reason i play this game was for base building since there is nothing else to do, so i invested everything about that to finaly be trolled and waste almost all the time i've spend on this " game " yu can imagine that it don't really encourage to continue, if like meator said we just get few material and land deed back, better just uninstall and not waste more time watching rock or ore or bench for hours or collect tn and goldbar that are just useless ...

    Well eventualy if their map designer was removing half the huge tree and remplacing them by medium/smaller tree that can have more efficient lod keeping some area clear and other dense they could earn a lot in perf, it would also make the map less repetitiv I mean, just look gtaV country side, the tree are well dispatched over the map ( even thought a denser forest is lacking maybe but there is still mod xd), they're more detailled, and it look more realistic while better perf (while their world is way more detailled and complex, have life, wild life, navmesh etc ) and we can run it in ultra easy even add ton of mod and still get good perf ( yeah i know they've better engine too but i wanna point the map conception about vegetation placement ) In this game it just look like the map designer noticed the world is empty and lack of interesting place so he just copy pasted the same huge tree, huge bush, all over the map to hide that emptyness and give them wild wind reaction to make it " alive " I would prefer way less tree with more variety and smarter placement, it would look better and be better for perf
  12. Censure ?

    Why yu guy delete few of my post ? I understand yu didn't enjoy the irony/satyre feedback/suggestion in base building tuto, not the place and yu probably have 0 humor, no problem But why also delete other post like the one about zombie mode (and m5) system ? Too honest feedback/suggestion make yu afraid people agree ? or is it cause i don't say it in a asslicking way maybe ? or may that cause yu're unable to make thing in the way i suggest but then why not just admit it's not in your capacity or possible ? Why just delete the post like that without warning for edit and make censure about what people want ? Yu already ignore many suggestion/feedback of people and even sometime did the total opposite, now yu start censuring ? No need to think about how yu're losing yur player that fast ... Yu take more time to delete the bot spam message that try to sell weird stuff to forum user than yu took to delete this suggestion/feedback lol
  13. Is the Train coming soon?

    Fun fact, the other day i was thinking about how bullshit is this loading screen , the map is just empty and dead and destroyed with weird abandoned building everywhere whatever it's npc or player building, and 0 pve content only braindead pvp grindfest, except few braindead ai animal or monster under cocaine ;S
  14. Basebuilding improvements

    Nice to see i'm not the only one to suggest some change for this material, it's so ugly while a mix of brick renforced or not with metal stripe would look way better and more realistic ;P
  15. Basebuilding improvements

    idk if that have any interest, yu guys like to do the exact opposite of what we suggest and want but let give it a try ... - To change : Reduce gathering and crafting time, allow multiple craft at once so we don't have to wait 2 sec between each fucking object ... Reduce amount of ressource needed to build if you keep this slow gather/craft boring system ( look like dev only tested their game with some kind of "spawn Xitem" commande cause that one of the most greedy building system i've ever seen...) REMOVE or Lower the upkeep : this upkeep is killing the last will of people building their base, people said it to you and you got idea to make it worst ..., gather/craft time are already really long to do and allow to build almost nothing, but when yu have to do additionnal boring farming for " upkeep " it's just too much, i understand the function of upkeep, it encourage people to reconnect, but actualy the fact it is expenssiv either in time to gather/craft than in material and money make actualy people deconnect and leave the game ( i lost my first base cause of coming back few hours too late to renew it, i was really really really really pissed considering my base costed me hours and hours of gather/craft as well that ton of material ( building was more expensiv at this moment, but i also got wall dissapearing that i got to replace each time, and also put goldbar and tn in it as well that the dollars of deco ...., LOST EVERYTHING and even if it was after ukpeep update, and that i got half back would still be angry ... Remove that stupid flag that block our entrance and fuck the esthetic, instead make the base management pass via a desk that we could place where we want in base less restriction on placement ( for exmple i can't build in some place of my land cause there is a rock that cross the border on some part (and only little part of this rock ..) and we can't build objject trought stone ... ), or building thing over floor over foundation is also stupid and boring when yu know the amount of time to gather/craft it's really pissing to waste material while we could just place it over the foundation, etc etc At least allow to build throught stone Make foundation placement snappable or not to the land deed border, i've wasted several material by building foundation and noticing that i didn't got enough space to place the last one on the edge cause i placed the first like 5cm too far from border so i got to destroy everything and try again till i found the perfect placement to use all the base space ... REMOVE OR INCREASE THE BASIC SLOT AVAILABLE IN BASE , really stupid to make it so limited, good for perf maybe ( yu could anyway earn in perf by removing a part of high tree and remplace it with medium and small variation that require lower loading distance), really ugly for eyes , frustrating to upgrade and build with such restriction that make all house look like an empty wood/stone/metal blockaus clone If yu keep this available slot restriction then at least make goldbar easyer to get or make it upgradable faster allow control on land deed extension , i mean we should be able to select wich part of the terrain we wanna extend Allow more rotation, we need a 45° rotation for wall, so house will look less blocky, thought it will also requier according floor and roof to match a 45°rot, but also for thing like the triangle wall - To add : more variation for object more object obviously More interactiv object large door/large stairs brick material/variation FIELD ! make no sense to use tiny garden when yu've free land all around to make field like they all fucking do at this time, why not add hydroponic culture too if yu wanna make it more ridiculous ... Also, as yur map look empty and dead ( not enough living town, no pnj out of town, every place are stupidly destroyed, 2 wild animal only, etc) , field would be a way to show there is live as well that providing more environnement variation. Field would get his own landdeed we could snap or place near base one Management Desk to remplace the ugly boring flag, that we could place where we want in base base trap that stand way longer ( ive waste many material for trap outside of base to notice it dissapear after few hours ...) more ligthing/fire object better window shader (except if yu wanted to make plastic opaq glass it look really ugly Decorative vegetation ( ivy on wall, flower pot, small / medium tree etc) and more decoration in general To remove : Remove Metal wall , i know people want strong resistance, but let's be honest, metal base are really ugly and ruin the paysage as well than beeing not realist for this era in a wild region without industry or make it more aesthetic like a mix of stone/brick renforced with metal or idk To think about : Base NPC: Some base npc could improve many thing in this game that really need life and content. It would not only make base alive and less empty, but could also be used for task like harvest field, recolt wood/ore/stone wich will highly reduce the boringness of player to do it even for stupid upkeep, even thought they can't recolt billions, any help will free sometime to the player to play instead of farm cause farm/craft is not really playing ...., or again as guard to get a minimum of protection in our base so raid would be a bit more challenging and fair , or as trader that could go in town buy/sell stuff ( would also make a new event where people could raid wagon and get a part of transported stuff There is many possibility and improvement that could be bring to this game with just more NPC , unfortunatly, seeing the fact yu've no npc out of vendor and only braindead ai monster and animal, idk if you're able to do npc else yu would probably have add bandit or farmer or whatever instead of making all place dead/empty/destroyed ... xS And if yu're not able to add npc to make yur map alive then i've some doubt about what yu can do on this game, will it be an empty world where everything is about gather/craft and killing other or a true game ? I'm not gonna lie, i've stoped the game since month due to the fact there is nothing to do else than craft and kill and that the map is so empty and dead and generic that we feel 0 immersion or the fact building is so greedy, i'm still hoping good future for your game, so keep watching forum time to time, but the fact yu made downgrade that are the opposit of what player ask as well than axing yur game only about pvp more and more ruin my hope pretty fast. Seeing some NPC will restore my faith about the dev team capacity to make a good game not only a braindead battle royale without real content xS