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  1. Patch 10.31.2019 Changelog

    I have also played this game for a long time, in fact I have played from the beginning, when it was Wild West Online, I tried my best to help with suggestions, positive and negative, I will call back now and again, to see how you guys are doing, but I doubt I will ever play it again, I am somewhat addicted to other western adventures, and having a fantastic time, have fun, enjoy, Pink.
  2. Map locations 100?

    You might still have your land deed sometimes it does not show in your storage or inventory, if you go to a location and press P then 1 it might allow you to place it, it worked for me with a small land deed I hope it works for you. Enjoy Pink.
  3. Map locations 100?

    @Sheriff Billy
  4. Map locations 100?

    I reached 100 locations, unfortunately next time I logged in I was back to 99, has anyone else experienced this?
  5. Character name used

    Your name has been taken after Wild West Online was rebranded, my name was also taken, if you would like your name back you can request it, obviously with a polite message, create a character with another name and email address, then request the person who is using your original name to be a friend, when you are friends join them in a game and explain your dilemma, if they relinquish the name in question, you can set up using that Name and your original email, I hope that helps. ENJOY Pink.

    I was wondering if the developers are aware Season 1 has concluded, and if they have any future plans with regards to communications specifically here on the official forum?
  7. Map locations 100?

    Yeee haaa 100 locations found lol.
  8. Map locations 100?

    I'm stuck at 99, any help would be appreciated, I have found Eagle Mountain already.
  9. Patch 9.18.19 Changelog

    I thought I had lost mine as it didn't show in my inventory, but if you go to a piece of land press P then 1 it will let you build,
  10. Map locations 100?

    I'm stuck at 99, any help would be appreciated, I have Eagle Mountain.
  11. Thanks to technical support!!!

    Me neither, but there are many players who do. It kind of defeats the object if you pay for a free game. I did however purchase Wild West Online!
  12. Thanks to technical support!!!

    My point exactly, what is your point? BTW it is not 'just' a game it is a very lucrative business aswell!
  13. Thanks to technical support!!!

    I lost everything, and I wouldn't build again, I have more important things to do with my life.
  14. Cheat or glitch?

    Yes it was inside the safe zone, thank you Marox.
  15. Cheat or glitch?

    I was a bandit, in my base with the door locked, a player (ZombieKerrigan) opened my door, he did not become a bandit, and I could not shoot him, he then shot me, was this a glitch?