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  1. Thank you E3

    Yeah this game looks interesting.
  2. Created my own wildwestonline Youtube intro

    Looks good! :-)
  3. Created my own wildwestonline Youtube intro

    100% true Without name it'd look better
  4. Cowboys and Indians

    Yeah Western without good old 'Cowboys and Indians' is not Western. I thought I'll play as outlaw but now I am not sure. Playing as Indian sounds great so who knows maybe I will play as Indian :v
  5. Meme Thread - Post all the meme!

    United airlines logic:
  6. My Introduction

  7. Fan made WWO wallpapers

    Nice wallpapers but I'd like to see something in 3840x1080 :v
  8. What will you name your horse?

    As a big fan of Witcher I think my horse will be called - Roach or PÅ‚otka
  9. Anyone Else Feeling Uneasy Lately?

    Thanks for reply :-)
  10. Anyone Else Feeling Uneasy Lately?

    I am worried a bit that the game will turn out a crap because: - No gameplay - I'm not sure about this game engine - (Titov) But we'll see at the end of June when they'll show us gameplay and etc.
  11. Your in game item / skill

    I'd like to see that too ;-D
  12. Lawman or Outlaw??

    So I think I will play as an outlaw.
  13. Hello from South Africa

    Seems so ;-)
  14. Hell on Wheels

    Never heard about this TV show but now I think I'm gonna watch it after watching Westworld.
  15. Discord theme Inspired by WWO [2.6] - Buttons

    Looks amazing! When I get back to home I am going to install this