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  1. What are you listening to right now?

  2. Floating Bucket Bug in Trailer

    If you look at Infestation you can spot floating buildings there so a little bucket won't turn me away xD.
  3. Timer Gone - Alpha Still Available

    It was stated that the Early Birds special expires on 23rd of July, not pre-order.
  4. Servers Devs

    I guess it will now all come down to how experienced WWO's developers are in managing servers. But I wouldn't really worry too much at the moment as they most likely will follow the servers' status, ask for feedback etc.
  5. What Will You Do?

    I would most likely talk to him first. Then I can decide whether I can trust him or not.
  6. Lasso

  7. grave robbing?

    Hmm, would be interesting finding some fine pair of boots xD. No but seriously if they add it then all I can think of is finding there some kind of treasure maps and minor items.
  8. Subscription based?

    pay 2 own
  9. Purchasing Issues Thread

    You should wait a few hours and if you still won't get any email from xsolla then contact support.
  10. Friendly Fire in Posses

    Friendly fire is a must. If they add an option to throw dynamite or something like that then it would suck if you threw it in the middle of a fight and it only killed your enemies, but not your friends.
  11. Yup, but it's also kinda outdated as CM is instructed to say summer right now after the gameplay trailer got delayed so more likely in August, but who knows who knows ...
  12. Pretty Excited, but Cautious

    Welcome to the forum @Linna3us. Glad to have you both guys who want the game to prove itself first before making assumptions.
  13. Pretty Excited, but Cautious

    That's the spirit! Welcome to the forum, hope you have a good time here. ^^ I'm excited about pretty much everything. I was waiting for a game like this to be announced for so long ... but if I had to be more specific then it would probably be bank and train robberies, clan wars and quests or some kind of boss fights.
  14. It's probably a little bit too early to have a more structured discussion on this topic because we didn't even play the game but it's good you mentioned that. From what I can tell right now devs most likely already think about it since they brought us the information about possibility to play freely on any server, with no region restrictions. So ... time will tell.