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  1. Mid August, any news ?

    Why I'm not surprised that asking questions will bring freighters full of salt to person who ask... I love when people who asking questions been called out as hater for no reason. P.S. For others who don't know, there is line between haters/trolls and people who just ask questions, but only few people can see that line. P.P.S. I agree with @mmritter, stop attack each other.
  2. Updated FAQ

    So and why you don't fixed that error about end of july? And only now you telling that was an error. And now people will call me hater, because of this question.
  3. Sooks, Cry Babies, Children and the Petty

    ehm, Pitchforks and Torches?
  4. Official Fast Travel Thread

  5. Bounties, and how to claim them.

    How about taking finger or scalp to sheriff? Or other specific item (ring, badge etc.).
  6. Why This engine and not Unreal Engine 4?

    Ehm, guy just asked why they choose this engine over others, regards bad story behind it. Now we will troll the heck out of every misreaded question?
  7. Gameplay Trailer Feedback Thread

    Welp, after re-watching trailer couple times I have this to say: 1. Animations is strange. 2. Hands in first person are "Intrusive" 3. We have carriages and train, I see no point Fast Travel, maybe if FT will be available with taking carriage or train, or for money. 4. NPC at this moment are just dummies. They can bring life in cities if they will do something.
  8. Gameplay Trailer Feedback Thread

    You have black jack and hookers, that's enough for me to buy!

    Here we go! Now I'm sold! Also: BlackJack and Hookers! 2x SOLD! edt: BAM! COLLECTOR Edition!
  10. Was the gameplay trailer leaked?

    Welp ok, maybe devs should release video? Without growing hype and bad PR? Because I think everybody here know how Hype can lead to trainwreck...
  11. Was the gameplay trailer leaked?

  12. Was the gameplay trailer leaked?

    Devs still don't denied anything from this.
  13. Was the gameplay trailer leaked?

    Maybe there is some clever plan?
  14. Will be better if they will show something anyway, don't want to be hater(I think Im already counted as one of them) but couple bullshots and no actual gameplay is not enough to believe in this.
  15. HYPE for the gameplay video this week !

    So go buy game now at lower price, because no video before 7 july. Maybe Devs should consider move from 7 july further after gameplay reveal? I don't like to be urged by time. Already waiting to be trolled by other who pre-ordered early.