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  1. Town Capture spawn kill

    Outlaw No69 always does this and is ruining the game for others
  2. Town Capture spawn kill

    continue to spawn kill @Sheriff Billy @Frontier Admin
  3. Map locations 100?

    https://postimg.cc/ctc9vGDd Eagle Mountain is here
  4. How do I reset my account?

    create a new one
  5. during an event I died and then reborn underground https://streamable.com/kexmt
  6. After a few games I realized that often enemies come to the respawn area and do spawn kill. Put the protected spawn area.
  7. Town Capture - New Event!

    OOOO God
  8. it is the third time that I happen to kill a monster and let a weapon fall to the ground, I take it and then I look in the bag and there is no weapon https://postimg.cc/gallery/30wkwj44i/
  9. Patch 08.21.19 Changelog

    Same problem
  10. when a player is born many times it is attacked by bears before seeing the game