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  1. IGN has put them online I do not understand how ever before you mmritter
  2. What will you name your horse?

    My horse fury
  3. Who will make Wild West Online streamer ? Write down your channel here. https://www.twitch.tv/rimbolo https://gaming.youtube.com/channel/UCG-3vtaqI2tkaFt4oDmQWXg/live
  4. Wanted

  5. Problem with game

    Wait for you to get the email with instructions, we are all waiting aspetta che ti arriva l'email con istruzioni, siamo tutti in attesa
  6. Language in play

    @mmritter Could you confirm whether the Italian language will be provided?
  7. It's AUGUST!!!!!

  8. italian community

    Vediamo e speriamo.
  9. italian community

    Io si ho preso la collector penso che ormai siamo agli sgoccioli, spero che si tratti di una settimana al max.
  10. Possible to upgrade?

    You must contact xsolla that will delete your first order and then reorder it
  11. Language in play

    Language in play, the game will only be in English, a good idea would be that while it is time to develop language files to the community, so we can translate into our preferred languages and may have already been increased.
  12. "Unclear" purchase

  13. "Unclear" purchase

    But whoever has the right to the alpha or beta key will activate it on steam, i do not think they create a launcer and download external to steam when then the final distribution will be done on steam.
  14. "Unclear" purchase

    When you distribute keys for alpha or beta you will be sent to the email you used to make the purchase and you will register the key on the steam