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  1. Abhhhb hahahahaha so true so funny so low and many negative reputations
  2. What game to play while we wait?

    I'm playing Wow World of Warcraft
  3. When did we get the key steam ?????????

    It's not coming all the money was funneled to my account muhahhahaha
  4. Updated FAQ

  5. New Weapons!

    Bumpty bump bump let's keep this at the top so all can see the new killing machine's
  6. Waiting on Alpha.

    Hmmmm when it's ready?
  7. Waiting on Alpha.

    Na for sure it'll be halloweenish
  8. World of Warcraft...they don't die. And you can't use them as cover.....
  9. Waiting on Alpha.

  10. It's AUGUST!!!!!

    Yup mm been there done that
  11. It's AUGUST!!!!!

    Well I can see I'm the older 1.......this is a post that's dry humor........and yes I'm starting stuff......its called a conversation........nope not a snowflake.....yes i know how video games work I've been Playing since 1984......first computer was a Apple 2e........lighten up yall.......
  12. It's AUGUST!!!!!

    just asking you all........that's it .
  13. It's AUGUST!!!!!

    Where's my email? Where is alpha?
  14. Game Delivery?

    Pizzia hut will bring the alpha with extra cheese to your front door
  15. In-Game Animals

    Them Texas cows have Longhornes.....sound like a train lol