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  1. Non aggressive wildlife

    I agree with you. I love that element of fear while exploring the forest.
  2. Wildlife

    Out of the videos that were released today, the third one on IGN mentions there won't be any 'aggressive' wildlife. Is this just something that won't be in the game early on, and will be implemented in the future? Or not at all?
  3. Wildlife

    Based on the FAQ, we'll most likely have wildlife (we would need these animals for hunting anyway), but it may or may not be in the game by launch. My guess would be sometime after Alpha. - Q: Will they plan on having wildlife at the initial release? I think it could add a very cool aspect to the game. If so, what kind of wildlife can we plan on seeing?A: We don’t know yet, but this is something that is on top of our list of “extra” features to work on, after we’re sure that core of the game is fun and working as intended. - When it is though, I was wondering what kinds of animals everyone would like to see. I was thinking bears, wolves, coyotes, deer, rabbits, boar, different kinds of birds, as well as farm animals like cows, pigs, etc. I just think wildlife is a crucial part of the game since I like that 'fear' element of going into a forest and not knowing when an animal, like a bear, will come out of nowhere. I've had experiences like that in RDR where I just turn my character around and a bear was running right at me!
  4. So......

    My guess would be no later than the 13th. Since that's about a week before the 'Early Birds' offer ends.
  5. I like this idea. Many times when my friends and I play our own made-up games in GTA, we like to turn off name tags (and radar/HUD) to make it more realistic. According to the Q&A, it looks like we will only see name tags when we aim at another player. Q: Regarding character name tags(those that are always floating above players' heads for all to see)...Will they again be permanently up there in WWO? Or will they only appear when a player has their targeting reticle aimed at an other player?A: They will only appear when you mouse over other players. But having the option to even turn that off might be cool.