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  1. Patch 10.31.2019 Changelog

    I have played this game for a long time and I have left it for lack of content, then I have returned and I see that they say they have solved many problems, but I see that nothing has been fixed yet, not even the most basic, it is not normal that a monster of 2.50 meters high attacks you and you can not hear any sound, there is no sound of attack or anything, this error comes in the game many many months and they want to make me believe that you work in the game, no I believe nothing of what they write in devblog just want our money but they don't work to really improve anything.

    ok well, by magic the problem was solved, I do not know if it was thanks to some administrator or not but thanks anyway, greetings.

    I went back to register yesterday and today, but I still do not have my flag at home and I can not write anything in the chat either, my writing continues with red letters, I'm on the Europa server 001
  4. Hello, I come to ask for help so that today I connect and in my house the flag that makes me owner of the land disappeared, for this reason I can not remove walls or enter, the flag had protencion of 13 days but is no longer , I leave a picture of the house and its location on the map, I can not write in the chat, when I write in the chat my letters come out red and nobody can read them. https://gyazo.com/dadcb49f789fe319ac528ca5cc719926 https://gyazo.com/6ae1a41f6b0d6cbec2099e74995c1c48 My name in the game is: El Ultimo Mohicano Pd: excuse my english, I use google translate
  5. POLL - Should bases be descructible

    I have an idea that can be good, when someone steals in a house is marked on the map so that the rest of the player can go to see what is happening and perhaps also the assailant is marked during X time.