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  1. Gameplay Trailer Feedback Thread

    I see you did your homework. I agree that the traveling system needs a serious rework. It is possible that this system is just a placeholder too. I love your ideas and I would like to see them implemented. While I am aware that this is an over-the-top example, I think having 100 players split a bounty would be complete dog shit. They aren't your friends, they don't get to take your money. Maybe split on a volountary fashion? Also, how the guy got his bounty-money was stupid. It's probably a placeholder as well, but I really want to see something different in the actual game. Obviously, you need to be able to bring 'em back alive, but I agree that this is only pré-pré-alpha gameplay, so it's normal to see limited options. If you do kill this person, you would need to loot a signature item, and bring it back to whoever pays the bounty, as proof. This way, people could just stakeout a camp where a well equipped bountyhead and wait for a powerful group to come to take them out. Then, you use the confusion in the camp to sneak in, take the item for yourself and just deliver it. Sweet trickery! ~
  2. Thanks for reading my whole post! I appreciate it! ~ I really like your idea! A low ranked could have a set-chance of failing his attempted action, with minor fail, fail and huge fail mecanics? Minor fail, you miss your holster when you try to reach for your weapon or you just forget the safety (if it makes sense at the time, idk). Standard fail, you shoot without wanting to, the recoil throws you off-balance or you drop the weapon as you draw. Huge fail could be, broken shoulder, gun to the face, accidently open the chamber and all the rounds falls on the floor, weapon flies off your hands when you shoot, shoot the foot. I love it all m8. I'm not sure having a maximum time holding up a gun would be a very fun mecanic tbh. I like the idea, but I don't want to see this. More strength + less recoil, yes tho. Thanks for taking the time to read my whole text Foxxette. I'm glad you enjoyed it. ~ I'm not a very experienced crafter, most of my RPG experience comes from this single game I've mentionned: Mabinogi. I see your point with the crafting and I agree completely. Maybe my "Helmet Crafting Mastery", "Boots C.M.", etc. could be replaced with "Leather C.M.", "Iron C.M.", etc. I think that would, indeed, make way more sense. Of course, there's no way I would agree with any sexist mechanic, nor for stats nor for relationships. I know they said at some point there wouldn't be any "family" system, but I hope two guys/girl could get married in game if such thing happen one day. ^^ Yeah, so basicly, using a pistol could work like this. Dexterity + General Weapon Mastery + Pistol Mastery = Draw Time + Quick Accuracy Strength + GWM + PM = Recoil control, endurance (shooting many rounds quickly without becoming horribly innacurate) Press "F" to draw the pistol, 1% chance HUGE Failure, 3% chance Standard Failure, 8% Minor Failure (or something)
  3. Weapon, Skills & Levels It already has been established that the game would be "aim-shoot" type combat, where hitting "critical hits" would be a thing ( I assume crits would be headshot and maybe crotch shots ) But I can't wait to see what "skills" (as a game mechanic) there will be. I wouldn't like having "classes" like your typical everyday RPGs. I would love to see something similar to Mabinogi. In this game, you could learn every skill in the game just by doing a quest, talking to NPCs or just by reading a book. By reading more books, you could learn how to make a more efficient campfire, that would recover your HP and Stamina more quickly then a poorly made campfire. By shooting more your bow, you could train the "bow mastery" skill, which had it's own "leveling bar", and then use the AP you get from leveling to upgrade the skills. Although, I'd probably rather have no leveling at all. Leveling is a pointless mechanic in most games. If you want to be better with guns, shoot 'em. You could have, say, a "Firearms Mastery" skill, and then "Pistol Mastery", "Carabine Mastery" and "Snipers Mastery". Firearms Mastery would give you an edge with every type of firearms, and it would go up by shooting anything with any firearms, while the other three would go up only when you use said weapon type. Shooting a Pistol is quite different from shooting a carabine, but the skill can be transposed a little bit still. Carabine could include lever-action and shotgun, or maybe those could be divided into sub-skills. Each mastery should make you able to reload your weapon faster and draw it faster as well. Fanning-the-hammer should also be a thing, although terribly imprecice at early levels of the mastery, and somewhat efficient when your skills gets higher. Maybe the "level" of a character could only be the sum of all the ranked skills he has? With that being said, I think a character should be able to use any weapon at any given "level" or "skill rank". I mean, in real life, if you find a fancy pistol, you can figure out how it works if you spend a little time with it. Maybe a "Wisdom" stat would be interesting? You can try to figure out how the weapon works for a while, and if you can't do on your own, maybe a NPC can show it to you. Once you learned the weapon, you get a "passive skill" that has no leveling to it, so you don't have to learn the same weapon over and over. Once you learned how a single-action work, you don't need to learn it again. "Blunt Weapon", "Slashing Weapons", "Stabbing" could also get their own skill with the same principles as the firearms sub-skills: it gets stronger just by doing the action. Now for the crafting. Everyone fucking hates having to built 1000 helmets to upgrade his blacksmith skill. I mean, why the FUCK can't I just make gauntlets?! WHY! Just Blacksmithing should contribute towards leveling your skill! I know the crafting probably won't get much love in this game, but maybe consider making helmets, armors, grieves etc. their own categories. Like, okay you want to try to build such a fancy helmet, but you build a bunch of simpler helmet, so you should have some kind of bonus based on your character LOGICAL experience gain from his past crafting. Combats So yeah, combat is probably going to be the most important part the determine either if the game is going to be a success or a big pile of shit. Duck-and-cover is an obvious choice for most shooters that uses third-person in my opinion. It should be easy to jump over a counter to land hidden on the other side. Blind-fire would be a most. I agree it's cheesy sometimes, but I mean, if you were in a real shootout, wouldn't you blind-fire too? If bountyheads can be actually apprehended, there needs to be an option to STICK EM UP. You shout it, the criminal does it and the you can approach to cuff 'em. He should be able to change his mind and run or try to reach for his weapon which bring me to my second point: disarming. It needs to be possible. I don't want to kill bountyheads, cause if they're dead, they aren't worth anything. It would be great to be able to disable a player without straight up murduring him, so he could be easier to cuff.
  4. Like most people said, horseback shooting sounds like a no-brainer, even if it would be horribly innacurate while on the move, it could still buy some time before finding a safe spot to finally dismount! Heist are already planned and I think they're very far in the list of things to do to make this game actually enjoyable in its little activities. The most important things in the game to me is going to make it of a satisfying level of difficulty. AI uses tactics to surround you if you're on your own, the inability to empty your revolver in a second without becoming horribly innacurate at first, and after several days, weeks, MONTHS of training with your type of weapon (see pistol, carabines, etc.), you can hope to acheive such thing as "precision" while fanning the hammer. I think the shootings needs to feel like they are in real life: scary as fuck. I mean, shooting a gun is brutal and getting shot in the game should make you character lose balance or even fall down because of the pain. I sure would love to be able to throw my six-shooter at the face of the enemy if I run out of bullets, stunning him, running at him to disarm him, and then going to a good ol' melee fight. Gambling is an obvious choice but I've read in the FAQ that money gained from Poker would appear out of thin air and wouldn't be tradable, which sounds like a huge bummer to me... How can you make a MMORPG where you can't even trade basic coins? It's counter-intuitive to me. I know it's meant to counter third-parties who sells in game cash, but come on, can't you just deal with it like every MMO ever? By not giving a damn fuck? Anyway, I bought the Collector Pack or whatever it's called and I'll be vocal as to what I like and dislike about the game and I hope you'll listen to your community as you say you would. ~