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  1. Patch 10.31.2019 Changelog

    Fixed some flowers in the world which were rotated 90° and was causing them to fly. Fixed a spawn at the Cabin which is next to Stanfield where you were able to get stuck inside the door after teleporting. Fixed the respawn timer of the creature spawns. Fixed a problem where the animals spawned in each other. Fixed some UI problems which was caused by lock picking. Fixed a server crash that was getting caused by dynamic objects. Fixed a problem where the player was getting a freeze by moving too many items at once. Fixed a bug where you were dropping a gun and could not pick it up anymore. Fixed a problem where building parts went invisible over time. Fixed a bug where you could not pick-up the loot anymore after opening a weapon chest and had a full inventory. Fixed a bug where some slots in your Vault went "invisible" for the players and they thought they lost something. Please contact the support, the link is below if you have this issue. Added more tutorial pop-ups. Added now a limit of the stack size. If the limit is reached, it will create a new stack. Creatures will come now for you! A new event will come soon. More information soon. Lowered the chance of finding a Monster Skull in the abandoned farms. Changed the description of the Going Fishing mission. Now it's more clear what you have to do and where you can obtain the steps. Changed the description of the Find Monster Skull at the abandoned farm mission. Now it's more clear what you have to do and where you can obtain the skull. The Doctor Bags do stack from now on. Changed the loot of the purchasable Flares. Now the loot is different from the ones which are dropping randomly on the world. Keep in mind, with these changes, the price will also go higher. Removed the flare from the Going Fishing mission rewards. Improved the navigation system of the creatures when it comes to buildings and Land Deeds. Barricades do damage to creatures from now on. We improved the server performance and will improve the gameplay a lot when it comes to freezes and lags. We know every one of you is waiting for the Season 02. We will bring more information soon about that. Follow us on social media to stay up-to-date about the latest news and updates for New Frontier. Facebook: Support: Discord: Website: Forums: Twitter:
  2. [SOLVED] Steam is currently Offline

    Right now the steam problem is already solved.
  3. Steam is currently offline. This might cause some problems to log into the game. We don't have any details on how long it will be down or when the access will come back but we will inform everyone as soon as possible. Alternative you can start the game without steam. Just go into your game folder and start the launcher.exe manual. If you wonder where steam installed your game here is a path to look it up but it also depends on which drive you installed it. "~/.steam/steam/SteamApps/common" Or just search for "common" and you will find it as well. //New Frontier Staff
  4. Map locations 100?

    I recommend to submit a ticket to our support and they can look inside your logs. And if you lost an LD during a game bug, then explain it there as well.
  5. Map locations 100?

    I have added more than enough spots on the last patch. I think in total it should be 105 now.

    Check my message and tell me which GPU you are using.
  7. Still have a memory leak...?

    Does your laptop runs a 32 or 64 bit OS?

    Hey there, You have to make sure, that the game is using the right GPU. Please tell us which GPU you are using and attach a screenshot of the error.
  9. pause launcher

    You mean you stuck all the time on the download? Keep in mind, even is the numbers are not updating, it's still downloading.
  10. treasury notes

    Hey there, You have to make sure, that the steam overlay is enabled for the game. You can find these options inside steam.
  11. Screenshot-Story Contest

    Howdy partners! 🤠 🏅The screenshot contest is officially over and we have 3 winners. Rules were you had to post max 2 screenshots and create a little story to it. 🥇Rank 1: Skallnir#1591 🥈Rank 2: Dyabolikal#4307 🥉Rank 3: NAVZAHED#6245 💡If you missed it, we will do a new contest soon, you just have to join our discord server (invite link is below) and you are good to go. 📌 Discord: 📌 Steam:
  12. Screenshot-Story Contest

    Howdy partners! One of our discord moderators called Wholf created a great contest where you have to write a little story with some great screenshots together. Everything that you need to know is pinned inside the contest channel #screenshotstory-contest. The guy/girl with the most 👍 will win. We are giving out gold for Rank 1,2 and 3. Start: September 19th 2019, 12:00pm (CEST) End: October 9th 2019, 12:00pm (CEST) So get ready and prepare already your story, we can't wait to see some awesome stuff. NOTE: This contest is only available through our discord server. You can find the invite link below. 📌Support/Feedback: 📌Discord: 📌Twitter:
  13. login wont work

    That means you have an account with this steam account but not with this email address. I recommend you to submit a ticket, they can look at which email you used, etc.
  14. Help us to make the game better!

    Do you have crazy ideas that you wanna bring to the developer team? Check out our suggestion page where you can post your ideas and let the community vote. Ideas with a high amount of up-votes will get forwarded to the team. Check it out now! Suggestion Page:
  15. Help us to make the game better!

    That sounds cool but I just wanna make sure, that you understand the suggestion system. You have to go to and login and hit the suggestion tab. there you post your suggestion and let the community up or down vote. We will forward the ones with the most upvotes to the DEV Team and they will decide the rest.
  16. Patch 10.03.2019 Changelog

    Fixed the icon for the Daily Reward that would show as ready even if it wasn't. Fixed a bug where a player was able to keep the Bandit Buff after the Town Capture event ended. Fixed a bug where the player was bleeding at the end of the Town Event and continued bleeding after the event ended. We have reset some missions of the Season Pass where some players weren't able to finish them after the patch, for example, the Parcel one. Fixed a bug where the UI would crash if 2 or more players would interact with the Balloon at the same time. Fixed a problem related to the navigation of the creatures which was caused by a player opening doors. Fixed a server crash where the players' Vault desync'd and it could cause item loss. Added a check on running Town Capture events that don't let players join after the round has 25% capture points left and 5 minutes left. This will prevent players to join an event which is almost done already. Added a warning to the description to all Traps and Gardens about decaying after 25 minutes. Optimized the loading time of the world for the game client. For everyone who doesn't have the correct +% EXP on the Season Pass, we recommend you to submit a ticket to us, then we will be able to give you the missing %. Follow us on social media to stay up-to-date about the latest news and updates for New Frontier. Facebook: Support: Discord: Website: Forums: Twitter:
  17. Patch 10.03.2019 Changelog

    You have to place them through your base build menu otherwise they decay after 25 minutes.
  18. I mean I need some more information. Like did you make some pictures from before and after?
  19. Explanation about Land Deeds

    Hey everyone, A lot of players are confused when it comes to Land Deeds. To the story: Back in the days, it was visible inside your character inventory but because the players were able to lose it, we decided to make it an "invisible" item. What does that mean? That means as soon as you drag/move the Land Deed into your Character Inventory, it will become invisible. The only way to see it is by opening the place menu with P and there you have an overview at the bottom right. I will explain it with some pictures to make it easier to understand. 1. You can get Land Deeds through the Mailbox by the support or the system in case you building decayed. 2. You can drag it inside your Vault, where it will still be visible. 3. If you drag it inside your Character Inventory, then it will be gone invisible and only visible through the place menu which you can open with P. I hope that helps a bit to understand the Land Deed system. Keep in mind, if you building decay like your protection went out, then the Land Deed and Materials will get delivered to your Mailbox. Follow us on social media to stay up-to-date about the latest news and updates for New Frontier. Facebook: Support/Feedback: Discord: Website: Forums: Twitter:
  20. Game Probs

    Okay, I need some logs from you. Could you reproduce that and after you send me your r3dlog.txt which you can find in your game folder. Please post everything on and send me the link in a private message.
  21. Help us to make the game better!

    Add it to the page and lets see if the community also want it by voting it up
  22. Post office

    You bought slots which increase the slots in your Vault. Mailbox is just a delivering system.
  23. Blueprints?

    Yes there is but we are also planning on rework the drop chances of everything. I will try to make a list after this is done.
  24. town capture rewards

    I guess you are just unlucky
  25. Game Probs

    You have to give some more details, I don't know how to help you.