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  1. Deadwood Marshals NA

    I didn't see your app.
  2. Let them eat cake

    It's great that the feature is available. Could be good to a certain extent as long as it doesn't just become a tedious need to constantly be thinking about meeting hunger or other needs. It may be interesting and not monotonous If there are parameters that can be met while doing other tasks. For instance if a hunger need or survival need can be accomplished while actually doing something exciting or fun like hunting, skinning, cooking on a campfire, and eating an animal. Or if a social need could be met by selling the fur or meat from the animal. PS: No animals were harmed by this message. :-)
  3. Deadwood Marshals NA

    The Deadwood Marshals is growing and recruiting.
  4. Launch Date

    I had to Google Lucky Luke. Are you talking about in your cereal?
  5. Keep Forum Name for Game Username

    -1 @jhosis
  6. Timer Gone - Alpha Still Available

    Oh great. Thanks. @California Fats
  7. Timer Gone - Alpha Still Available

    What about the items like the plot of land, storage slots, and treasury notes? Are these still available free to preorders?
  8. The community come from?

    Texas / USA
  9. Lock

    Good points. I look forward to the response and direction the developers may have regarding this.
  10. Outlaw Townie Question

    Thanks y'all.
  11. Outlaw Townie Question

    How come under some player's names it says Outlaw and under other player's names it says Townie? I couldn't find the answer. Sorry if it's there and I overlooked it.
  12. Fast Travel Poll

    What about if someone has a bounty on them, they cannot use fast travel?
  13. UI Color scheme.

    I think the gray looks like an unfinished phase of the red one. The red looks like it has the finishing touches on it.
  14. Deadwood Marshals NA

    Application submitted. Looking forward to serving with the Deadwood Marshals.