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  1. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Opening the desk drawer Mal pulled out a straight razor in handed it to the kid. " I hear about you stealing in town again or taking from others there will be no more chances it will be straight to the orphanage. We understand each other?"
  2. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Mal gestured for the deputy to give the kid water when requested "Three meals a day kid, no exceptions. I know it's right embarrasing to get your ass stomped by Isabella the way you were and I'd imagine you've been taking care of yourself for a while now kid, but I also know a roof and meals are a damned good thing. So I'll tell you what, you stop being an asshole, and I may offer you a place in town with 3 meals and a roof for a bit of hard work." Sipped his coffee "Never much figured Orphanages are a good spot and you wouldn't be the first kid I helped out, but I don't help assholes. I'll give you until tomorrow morning to think on it."
  3. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Puffed on the pipe working at charring the bowl. "Torin is doing as would be expected. Stolen kiss here and there is bound to happen, not that I'm telling him that. Did threaten him with a gelding knife if he overstepped though. He needs to be careful mind you, Harrington caught them."
  4. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Lighting the pipe he took a puff before using it to point toward the cell "Runaway by my guess, been stealing around town and out at the orchard. Miss Haskins offered him work, but he was a bit too open about his view of the natives. It's likely I'll have to wire the orphanage shortly, can't have the lad in town stealing from folk, but he needs taken care of."
  5. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Sat down loading the pipe "I imagine it had to do with the public view of Dawson by most of the townsfolk. We're all entitled to personal relationships without others meddling Niamh. Hell I'd approve Torin and Cait on the spot without the stipulations if he'd been stable and rooted when he asked. Fact is you weren't in the wrong and it wasn't my business to start with."
  6. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Picked up the pipe looking it over before looking back to her. "Well made, figure you knew mine was getting a bit used up. Going to Assume Dawson senior is the reason things went badly for you on the last attempt? I figure so long as you're safe Dawson has done right by you, can't rightly begrudge a man who when to that sort of length to help you."
  7. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Looked up from his coffee as Niamh came in. Standing he walked to the stove to pour her a cup. "Good to see you back Niamh, assuming all went well based on you still breathing and all? taking a sip of his coffee "How was the trip?"
  8. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    "Just head out to the ranch and my hands can get you a bushel Miss Haskins. Plenty to be had from the last harvest" Leaning back a bit he sipped his coffee "The town treating you well then? Know it was a rough start, but you seem to be fitting in nicely here. Good to have a teacher in town to boot."
  9. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Nodded "We can see to that ad tomorrow and get some hands in for the job. I'll get the orphanage wired while I'm doing it. Figure the kid can look back on the opertunity as a lesson."
  10. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Grinned a bit "Some fool once said that spirit is rewarded. Suspect they were the ones holding the keys. Kid can live in lockup for a bit longer Miss Haskins, once he learns a bit of proper appreciation he's yours to hire. Far as my part in the business boy, I have to sign off before you get out of that cell, how much you piss me off goes a long way toward that decision. Piss me off enough and it will be the orphanage for you."
  11. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Continued smoking the pipe. "Pretty simple kid, either it's a job, a good roof and food, or I wire the orphan house. Hell if you ask the lady nicely she might even school you some over the weekends being as she's a teacher. Not to mention all the apples you can eat."
  12. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    "Well as to your thief I'd suggest taking a look in the cell just over there. Runaway by my guess, apparently Harrington's youngest beat him unconscious. The girl has brass if not good sense, likely be discussing that with her here soon." puffing on his pipe he thought for a moment "As far as hands go I figure the boy there owes to labor for services until the proper men can be hired, been thinking on a way to help the boy. Job may be a fine first step. In the meantime we can post an add for laborers while you're in town during the week."
  13. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Offered a nod lighting his pipe "For the barn, you'll likely want Torin Whelan. Works out of my shop during the day, building up a carpentry business though. As far as the horse goes the Morgans are all well trained and can accomidate your needs. Have to ask though whether you're planning the trip daily. It's a bit of a ride during the week, road is safe for the most part, but you'd be traveling several hours a day."
  14. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Gestured for Ellie to sit as she came in pouring himself a cup of coffee before retaking his seat. "Appologize for the wait Miss Haskins, what is it I can do for you today?"
  15. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Chuckles a bit, "Not sure of the bounty on Pie thieves, but I think I can arrange something, I'll talk to the kid and see what I can't do to help him out." Looking at Otak a moment. "Suppose what I got can be a wedding gift and a thank you all in one then." Removes a deed from the desk handing it to him. "Plot 68, was considering buying this one myself, but I suppose this makes us neighbors. Real nice little cove along the river. According to the homesteader's act first 50 acres is yours to build on as you wish." nodding to to the deputy the deputy he stands"Suppose I got a bounty to go deliver, unless there was anything else."