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  1. Patch 8.13.19 Changelog

    Fixed a crash that occured when logging in Fixed an issue where the game would ask for a serial key at startup Fixed an issue where servers could crash Fixed an issue related to registering an account in the launcher Come on guys be gentle, with this 3.5gb update only they are trying to make this software playable/launchable so be patient, your horse will eat your damn carrot in some future.
  2. Totally agree with MrDeadNote. If you could have a proper functional game with good core mechanics that would already be great. Having a 2019 game with a lot of ambition where it fails in every aspect reminds me of DayZ pre-alpha, out in 2013.
  3. Niveau 47, 23k gold Mais ce jeu est tellement vide que même avoir un clan ou l'idée même de build me rebute.
  4. What is funny is that Fence Vendor is (bugged) at Little Spur for 1 week, almost 2 now. Weekly challenges were bugged for the whole week. The devs probably fapping atm.