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  1. Come play Sunset Rangers

    Serious Sam?
  2. WWO fan art thread

    To arms in dixie and so on
  3. Timer Gone - Alpha Still Available

    Quote/post by mistake :O "I'm going to disneyworld!"
  4. Timer Gone - Alpha Still Available

    I see. Still reminds me of this fat chef on tv that will give you "three..COUNT EM'! THREE free tomato slicers" or whatever it is, if you buy his magic blender "RIGHT NOW! Limited stock. call now!" Shit's been running for 10 years
  5. Timer Gone - Alpha Still Available

    So was the reason the first time. Why even set a date?
  6. Controversy thread

    Thank you for the message notification and clearing things up. I'm still in
  7. Lawman or Outlaw

    Outlaw I guess? I'll shoot thugs, dogs, babies and whatnot for the right amount. Hit me up
  8. Controversy thread

    +1 repect, well said
  9. Alpha/Beta

    got the townie for myself and the expensive pack for my sis, hope i get points for that. that's like...a decent amount lol
  10. Alpha/Beta

    I got the Townie, so I'll take a key off your hands ; )