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  1. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    "You can go to the Saloon and I will send Caitlyn there, Is there anything else I can help you with?" She leaned on the door wanting to just shut the door.
  2. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    She excused herself from the table and went to go answer the door, she opened it and her smile was not on her face seeing who it was. "Logan." Didn't open the door to let him in any further.
  3. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    "I said the same thing to him right before I walked out.. If you need a place to stay as well you're welcome here. be safe getting back Winter. " she hugged winter quickly then watched as Winter walked out of the house. She retrieved the girls from the saloon coming back to the house going in the back, she sent them up to get ready for bed while she cleaned up the mess from the table. Also pulling the knife out of the wall. She shook her head.
  4. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    She sighed picking up the gun, walking over to Winter she handed her the gun. "I apologize for that, You best go catch up with him and keep him away from the Whiskey, he'll drown himself in that.. Eva can stay here for the night or until you need to get him straight again, I'm not cold or unkind he just thinks he knows what I'm all about.. I'm sorry he is treating you this way."
  5. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Empties the gun and drops it so it landed on the table and claps her hands together real slow. "Might as well slap a dress on you and call you Nancy.. Save your melodramatics for someone who gives a rat's ass about your Guilt Logan. I have said it more times then I care to I am not angry at you I'am not mad at you. I fucking forged who I am by fire and ice, and I'll be damned if some Stronzo goes around carrying a load of guilt. then trying to pile it on a Nine year old. Telling a Nine year old girl that a mean boy might be nice later so he'll need his penis I'm surprised you didn't add so he can stick it in you. I don't need you Logan I don't need your words your money. I take care of myself and Isabella. I have stated numerous times since You found out about her, Drop the shit. I'm not stupid enough to kill you with your own gun in my house, You won't see the fucking Blade coming if you keep up with your Woe is me the world is ending bullshit. You're making your wife look like a damned fool by being overly concerned about me and my past. That's not your business. Only business you have concerning me is Isabella and after the shit you just pulled. I'm having second thoughts about the access you have to her. Just because she knows how Animals have sex and what a Penis is does not mean you get the right to inform her of that aspect.. Grow up you're not a child." Was still yelling very loud. "Now I want you out of my house until you can act properly."
  6. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    She said nothing until Winter had taken the girls out the back door, Logan was at the opposite end of the table from her, she picked up her plate with the pie on it she winged it at Logan it hit him in the face ((rolled an 83)) threw her glass at him hit him in the chest (rolled a 79.) threw her knife but was angry it embedded itself in the wall behind logan (rolled a 36) "Stronzo..... First you come off as nothing but guilt now you're telling a nine and a twelve year old about a guy needing his penis for things later... Do you have any fucking clue how to do anything." She was yelling rather loudly. she was sure Niamh could hear her in the hotel and it was two buildings away.
  7. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    She got up at the knock on the door, she went and answered it smiling at Winter. "Come on in we're finishing up supper would you like a plate?" Let Winter in and led her to the dining room.
  8. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    She ate silently as the girls laughed and ate their dinner of steak potatoes bisquits and gravy. plus there were apple muffins were dessert. Pikey and Boris were over seeing the Saloon while she tended to the girls. She had to go to the bank and the general store sometime tomorrow to stock up on supplies and deposit the money. She made more mental notes of what she needed to do. She answered Isabella's question about building a fort in the back of the Saloon. She approved of it. The girls cheered and went back to their food then they began whispering. she shrugged and went back to eating.
  9. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    "Pikey dropped the order off this morning. We'll see how long it takes them for the order to be complete. I'm holding back some money incase the job isn't done correctly so I can order from the same company I did last time for the house, Just keep me updated on what is needed for the library."
  10. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    "Tragic accidents are a happy thing." Runs her hand through her hair she had left it down that morning and was regretting it. " Oh I did tell Dawson that if you need some help funding the library let me know. "
  11. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    "Concerned as to why I was doing something for Micah. Upset over the situation with Malakai angry at me at everything. is baffled why you'd end up with a British wanker his words mind you. I am not as close to Jaimeson as I am with Caitlyn but that's because he spends the majority of his time on the boat. but he'll come around hopefully. " laughs a little.
  12. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    "That would be fine with me. it may be awhile before he responds if he even does He's on the boat up and down the coast the majority of the time, I was honestly surprised he was there when I was in Boston, so don't get upset if a response isn't quick." Pours some more drinks.
  13. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    "Giving him Answers to what he's been hinting at not so well.. The how's and why's aren't his business in my mind but if it keeps him off my back and things more pleasant for Caitlyn I will do so. " Wipes the counter off then poured a few more drinks. "He just does his holier then thou act to well and it pisses me off so conversations don't end up happening."
  14. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    "Bruises fade as you know. It's the invisible marks that do not go away, I still need to have another conversation with Malakai at some point." Leans on the counter.
  15. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    "That's good for his health then." She grins at Niamh. The bruises around her eyes were slowly fading. the marks around her neck were also fading. "He seems like a nice kid I just have to make it known he' best keep hands at appropriate places."