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  1. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Ellie called Conan aside when he arrived at school this morning and worked one on one figuring out where to place him. After asking him some questions and having him read aurally, Ellie handed Conan a McGuffey Reader, a Blue Back Speller, and a Ray's Arithmetic book. And showed him where to begin. "It's good to have you with us Mr Conan. I see your already making friends, learning isn't much harder and before you know it, you'll be reading to your Pa with pride in your accomplishments. We'll work on it together." She smiled and directed him back to his seat as the other scholars came inside.
  2. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Ellie turned to the gentleman, now filling the school entry. She looked up smiling, "Why of course! I don't believe we have had the chance to meet. I am Ms Elenore Haskins. I'm the teacher here." She held up her hand to him. Standing before him was a petite grey eyed, blond haired, 4ft 10 lady. She was dressed in a purple brocade walking gown. There came a giggle, followed by many others from behind Ms Ellie, then one of the younger boys called out, "Ms Ellie, you may have to stand on a bench so he can see you!" and was quickly followed by an older boy saying sternly, "Albert, you best apologize to Ms Ellie or I'm gonna tell Pa and you'll get a nice whoopin once we get home!" Albert stammered, sighed and said "I'm sorry Ms Ellie, it's just that you're as tall as me and I got a crick my neck to see him is all. Not that I'm 'tendin to be mean. But Mr, you make my Pa seem short. Are you part giant? Where you from?" He sheepishly looked over to his older brother and sat down hanging his head. "I am so sorry." Ellie said, "We are still trying to teach Little Albert when it is and isn't appropriate to say what we think." She glances over at Albert and points to a stool in the corner up by the wall slate. He gets up and slowly walks to the stool, shuffling his feet as he went. He sat on the stool and turned to face the corner, apparently, a task he has become very familiar with.
  3. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    "Yes, things were rough at first, but I seem to be finding my spot and I am enjoying teaching again. It feels good to stand on my own. And I have several friends too. Thank you. I think I'll be getting back to my loft. Its been a busy weekend. Good night Sheriff Mal. " she stood, nodded, took one last look at the lost boy and left.
  4. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    "Very well. One last thing Sheriff Mal, could I get some oranges from you? My mother would put the peels into a pot on the stove with cloves and cinnamon sticks to scent the air."
  5. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Ellie's face becomes very serious. His comment about 'squantos' insulted her. "If you choose to stick with this line of intolerance, I am afraid that I can not have you at the orchard. The Apache Chief Lupan and his tribe worked with and protected my husband, they have vowed to do the same for me. I am considered an honorary Apache and under their protection. They do frequently come to the orchard and help me with the work needed. I will not turn my back on them to condone your intolerance." Ellie turns to Sheriff Mal, "I tried. But you know my connection to Chief Lupan, his tribe and Otaktay. I honor them and I am grateful for all they do for me. I fear this is not a match."
  6. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Ellie smiled at Sheriff Mal, then turned to the boy. "Well, I am offering you a job, including food and place to stay, and you won't even tell me your name. Now I am not sure what your background is, where you're from or whether someone is looking for you or not. I'm not asking either. I'm offering a chance for a fresh start, a legitimate way to support yourself and to prove yourself. Considering you would be the only one there during the week, sure, be your own boss. Just as long as you remember, it's my home, my land and my things you are being hired to protect. Respect me and what's mine and we'll have no problems." Ellie looked at him as one adult to another. She understood that he has been on his own for a while, possibly even before leaving wherever he was from. He needed to feel independent and capable.
  7. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    "Look, whether Sheriff Mal here wants to consider this paying a debt or something else, I don't care. What I see is an opportunity for us to benefit each other. You need food and a place to stay. From what I have heard around town, that's all you have been trying to get for yourself. I need to have someone who can stay out at my orchard and make sure no one causes any harm while I have to stay in town. I'm not demanding that you pay a debt. I'm offering you a job with room and board. The Apache tribe to the south checks in on the orchard and they will randomly be in and about, but I would feel better knowing that my home is being watched. I will make sure there's food to prepare. You seem pretty capable where that's concerned. There's a river that runs through the property, you can go swimming and fish if desired. If you agree to this arrangement, I will have Monique make you some clothes that fit you correctly. Then we can discuss appropriate payment as a hIred hand. I understand that you have your reasons for being here as most of us here in Driftwood do. I'm not interested in prying, but I am interested in finding a way for us to help each other. What do you say?"
  8. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    "No, my hope is to be able to travel home for weekends, and during harvest season when the scholars are required at their farms, I could be home to oversee the harvest of the orchard. During the week I shall remain at the school, as I understand the dangers of a woman making the trip daily alone. I would ask though, I will also need to hire at least a couple of men to stay at the orchard. Someone will need to tend to the trees, and I would feel better knowing that someone was there watching over my home. Since our last trip there, someone had broken into my home, ate every bit of the food stored in the kitchen and soiled one of the beds. I need to know when I am here serving the town as it's teacher, that my home will remain protected and my food stores won't be pilfered. I felt embarrassed to arrive at my home finding that I had no way to feed Mr Logan and his family for their kindness. Not to mention having to now replenish the stores. But, of course, I do not know how to find such men, nor who I can trust to this. I do know that I trust you and Mr Logan. I would appreciate your council in the matter."
  9. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    "Thank you, "she sits,"Yesterday, Mr Logan and his family were kind enough to take me out to the orchard. I completely enjoyed myself. It really did feel like I was home. I would have liked to stay longer, however, realized that they needed to return with the girls. After getting back to my loft, I did some thinking. I would like to start spending time at home at the orchard. In order for this to happen, I need to accomplish a few tasks first. I need to find someone who can rebuild the barn. Mr Logan was kind enough to clean up the remnants of the one that was burnt so the location is ready for building. I also have pictures that Robert sent of the barn when he finished it. I would like to have the new one built in the same likeness. Once the barn is built, I will be needing to purchase a horse and see if Mr Jack can help me order a shay. I don't think I can handle a full wagon, but figured a shay would do me fine. The horse I purchase would have to be trained to handle both the shay and riding. Do you have any suggestions? I think morgans are beautiful creatures, but that's about all I know of them."
  10. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Ellie got dressed in her white walking gown. She always felt pretty in this ensemble. The black lace against white brocade was eye catching and the black silk covered buttons were both decorative and functional. Ellie pinned her matching topper hat into her hair and headed out, black brocade and lace parasol over her left shoulder. She stopped and locked the school as she left. Whoever had broke into her home and eaten all of her food had to have mover on to the town to seek more food. Ellie walked over to Sheriff Mal's office. Knocking lightly as she walked in, she called out, "Sheriff Mal?"
  11. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Ellie woke after a sound sleep. For the first time since getting here, her dreams were not haunting causing restless sleep. She had an overall feeling of peace. As if Robert was happy that she had gone to the orchard. She belonged there. It was her home. She began puttering around the loft fixing breakfast and thinking to herself. She would have to ask around and find out where she needed to leave word of needing to hire some hands to help. She would not be able to stay nights out at the orchard without a new barn to house horses, a shay, and hiring some men that could be trusted to be there and work well with the tribe.
  12. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Ellie walked up the steps to the school and let herself inside. She relocked and barred the door and headed to the stairs in the back that went up to the loft. She reached the top and headed straight to the bed. Today had been a long day in many ways. Emotionally and physically she was exhausted. She dropped her outer garments, then in her under clothes, crawled into the bed...rolling up in the covers she quickly fell asleep.
  13. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Ellie thought about Eva's question. She believed that she would be fine here...they had taken great steps towards helping this house to become a home. With a lady's touch and some work, it would be a great home. She turned to Eva, "yes I believe that I will be OK out here. I have the protection of Chief Lupan and I am not really that far from town. This has the possibility of becoming a wonderful home. Though I think I should lean on the side of caution and return with your family tonight. Until the tribe is actively making a presence around here, and I arrange for some help to build the barn again so I have a place to safely house a horse and shay, I believe that I would be safer in town at my loft. When it is ready, I will move out here with food and be able to do quite well. I just hope Mr Logan didn't overdo himself too much today. I haven't seen him inside all day." She smiled and turned walking to the window and staring out at the trees. It seemed so much more at peace here. Like she belonged here. That was a feeling she had not had in quite a while. She began closing and locking the inner window shutters and made her way through the downstairs rooms doing theverything same in each room. She made sure to bar the back entry in the kitchen and moved the bag of Robert's clothes out onto the front porch. "Let's be ready to go when Mr Logan is back with Miss Winter. We have a ride ahead of us. Let's move out onto the front porch ladies." As they stepped out, Ellie shut the front door and used the iron skeleton key she had found in Robert's bedside table to lock both locks. She turned and saw Miss Winter coming up the side yard from the direction of the river. She waved, "All set inside. Figured Mr Logan would be wanting to head out before long. I'm ready to head back."
  14. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Ellie went limp falling into her warm embrace. "I have had to be strong. Anything but was not accepted. For my family it was always about appearances. It's what drew me to Robert. He was always gentle and loving. His family accepted me for me, not the benefits that came from my father. Robert asked my mother's and William's blessings on our marriage. When William started to mention dowry, Robert told him to keep the money, he just wanted me. He said I deserved to be treated better. He knew my secret and wanted me anyway. I was blessed to have him. And now he has provided me a place to truly be myself without all the demands of high society and my father's shadow. I'm glad I found you too. I miss my sisters, but it's like having an older sister to talk to that understands. Thank you. " Ellie sighed and calmed the shake in her voice. Her control came back completely when the girls burst through the archway laughing.
  15. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Ellie agreed to hand over the bucket and brush to Miss Winter. She moved quickly from the dining room into the kitchen and returned with a rope mop and the squeezer for the bucket. As Winter scrubbed, Ellie followed behind soakin up the dirty water and using the squeezer to squeeze the dirty water into an empty bucket. Quietly so as not to be heard outside of the room Ellie began telling Miss Winter about her father, "My father was like two different men. The banker gentleman who was friendly and kind. He held a high ranking position at The First National Bank of Boston. Everyone seemed to know his name. He had friends in all kinds of circles around Boston and into New York. My parents frequented the Duxbury Yacht Club and other social circles. Then there was the man his family knew. Father had a weakness for Irish whiskey and usually drank himself into a stupor every night. Irish whiskey was the poison he consumed nightly. He was very strict and hard on my older brothers. He had to toughen them up to be proper gentlemen. But he would 'spoil his ladies'. When I turned ten father started his nightly visits. He would come into my bedroom at night, after everyone else was asleep. He started just touching me and talking to me. As I got older things got worse. He would whisper things like having to teach me to properly take care of a man's needs so I would know how to please my future husband. I tried to fight it at first, but he threatened to arrange for me to be sent away and said he would have to train Annie. It worked for years. I still can't stand the smell of whiskey. When I turned 16, my teacher recommended for me to attend the women's college and become a teacher. I left at the chanceto flee his visits. After being there about six months I had a visit from William. He wanted to talk with me about a family matter. He had always protected us younger children and we all looked up to him. Even after he came back from the war. He had gone back to stay with our parents after the war until he could get on his feet. We went for a ride in his wagon outside of the city and had a picnic. He explained that one night recently he had heard Annie sobbing and when he opened the door to check on her, he saw father touching Annie 'in ways that a man should only touch his wife'. He said he made father leave. But Annie told him the next week that it hadn't stopped and that he used to do the same to me. I cried and confessed to my oldest brother about everything. He promised me that he would protect Annie, Mae and June when he left that day. About a week later Mother came to see me. She said there had been a terrible accident. The horse came free from father's buggy on his way home from town and the buggy hit a tree. Father was thrown and his face hit the ancient oak killing him instantly. Everyone in my parents circles of friends and aquaintences speak of it being a terrible tragedy and such a loss. I am not sure if it was William or God protecting my younger sisters but I was relieved to know they would be safe. Of course mother still has no idea what kind of man she married We think she wouldn't be able to mentally handle knowing the truth, so she continues to live the gifted life of a banker's widow. Loved by the society he surrounded them with. We don't say otherwise for fear of what it would do to her." Ellie leaned against the mop. Once she started everything just came out. She had not ever told a soul since telling William. He had sworn her to secrecy. It felt good and scary all at once. Ellie just seemed to stare off a bit when she stopped talking.