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  1. Gameplay Breakdown

    dang... you always see stuff nobody else does... yea @Woody, @Lisa doesn't care for shitty boats
  2. Gameplay Breakdown

    I can't wait to see what @Woody pulls out of this gameplay video!!
  3. Biome - Coastal?

    Huggs @Lisa http://gph.is/2bIPcGu
  4. Biome - Coastal?

    yea, today in the forums its annoy @Lisa day.. apparently she LOVES boats. You should post some
  5. Biome - Coastal?

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Nice one @Woody
  6. Biome - Coastal?

    or a canoe?
  7. Biome - Coastal?

    LOL!! no, just a search for vintage boats from 1800's and that came up. I have no idea why, you'll have to ask the google
  8. Biome - Coastal?

    better than "Hey Y'all WATCH this!!"
  9. Biome - Coastal?

    not even these? they are period appropriate..
  10. Biome - Coastal?

    I am sensing that too @Snerax
  11. Biome - Coastal?

    What about these?
  12. Biome - Coastal?

    LMAO!!!! what about a paper boat floating down a bubbling stream?
  13. Biome - Coastal?

    lol!! not even a steamer @Lisa? Those could also double as fast travel or a gambling hall
  14. Biome - Coastal?

    Agreed. There is a lot of history along the west coast with the gold rush and shipping. San francisco and Portland to be exact. San Diego as well.
  15. ANGELS & SINNERS (Updated 8/12/17)

    Updated. Dee's on to her next journey