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  1. All In-Game Businesses

    hahaha <3 I would laugh if you added that. It would be all over the forums with screenshots.
  2. Q&A with Dev Team (Updated 8/4/2017)

    I said the devs have said we are not going to have to micromanage our lives. I didn't say it was my opinion.
  3. All In-Game Businesses

    I don't know if I can handle all this change @Lisa first the name and now the avatar.. =P
  4. Complete Gameplay Text

    @Woody the man with his finger on the pulse of WWO videos! +1 sir!
  5. Q&A with Dev Team (Updated 8/4/2017)

    Its not a survival game, the devs have said we are not going to have to micromanage our lives as that isn't fun gameplay. Real life currency for cash shop cosmetics and in game currency for the tailor. As for rares being found a big yes from the devs.
  6. ANGELS & SINNERS (Updated 8/12/17)

    Poor Sadie though. If you read enough of these bios and RP stories, you wonder if any young one gets a chance at a normal life. Looking forward to more!
  7. Clan Recruitment: Iron Smoke PVP/North America

    What happens in PUBG stays in PUBG, right @NeverB4Seen =P Yup.
  8. Multiple Characters??

    Just doing my job pardner. =) ::curtsies::
  9. Confirmation: they are Working on the Game

    I made some homemade pizza.. @Woody good find. =)
  10. This reminds me of the old SWG joke patch notes: Found a case where players were having fun. Nerfed it. =P
  11. Multiple Characters??

  12. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Laney looked relieved at this and said, "Thank you kindly Sheriff. Good day to you." Mo bowed to Malakai before turning on his heel and followed Laney out the door.
  13. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Laney said, "I want you know how thankful I am for what you did for the town regarding Ruby." she let that trail off before continuing, "As a person with vested interest in Driftwood I am glad to see that woman gone." She looked at him once more and asked, "Would you object to me taking on some hired guns?"
  14. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Laney watched the boys leave still quietly groaning over their encounter. Laney looking somewhat rattled said, "Malakai." it was the first time she used his name. "Is it possible for you to have one of your deputies wander by the brothel and paddle wheel once in awhile?"
  15. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    The one youth looked as if he was about to retort something angrily, instead he said, "We meant no harm and we are willing to let it go." The other two nodded somewhat eagerly looking as if being in the Sheriffs office was the last place they wanted to be. Laney said, "I am fully in agreement with moving on from this matter. " Mo looked at Malakai and nodded. The boy looked at Malakai and asked, "Can I have the gun back? It's my Pa's."