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  1. Hey ! We've located your transaction and sent email to xSolla to make sure everything processed asap. Sorry about that. We suggest to all customers looking for refund to use live xSolla chat to get everything processed asap.
  2. Forum Rules

    WILD WEST ONLINE OFFICIAL FORUM RULES (You will be accountable for these rules if you post on these forums even if you do not read them) The Hope: Wild West Online wants this forum to be a place for players to build and share community. To stay upbeat and guard against anything that might tear community down we have created these rules. We don't want the rules to be draconian and the goal is for everyone to have a good time, in the end the mods are here to help the community foster a positive atmosphere that enhances everyone's experience. What the forum is: This forum is a place for players of WWO online and those looking to join that community to talk and enjoy each other's company. Be it through discussing the game, role playing, or whatever strikes their fancy. There are times when the WWO devs may use the forum to communicate with their most dedicated and focused players. Mods will try and keep a light touch and only remove or edit content when it is deemed offensive or directly breaks any of the official rules. Prohibited Behavior: The following behavior is not allowed in any part of any content that appears in any place on the forum. This includes links and embeded content, signatures, forum icons, anything. This includes but is not limited to: Profanity/foul language, Discrimination, Posts that encourage cheating or illicit behavior, Malicious links and files, Sexual content, Offensive or objectionable content, Advertising, Spamming (posts deemed off topic by the majority), Harassment, Slander, Defamation, Misinformation, Politics & religion (possibly acceptable in small quantities, but often leads to flame wars. Keep it to yourself), Disobeying or impersonating WWO Devs or mods, the spreading of misinformation about WWO or any of its development team. Penalties: The WWO forum is not a right. It is created and up-kept for free by the makers of WWO as a place for the players to interact with both the devs and each other. It is a privilege. The locking, editing, combining, or otherwise modifying any posts or topics is within the right of WWO forum mods without any notice or reason given. However, they will endeavor to have one and stay open with the community at large. -Banning: This comes from flagrant disregard of the rules. Obvious trolling and obnoxious or offensive behavior. This is normally only a last resort but will be used if necessary and generally only after other warnings or suspensions have been used. -Suspension: Breaking the rules in a direct way or offending members of the community might land one with a suspension where they will be unable to post for a day or so. It gives time for reflection. -Warning: Simply breaking a rule or offending other members of the community may get a lower warning. Not a ban outright, but a notable slap on the wrist that should let the community member know that certain actions are not tolerated. -Appeal: All bans, suspensions, and warnings can be appealed by directly messaging mods. This is entirely up to them. They do not exist to bend to your whims, however, they will work to attempt to give everyone a fair shake in all matters. Do not post publicly about any suspensions, warnings, or bans. Speak with moderators in private. Public complaints are likely to result in harsher punishments. Details: Profanity - Don't use offensive language. For the most part we all know what offensive language is. If you're worried it might count, don't use it. Posting in the wrong forum - We may move the post, delete it, or combine it with other posts. Racism, discrimination, or religious abuse - Making anyone feel uncomfortable for who or what they are is not okay. Tolerance is important. the real western expansion was not a tolerant place. However, this is. Encouraging cheating or illicit behavior - Anything that promotes the actual use of illicit behavior, either in the real world, or against the terms of service of WWO is a bannable offensive. It may even lead to your WWO account being revoked. Don't do it. This includes linking to other people doing it. Don't link to sites involving cheating or illicit activities. Don't post viruses or Trojans or malicious links. Don't do it! Sexual content - For the most part try and keep things clean. This is not a PG forum but if you're unsure if it should be posted, don't post it. This IS a public forum. Keep that in mind. Offensive or objectionable content - Excessive violence. Emotionally and graphically charged real-world events. Please try and be reasonable. Spamming - No trolling, flaming, spamming or hijacking, do not insult disrespect to a member or the topic,if you have nothing of value to add to the topic do not say anything, Be compassionate and empathetic, aim to solve rather than to injure.This includes speculative opinions and not officially confirmed information is prohibited. Advertising - Try and keep outside links to a minimum. If it is WWO related that might be okay. Otherwise keep it minimal and try and keep it in the off topic forum if it happens at all. Harassment, slander, defamation, misinformation - Don't call out any group. Don't insult any group. Don't bring your baggage into this place if you can avoid it. Greifing will not be tolerated. Politics & religion - If you want to talk about this, there are better places to do it. Disobeying or impersonating WWO Devs or mods - If a mod or a dev tells you to do something. Do it. If they tell you to not do something, don't do it. This isn't a hard one and yet is often the most contested point. Warnings, bans, requests to stop actions are not part of a debate. Listen to the mods. Also, don't pretend to be one if you aren't. That's just not classy. Warnings, Infractions, Post removals and Bans - To talk about this kind of stuff please send private messages to the moderators. Complaining openly on the forum is not a good outlet. Rage posts will be taken out, threads will be deleted. The mods are here to help, but asking for the community at large to back you is not a good way to circumnavigate the mods actions. This might lead to worse action taken. General Conduct and Behavior - When disagreements arise be compassionate and constructive, do not insult or be abusive in anyway shape or form. If you see a member being abusive towards you, use the report function, avoid flame wars in public or in private IM. These rules may be updated at anytime.
  3. Earlybird offer

    Prices will go up gradually, increasing as we'll reach Alpha, Beta and release.
  4. hacking/hacks punishments

    Permaban only. You cheat - you lose your account.
  5. Nightshade

    We had to rewrite some of the engine subsystems, so it will be delivering better performance.
  6. No Dropped Items on Death

    Mission's or quest's related items will be dropped on death.
  7. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS WITH THE WILD WEST ONLINE DEV TEAM the Wild West Online team is busy working towards an Alpha but took some time out to answer a few questions that were brought up by the community. This isn't the official FAQ but should answer many of the questions people have about the game and give a good idea of the scope that the team is shooting for. More questions may be included later and a more detailed FAQ should be forthcoming. ----------------------- QUESTIONS & ANSWERS (All questions are from community members). Please post your new questions in comments. Five rounds of Q & A with the community are now up on the F.A.Q. the newest F.A.Q. answers are included as a separate post below the current one, please check them out here. PLEASE CHECK IF YOUR QUESTION HAS BEEN ASKED BEFORE ASKING IT RESPONSES TO THIS THREAD ARE OFTEN CULLED OF DUPLICATE QUESTIONS ANSWERED QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS Some answers do slip through the cracks, so feel free to ask again if that happens and there's no satisfactory response anywhere.
  8. BUYERS BEWARE - Just a possible heads up.

    This is not exactly true. After all our community is way more important to us, as there'll be no game without community.
  9. BUYERS BEWARE - Just a possible heads up.

    You're right and we're sorry about this rushed decision.
  10. BUYERS BEWARE - Just a possible heads up.

    This is because as I've said - do not believe everything you read on reddit. If you look at it, for every single engine and large game out there, there'll be thousands of gamers who will say it's buggy, laggy and hackable. So what we did is evaluated the performance and "hackability" of the engine using the latest games that have been developed using it - Last Man Standing and the Chinese "Badlands". Both proved to us that all hacks and cheats are being detected. They also proved to be stable and reliable, and as you may imagine we did have a long list of changes we wanted the developers to make before they handed the engine over to us. Bottom line - we liked it more than the other options.
  11. BUYERS BEWARE - Just a possible heads up.

    It's not about censorship, but about deleting posts repeating the same thing over and over. We don't want new readers to go through four pages before they'll get to our answer. And I'm sorry about doing that honestly, but some moderation was in order to keep the message on point.
  12. BUYERS BEWARE - Just a possible heads up.

    1. MMO Engine is more than just a fancy rendering machine. It's about databases, backend scripts, etc. We've evaluated Unreal and it turned out we will need to spend over a year adding those features in that engine, while Free Reign offered it out of the box. 2. And response NO, Sergey Titov is not involved in the development of this game, but yes we use a game engine developed and supported by one of his companies. And this is why we believe that a more detailed response will be needed in order to provide full transparency.
  13. BUYERS BEWARE - Just a possible heads up.

    Guys, We're also going to delete some of the responses here, to keep this topic on point and not get drowned in speculations. We hope you understand.
  14. BUYERS BEWARE - Just a possible heads up.

    This one is simple. DJ2 has licensed the engine from Free Reign Entertainment, as it was only engine available for licensing that was built from the ground up and suitable to run online open world games. Also one that allowed us to achieve what we already achieved in a short time. Since this topic generated so much interest we will release a more detailed response later today. But please do not trust anything you read on reddit. They are smart people but speculation is speculation.