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  1. common theme with todays gamers.
  2. R.I.P people who paid fully prices.

    Notice the bit where it said dates are subject to change.
  3. Thats when we get to play it We are the ones who need to spread the videos on youtube ect to gain back the support. We the community will have to stick up for it.
  4. Any word on how the plots of land work?

    The details of that hasn't been released yet.
  5. Well its LATE summer....

    If i remember correctly they was HOPING for late summer.!.
  6. Well its LATE summer....

    yep 22nd of next month is the end of summer. They still have time to post.
  7. Sounds, graphics, UI all the same as shattered

    ever heard of devs using the same engine? you know games what say call of duty 1 2 3 ect.
  8. 612 Games is making this game

    So night engine dont have it's own anti cheat software. thats one myth busted.
  9. RIO summer dont end till 22nd of next month
  10. 612 Games is making this game Look at his picture he dose not look like the other guy so it's 2 diffrent people and diffrent dev people. Case closed!.
  11. 612 Games is making this game

    there's 17 trademarks there so yeah it means nothing.
  12. 612 Games is making this game

    Steven and his crew are not the same guy who made war z ect.
  13. 612 Games is making this game

    someone leaked the anti cheat code of his games that's why it's not good. but if WWO changes the anti cheat code then it be good again.
  14. Bar Brawl

    I hope you can have a fight in bar at any time it would give the law something to do.
  15. They where using a dev build ! they even said it in the video cause they also metioned the dev commands they could do too.