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  1. Bonuses for active players !

    also played least 40 hours before august 1 and got items over 10$
  2. Exploit - Explosive Ammo

    all bullets that are already in game on players and post office are those gone too
  3. Bonuses for active players !

    I got one item too to be able to get 4500TN
  4. New or Updated Map

    have you any link to it hector so you can get help with the locations?
  5. Map locations 100?

    sad you cant see what arias you have been to or not. fell that I have been riding around and have about 80-85
  6. Seeds and oil?

    were can I find seeds and oil? have run around different places and see the changes to the game and much is change and much is lost for me how to get the items.