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  1. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    "I agree, I'll get some shovels and and picks just make sure your ready for anything." Robert stood up smiling, " Let's up we get rich, if not I'll still make sure you both are at least decently compensated for your time." Robert walked up and entered the general store, "Looking for two shovels and two pickaxes how much?"
  2. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Robert looks between the two then shakes his head, "All the sudden she whispers in your ear and everything's perfectly fine? I'll get us through it just as much as I need you trust me by god you need me, and the Sheriff know where I'm going and who I'm going with so if I disappear it's not going to be good for you. I suggest we don't let our greed get a hold of us before we all kill each other, I didn't mean to go off on you Frank but you need to understand I'm not exactly in a favored position." He rubs his chin, "Pack up and meet me outside with the horses if you all really wanna go, you all might want to tell your loved ones your going, got to grab some stuff from the Sheriff's office. Sound good?"
  3. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    "I told you everything about, there is a chance there is gold there is a chance there isn't but I don't see someone putting this much effort into this." He throws the journal on the table, "Look through it see if you find something more interesting than I or Jack did but I'm pretty god damn positive that there isn't much more you can find in that book. Who knows, I collected what I needed to find it from Jack solved the riddle and being honest as long as you guys get your share why would you care about honesty? I have no clue what you guys are off about in the first place."
  4. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Robert smiled "What Intel do you think your missing?"
  5. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    "Thanks Jack, I ought to be off now, I have to go look for this thing with some worrisome folk but it doesn't worry me to much." Robert grabbed the journal map and riddle, "I really hope this is true for my sake and theirs." Robert walked out the freight station and moved into the hotel the next morning and stood next to the table that Frank and Aspen were sitting in.
  6. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Robert at this point putting his confidence in Jack put the whole journal in front of him. Robert scrambled for the map showing it to him. Robert seemed quite happy and excited so much so he moved faster than usual. "I haven't been through the entirety of the journal."
  7. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Robert pulled out the note containing the riddle. "I need to you figure this out, if you can, I've been having the hardest time solving it."
  8. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Robert headed to the freight station when he found Jack he waved to him and asked,"Mind helping with something Jack, it will only take you a second."
  9. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Robert nodded "I'll keep it in my satchel, and it's best you both refer to Me as Jack Zumwalt not Robert. Now I got to go to the Frieght station and solve this riddle, Jack knew somethings about Indians and is an intelligent fellow, sound good?"
  10. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Robert gave a simple nod collecting the map and riddle. "We'll split whatever we find, so you agreeing to come?"
  11. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Robert nods, "I got a god damn riddle it ain't exactly my best subject but this is it." He hands him the paper including that had the riddle on it, he shrugs slightly as he thinks about the riddle once again.
  12. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    "Hell, I didn't think it was too much of a bright idea either, suppose you wouldn't take the map and all the goods to find this thing for me then?" Robert lifted his right brow, he wanted to see his response.
  13. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    "I need a guide to this precise location displayed here." Robert sits down across from Frank pulling out the map and rolling it across the table to Frank and says "The Red dot down there, heard it was South, but that's about it."
  14. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    "You're right the job itself isn't necessarily the gift, but the generous pay is. I don't put a doubt it in my mind that you will see it the same way as me, and it's a job, single operation so it shouldn't take more than a couple days. Well, being honest I have no clue how long it would take us to get there and how long to get back but I'm more than positive you do. Mind if I sit?" Robert seems keen and business like, despite his formal standards his gray eyes tell a whole different story. Despite the recollections of the environment that Frank had put him through Robert's eyes stood still and unwavering. Robert didn't hate the guy, being a criminal doesn't make you bad, being a man of the law doesn't make you good. He knew as hard as his heart was he had a little soft spot, that was left untouched by the war that harmed Frank so much. Robert thought, certain shells can't be broken, sometimes it just takes the comfort of warmth to loosen them. Robert's eyes made his marble features aware and more extravagant than usual, today was not a day to be his usual dirt structure.
  15. Welcome to Driftwood - An RP Gaming System

    Robert slowly gained composition to the fact that Frank wouldn't be at the Brothel at seven in the morning if it was open, he seemed quite happy about it as well. Robert wanted to get breakfast at the hotel after he got up out of his home which ironically was an empty jail cell, was a hell of a lot more comfortable than a chair, and his tent. When Robert saw Frank eating he immediately went to the back table to greet him. "Frank, I'm one the deputy that was with Logan in the Posse to ride against those Indians, I suppose this town owes you a favor or two so I bring a good paying job if you're willing."