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    I'd rather have them spend their time working on the game rather than making update videos and whatnot.
  2. Cattle Drives

    I believe this is what they meant. But yeah, that was a pretty unnecessary rant dude. I would recommend next time doing a little bit of research prior to snapping at someone lol. It's literally on the website that the person above me noted. Hopefully you and your friend(s) change your minds and decide to join us all on this game. I am extremely impatient, but I have a lot of faith in the dev team so far and understand they don't want to release a game (even alpha stage) they feel isn't ready. I understand the game is probably going to take quite a bit of time (post release and all) to get it exactly where everyone wants it to be at, but that is also going to take us fans having a bit of patience and understanding of all that we are requesting of the dev team.
  3. Glad to have found a good community

    This game concept is my nerd dream come true. So stoked to even play the Alpha lol. It seems quite a few people here in the forums don't understand that the game is PRE-ALPHA and are having all kind of full release game expectations. Don't let these people get you down. Once the game is released, gets a larger following, and the company makes more money I'm confident the game will be revolutionary.
  4. Timer Gone - Alpha Still Available

    Jesus Christ. I just read this entire forum and some of you guys out there just seem like a bunch of cry babies. We get it. You want to make sure you aren't wasting your money. I just don't see what the hell crying about the push back on the pre-order date will do. You don't trust the dev team? Don't pre-order and wait until release. The dev's are supposedly a small team right? Which means these dudes have undertaken a pretty big project with all the plans for this game. Quite a few of you out there are not helping one bit by insinuating that because they pushed the date back they are somehow planning on committing fraud (which is a little outlandish IMO). The devs are probably stressed to hell trying to meet all of your guys' demands and recommendations so give it a rest and let them work. I remember when Diablo 3 pushed back their release date by almost a year or something because they were like "whoops, we did it wrong" and basically remade most of the game. I'd rather have them not make timelines, that are just an ESTIMATE, than release some garbage version even if it is alpha. Three days..who cares. We don't even have an alpha date, let them make their money to hopefully give us a better game.
  5. If i expect this will i be disappointed

    If you watched the gameplay trailer I'd say it's safe to assume the pvp will be nothing like that. The dev's already said it's not going to be that bullet sponge crap like what you saw on page 1 of this post. That pvp looks horrid. But based on the combat in the gameplay trailer I'd say it's gonna take a lot more skill than that "run and gun" garbage.
  6. So I purchased the WWO Collector Edition.....

    Yes beta is not but alpha is.
  7. So I purchased the WWO Collector Edition.....

    They received addition funding from the initial investors and cancelled the kickstarter, crowd funding, and early steam release. But yeah the game isn't even in alpha yet. Let them work brother. I wanna play just as badly as the next and I'm very impatient lol.
  8. Lawman or Outlaw

    I'll probably be more of a bounty hunter and be a normal dude in the towns and do whatever the hell I want in the wild. I prefer the grey area.
  9. Suggestion for the Next Video: "Meet 612 Games"

    Fucking awesome idea.