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  1. I would prefer it to be the players choice of first and or last name. I will be using first and last name if thats permissible.
  2. Death Mechanic

    Was also wondering about this....guess I'll have to keep a lookout for it.
  3. Not disappointed in the least. Kinda works to my favor and play style.
  4. Early Bird - Maybe too early

    Last I read (as of today) ...it was "Late Summer"
  5. Permadeath

    I'm feeling this response as well. I like the way it was put.....it sums up how I feel about Permadeath.
  6. Lock

    100 % THIS
  7. Waiting on Alpha.

    Indeed ...this wait is nerve wracking! But, i would rather wait and have a good alpha experience. Bug hunting will be a great way to participate and assist the game developers. So.....at least we are much closer to test.
  8. When can I play?

    Tanks there pardner! Good update!
  9. Early Bird - Maybe too early

    This pretty much sums things up for me; I have the Early Bird and The Collectors Edition and have not regretted my purchase.
  10. Waiting on Alpha.

    Yeah....I'd wager pretty soon means sometime round late August. I want it to knock me socks off so ...the wait is a small matter for me.
  11. Lock

    +1 Awesome idea This give's us a clean, fresh and open posting venue!!
  12. Great POSt good responses and awesome "Proof of Life"
  13. ALPHA ?

    Definitely THIS
  14. Sorry ....dang-it .... the "M" monster got me. LOL cant respond without theM
  15. It's AUGUST!!!!!

    Heh I'm also eagerly waiting for word of the Alpha. I want the Alpha to be right so ................... Another thing ....i'm impressed with the community thus far. Good questions and answers from posters. Thats definitely a good thing. I'm hoping all those "nay-sayers" will EAT LEAD when WWO picks up speed.