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  1. Non aggressive wildlife

    Yeah it kinda looks like a kid-friendly game right now. With the abnoxious large arrows pointing towards the treasure chest, the not-so-sublte golden nuggets laying around and the easy and sweet wildlife. Like a Dora the Explorer episode...
  2. your thoughts on the new dev blog?

    It was a bit useless to see the same sort of actions (getting drunk, treasure hunting, looting etc.) in 3 different videos. And the gameplay felt really forced, Stephan the developper probably was playing and avoided parts like facial tattoos and glasses in the clothing store. Other than that and the list of known bugs, the loot system and reputation system looks good.
  3. Gameplay Breakdown

    In the Saloon of StoneCreek, the Bartender and the Quest-giver are the same black bearded guys... In the previous Gameplay trailer there were different character models for them
  4. Gameplay Breakdown

    It takes 30 seconds for a Horse to de-spawn though, I timed it.
  5. Gameplay Breakdown

    I'm not planning on research the shit out of these videos. These seem to be less mysterious, and we know a lot of the mechanics etc. Plus it feels like the Alpha is right around the corner, so more research topics seem kinda useless at this point.
  6. @Handshot Nice find! It looks like we are getting bombarded with videos today! We might be VERY close to Alpha!
  7. Wild West Online footage - treasure hunting and roadside ambushes And another video:
  8. Forum : Really sure ?

    There were -+ 8 Topics of the same guy, posting a picture of Mekka and saying something about the USA and a bunch of weird signs along with it.
  9. Forum : Really sure ?

    What is that about? Some Muslim activist ? What's that doing on a Western game forum? I would expect other kinds of activists here considering the happenings around Charlottesville.
  10. Faming crops Q

    The only things we know for sure are the facts from the official Q&A These are the questions they answered about farming, crafting and trading: Q: Will you be able to own a ranch or farm or, will it just be a house?A: You will be able to own a house/farm in the game. And you will be able to customize your house and even decorate it to some extent. Q: Will you be able to have professions or farmsteads/ranches? and with those skills, trade to other players?A: The game will not have fixed professions or classes, so it’ll be up to players to roleplay those. Q: I'm wondering if players will be able to become farmers, tavern owners, blacksmiths, etc. I know gathering has been covered. Yet I'm wondering if players themselves can fulfill "npc" rolls such as these.A: You will be able to do the following “peaceful” activities by the time game reaches Beta:-Have your own farm both growing crops and small animals.-Gather plants for sale-Catch small animals-Mine gold Q: To stimulate crafting: do items wear down and/or need replacing after a time, and do we need to craft bullets/arrows?A: We think of crafting as more of a side dish to the main game and not something that players will be forced to deal with to be successful. Q: What types of crafting will there be? Are there any plans on making jobs based around making things for other players?A: We’ll talk about crafting plans at a later date (keep an eye on the forums and FAQs). Q: Will be players allowed to sell crafted items, like blacksmiths selling guns etc.?A: Yes, players will be able to sell crafted items to NPC vendors or trade them to other players. Q: I imagine there will be trading between characters. If so, how do you plan to combat gold (or whatever the currency may be) sellers?A: While we will allow players to trade with each other, we're not planning on allowing in game currency to be exchanged or traded between players.
  11. Biome - Coastal?

    @Lisa What about a Motorboat between these two:
  12. New laptop price

    Between € 400 and € 500 for a decent laptop will let you play the game pretty decently. (On low/medium settings) And €10 for a internet cable, because you don't want any lags during an online gun fight.
  13. What game to play while we wait?

    You could train your skills on gambling games... There will be a lot of different gamble mini-games in WWO, with Poker and Roullette to be confirmed in the game. so last week I practiced my Poker skills in a Flash game, en refreshed my Roullette knowledge. I also learned how to play ''Faro'' , a simple card game that was played a lot around the 1900 in the old west. The WWO Devs were talking about adding that game into WWO.
  14. Biome - Coastal?

    I haven't seen any mention of an actual sea in the game, the only thing we know for sure is that this is the full map (different views from trailer stitched together) And it looks like the map is covered with a lot of mountains, though 70% isn't unlocked yet so there might be a sea, but unluckily
  15. loot enemies?

    I read somewhere that quest items can be lootable, like a certain medal that you needed to find for a NPC-quest giver.