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  1. Key Functions

    Thank you Snerax. I completely overlooked that. I'm gonna look over the FAQ one more time. :-)
  2. Key Functions

    Is there any way we can get an advance notice of the computer key/game controller functions for the game? I have not found them if they have already been posted. Thanks in advance for all replies. Fast Draw
  3. Alot of guest

    They're all looking for Sergei...:-)
  4. I agree that Tombstone is definitely a top five western movie. I don't think it could be remade and be any better. Also, Val Kilmer was exceptional as Doc Holliday.
  5. Why is Early Bird still a thing?

    Good point, but even though some do not see the need a greater amount of transparency would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Why is Early Bird still a thing?

    Great questions. Initially I was under the impression that the early bird sale was to obtain all of the checked items (Depending on the package purchased). However, after the 23rd, it seemed to me that folks could still get the plots of land and treasury notes if they made the larger purchases. I'm looking forward to the alpha, but I'm sooo confused.
  7. Launch Date

    The last western game I played was Western Outlaw - Wanted Dead or Alive on the pc.
  8. Launch Date

    Lucky Luke :-)
  9. Are people still excited

    I'm still excited! I can't wait to start collecting bounties. :-)
  10. Does anyone know if we will be able to keep our forum username for the name we want to use when the game begins?
  11. Timer Gone - Alpha Still Available

    The timer is gone now. However, it seems like individuals can still preorder to play in the alpha. Am I incorrect in thinking this? Can someone enlighten me? I'm looking forward to playing a great game in Wild West Online.
  12. The community come from?

    USA / Texas