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  1. 612 Games is making this game

    i can say that shattered skies had a very good anti cheat. they banned every hack from every big cheatsite within 48 hours. and they banned all of them... these sites didnt even updated their cheats anymore cause they got caught 3 times after changing codes
  2. 612 Games is making this game

    wtf ? //
  3. 612 Games is making this game

    ya thats all the trademarks of alle the shitty games he made
  4. 612 Games is making this game

    ? he trademarked it
  5. 612 Games is making this game

    it this a i love the game post? same guy who trademarked shattered skies, warz and infestation trademarked also wild west online so.. its made by the same guy
  6. "is this a sergey titov game" ?

    hey guys look at this. trademark of wild west online : trademarks of all shit games of nightshade : so its not about "is this a sergey titov game" its about : "is this a steven bercu game" and yes it is! the same guy who trademarked shattered skies, war z, infestation, aftermath trademarked WILD WEST ONLINE too. this steven bercu guy just changed his name from "Steven Bercu" to "Steven A. Bercu" and trademarked wild west online on this new account... // so im pretty sure that the same guys who made war z and other stuff are making wwo. they dont just bought the engine... they made it+ why should the guy who TRADEMARKED already games with nightshade engine buy the nightshade engine for wwo? guys that makes no sense they just changed the company name like they did when shattered skies released^^
  7. Waiting on Alpha.

    they wont release it this month... maybe next year
  8. 2 weeks out, unclear gameplay mechanics

    so every game u can play online is an mmo? better u try to understand what mmo really means? maybe try wikipedia =)
  9. loot enemies?

    ya but i wantan answer from the devs cause the alpha wont be released this year. yea i know. u still think they will release an alpha this summer... but im pretty sure they wont.. but i want clearity about that.. cause i bought that game to do pvp. if the pvp is shit i need to know... and yes: this game will be a looter shooter like warz and shattered skies.
  10. loot enemies?

    cant we loot enemies if we kill them? the q and a says that we cant loot bodies on the grounds.. so where the fun in pvp then? or why i cant loot anyone else in a looter shooter?
  11. 2 weeks out, unclear gameplay mechanics

    this 100% sad thing ist. every one is calling their game "mmo" .... today they call games "mmo" only cause there is a multiplayer with level system.^^ many people will disappointed in this game yes. cause it will never be an MMO but they sell this game as "mmo" . war z and SS did the same... they also said " there is a lot of pve" blabla. there was no really pvp just a looter shooter // wait until the people finds out there are no roleplay elements at all^^
  12. 2 weeks out, unclear gameplay mechanics

    believe me. this game wont be an MMO. i remember war z and Shattered skies days... they also told its an big "mmo" this game will be a looter shooter with some mmo features.. some pve gameplay.. but mostly it will be pvp.. im pretty sure but its not really an "mmo" and btw: this engine isnt supposed to be an mmo... // i remember shattered skies in misty.. 20-30 players means 20-30 fps max ^^
  13. When can I play?

    i guess the game is in an early state.... we wont play this game this year i guess
  14. anticheat? or hackfest?

    hello. just wanted to know if there is any anti cheat? or will it like War Z ( aka the hack z ) ? same engine, same hacks... what will u do ? same antihack like in war z? //
  15. Waiting on Alpha.

    it looks like their studio consists of maybe 3 people.... they just said on twitter that they dont know if the game will go on alpha this month.... and u really believe if they dont make any videos, they will work harder on the game ? nice joke bra