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  1. what game have you spent the most hours playing

    Ive got over 1000 hours in Warframe, World of Warcraft, Everquest, Smite, The Elder Scrolls games, Fallout games, Assassins Creed games and World of Tanks
  2. Is there an Alpha?

    They had aimed to release it by end of summer, but we dont know if that is actually going to happen. Once Alpha has started, if you ordered an early bird pack, you will get priority access in the Alpha and you will receive an email once it is released
  3. R.I.P people who paid fully prices.

    Time means nothing, if Alpha doesn't get released until December or June of next year, we are still going to get a full phase of Alpha, followed by a full phase of Beta before the game is released. They aren't going to go and just full release a game without it being tested by the players.
  4. able to play?

    Just saying, you constantly post and complain about a game that has no official release date and we have been told multiple times that there is no official release date, just an estimate of when they would like to try and have the game released. Yet you continue to post every couple days, if not daily and complain about the game.
  5. Any word on how the plots of land work?

    I am going to assume the large plot item will be like a house or a manor and the small plots will be a cabin or something but I cant say for sure.
  6. When can I play?

    Alpha has not been released yet, And I think you can still buy the 3 different packs so you can buy a cheaper one if you want to
  7. able to play?

    Since you seem to be up my ass on the last few posts, perhaps you should know that Stringer has posted multiple negative threads and comments about waiting for the game and the progress of the game. Go somewhere else and get facts straight before you try to go after someone.
  8. How to refund

    Not hating anyone bud, people are so damn impatient and cant wait for a game with no official release date to come out.
  9. How to refund

    Dont like the progress of the game but it hasnt even come out yet.
  10. Well its LATE summer....

    Since you dont seem to understand that there was no confirmed date, just what they were aiming for //s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/wwoforum/monthly_2017_08/1.png.a67036139d30e59f7e52365c1003e0fc.png //s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/wwoforum/monthly_2017_08/2.png.1530a6cab71e2d47d61c2ad286d05e45.png
  11. able to play?

    pointless post... You will be informed when you will be able to play.
  12. No one has the game yet... What the journalist played was literally the DEV BUILD, the version that the DEVS are using to create the game...... And the point of building a following is to bring more players into the game, its standard with every game.... You cant have a successful game without a player base. And if you didn't order the early bird, that's your choice and your fault.
  13. You mean journalists for big gaming related news aren't supposed to play the dev build and help spread the word about the game? Man, have I been doing it wrong for years then.
  14. Pre-Order/early access

    You create the account for the game once the alpha comes out, then that name will be reserved for you once the game goes into official launch
  15. Attention new forum members!

    Just did, thank you for pointing that out.