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  1. able to play?

    Please don't tell people to eff off. I understand frustration over the game not being out, but don't take it out on us.
  2. Why did you post this in multiple place? Stop being a meany head.
  3. R.I.P people who paid fully prices.

    I'm moving this to off topic. However, Quick_Logik, please don't insult the community. If you keep doing that I'll have to take action. This isn't a nice thread. I don't like people who aren't nice.
  4. Game Time Period late 1890 to early 1900's?

    The game takes place more in the idea of the old west than a specific period. It's not set in any exact place or time. That way we can do all the fun stuff we want from all over. Someone who wants complete and utter historical accuracy will probably be a little miffed.
  5. The Homburg hat, which looks pretty much identical to the fedora was a man's hat. A formal hat, though not a replacement for the top hat. As far as I know it was mostly for 'black tie optional' formal situations. Also, a nice looking hat!
  6. Well its LATE summer....

    That said, I'm moving this to off topic as I have done to all the other topics asking about the alpha date.
  7. I disagree. The hats of today are not the hats of then. If we were going to be realistic, we should only have boss o' the plains hats, bowlers, and beaver skin hats. The classic 'cowboy' hat of today is more a product of films and movies. Having hats that aren't exactly those is fine and even fun. I don't think we should only have cowboy hats. What about the classic Lincoln stove pipe hat, or the bowler? What's wrong with the massive upturned hat, the five gallon or the fedora? There are quite a lot of hats out there, and while a baseball cap and such might be out of place, I think all the ones shown so far, and many others, fit just fine.
  8. Well its LATE summer....

    The alpha will start, before the end of summer. That is the official timeline right now. Why is that the official timeline? Because they aren't sure the exact day it'll start. They could give you an exact date, and if it was wrong, it'd be much more harmful to the game's reputation than just not giving one.
  9. How to refund

    Indeed ,contact the e-mail suggested, and send me a PM if that doesn't work. I'm moving this to off topic.
  10. 612 Games is making this game

    That doesn't sound true. I mean, it'd be funny if it's true. But it doesn't sound true.
  11. "is this a sergey titov game" ?

    Please don't bad mouth the good people of the forum. Like all communities some people are full of salt, and some are full of vinegar, but most I would say are good colt fearing folks.
  12. "is this a sergey titov game" ?

    This actually isn't the first time this has been brought up. I don't know if he's the same lawyer or not. I do know that the games industry is a small place and the lawyer that did the work on WWO also worked on many other games. I'm moving this to off topic as has been the habit for awhile. I am not trying to silence you. Many people on the forum get annoyed at this topic popping up in the main discussion a lot. Feel free to keep talking about it over there.
  13. Please Change Horse Mounting Animation

    So, according to legend, the issue was that people often wore their sword on the left side, which meant that it was hard to get on the horse from the right side without hitting it with your sword. So, it became common practice to mount the horse from the left. Also, horses are skittish creatures of habit. They are generally taught specific things in specific ways, and so they're all taught and used to being mounted from the left now, and get weirded out if approached from the wrong side.
  14. I understand your frustration, i don't think people need to be mean in response but I think there posts are valid. I'm moving this off topic as it became kind of abusive. Please try and be civil to each other people.
  15. Attention new forum members!

    what a nice intro post.