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  1. Attention new forum members!

    what a nice intro post.
  2. The devs are wondering what action events do you most want to see in WWO. Let us know with this poll, any thoughts you have feel free to leave comments.
  3. I'm going to combine this with the other video thread.
  4. Howdy all of you hopeful cowboys and cowgirls out there! The WWO dev team here, and we want to know what your expectations are for our upcoming game. Please tell us what YOUR ideas are for what the gameplay of WWO should be – ie, what you as a player want to see in the game and the things you want to do in the game. Tell us what feature will make it the absolutely best game for you. We want to know your thoughts. Discuss! Express! Let us know your feelings.
  5. The SFX aren't great. They're what already came with the engine mostly. (Which makes sense. I hadn't noticed that tell you pointed it out) There will hopefully be some extra Foley work before alpha and definitely before release.
  6. They got to play it in an empty world filled with nothing! You will play it in a world filled with other angry people. It'll be great.
  7. Broken? No. Glitchy and with animations and SFX that aren't at the level they need to be, yes! That's the kind of thing as to why this is a pre alpha build and not the alpha.
  8. This, hopefully more and steady dev logs like the one discussing reputation, and maybe some other stuff! We're trying to keep the back and forth going. I can't say an EXACT date yet. I will when I can.
  9. IGN Put them online because they made them not us. We invited some journalists to play the game, they made their own videos. Trust me, If we'd had control of the videos they'd have gone up on our timeline. I'm going to combine this with the other video thread just so we don't get a ton of these all over.
  10. Greetings fellow frontier explorers, The Wild West Online devs invited some journalists to play an early build of the game. Not quite the alpha - so forgive some graphical and SFX issues. These journalists put together their thoughts and some videos on what they saw and played. There are a lot of tempered but positive comments here and a lot more gameplay footage for those who have been hankering for it. IGN: PC Gamer: Polygon: Gamespot:
  11. Kidding. Just to make sure we're not missing anything the four articles/videos up are... IGN: PC Gamer: Polygon: Gamespot:
  12. That's the one! Welp, my work is done. *goes back to sleep*
  13. Woody was on TOP of it. They went up at 7. I woke up at 8 had breakfast. Dealt with a hack attempt on my account at 9. Watched and read them all to see what the gist was of the feedback, signed into my account, came online aaaand... all of them are already up! There's one more that's supposed to drop I believe that hasn't. So, there might be one more video to find before the end of the day.
  14. Beat me to it! I was about to post all these.
  15. I'll let california fats answer that if he wishes to. I don't want to say anything I'm not supposed to or they're planning to talk about at a later date officially. A lot of the time it isn't that we COULDN'T talk about it, it's that they want to make sure they're framing the conversation about it the way they desire. I understand your fear of greifing. I do know that a lot of alpha and beta will be devoted to finding out how people are breaking the game and hopefully getting things fairly shored up by release.
  16. Now, I'm not trying to mislead you. This wouldn't be every single server is part of the same persistent world. As in each sever is its own persistent world like most MMOs. When you go to a separate server it's a separate instance of the game.
  17. Yeah, last I heard (I'm the CM not the dev so keep that in mind) persistent world is a yes, and there will be private servers where you can set your own rules if the persistent servers run by us are not to your liking but you still think the game is sweet if tweaked.
  18. Waiting on Alpha.

    We're trying out best! No need to make us feel bad with polls. I'm going to put this over in off topic with the other where is alpha posts. It's cute though.
  19. Dev Blog post: Reputation System, Griefing & PVP

    I'm going to ask you this. As calmly and reasonably as I can. Do you really think that I'm going to answer this question with a date? - Sorry, I've just had to answer this question like 100 times today. Before the end of summer. Hopefully soon. we're working as hard as we can!
  20. What game to play while we wait?

    I could suggest a bunch of fun western games but I don't know if that's seen as advertising the enemy? PUBG is always good if you want a semi MMO experience while hating yourself.
  21. Waiting on Alpha.

    All good questions. We're working on getting you more info any time now. Promise. We are also working on getting the badge associated with the accounts. It'll probably be through e-mail, but I'm just the CM not the one setting that up. So, don't quote me on that. I'm also going to combine this with the big 'when is alpha' thread, just so we don't get the front page swamped with these.
  22. bored!!!

    Whew. I hope this game ends up giving you some joy. Sounds like it's hard to keep you excited though.
  23. Let them eat cake

    It is a feature in the engine itself that can be toggled pretty easily. So, if people realyl want it or it seems good down the line i wouldn't discount it.
  24. Lock

    Glad to hear it!
  25. When will I play?

    And here I was, all ready to combine it into the mega 'when is alpha' thread. Awwww....