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  1. It's AUGUST!!!!!

    Perhaps you're new to how videogames work. You can expect delays of six months to a year - even in very good video games. "Good" is better than "now". Exercise a bit of self discipline. I suggest you play one of the other excellent video games on the market. m
  2. Prostitution Confirmed in Wild West Online

    And my block list adds another one. :-) His username was a tip-off. In general, as long as it's equal (men and women prostitutes, men and women heroes, men and women in power) then I'm good. Jane, glad to hear there are men involved as well. m
  3. Prostitution Confirmed in Wild West Online

    I hope women in this game are something more than just prostitutes. :-/ m
  4. The Division, anyone? m
  5. Clan Recruitment: Iron Smoke PVP/North America

    *snort* I'll take it. m
  6. Clan Recruitment: Iron Smoke PVP/North America

    How would you know what sort of biochemicals I would supply?!? m
  7. Clan Recruitment: Iron Smoke PVP/North America

    While I'm not a good fit (interested in RP and PvE only, not PvP) I 100% support your philosophy, and hope you guys kick a lot of ass. m
  8. Fella, if you are losing your *mind* like this over a 13 day delay, then I hate to tell you how video games work... You're going to have a very frustrated life. I suggest you re-examine your expectations. Or your hobbies. Expect delays of six months to a year to be part of the business process for many games - even very good ones. m
  9. How does this work out for you when a woman with a higher voice is trying to play a big man with a low rough voice? Do you experience distraction when someone who is native German speaker with an accent tries to play someone who has a US/Western accent? Does it reduce/break your immersion when someone with an obviously male voice is trying to play a seductive woman? m
  10. Happy Wild West July 4th

    How would YOUR character celebrate July 4th?
  11. Would pay BIG BUCKS for a Deadlands MMO. Not gonna lie - greenbacks would be flying out of my wallet like the Wicked Witch of the West's flying monkeys. m
  12. IMO - and this is just me - I do not like voice chat as part of RP online. Sometimes I want to play a young woman with a rough voice, an older man with a smooth baritone, or a foreigner with an accent. IRL, I'm not any of these things. Hearing my voice can be distracting. I'm ALL ABOUT voice for coordinating group content (raids) though. Also, I'm perfectly happy to RP any and all of these things face-to-face across a table of D&D or Deadlands or what have you. Just doesn't work for me online. Doesn't make much sense, but there it is. m
  13. Racism and the Setting

    A thousand million times this. Thank goodness. m
  14. Feel like giving out a RANT

    It's never as bad as you fear and it's never as good as you hope. Game will probably be good... but it's not going to be a WoWkiller. That's all anyone can really say at this point. m
  15. WOW! @Speaks with Crows those are great! Thank you - that's a lovely addition. Lemme see if I can change the title of the thread to reflect native american women as well... THANKS!!! :-) m