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  1. Please no make stuff to complicated (Crafting)

    I liked Skyrims system for the following reasons: - Gives you all the items if you can craft them or not (greyed out if you dont have the right parts in inventory, white if you have all the parts on you) - it tells you what you need per item and how many, so if you want x you know to go and find x, y, and z ingredients. - Not super complicated and broken down into types, wood, iron etc, the same for WWO so weapons, clothes, etc etc. I like a balance, i dont want "build gun" but i also dont want "get 20 iron to build the barrel, 5 wood for the receiver, 20 lead for 12 bullets, 20 copper for 12 cartridges etc etc."
  2. Could we see a picture of our exclusive rewards ?

    It's only $60 if you buy it now, blind, with no idea what you#re paying for, then it turns into $120. It's not much to ask to see what you're paying for.
  3. Could we see a picture of our exclusive rewards ?

    Personally, I want to know what I'm paying for, no pictures or videos then no purchase. It's that simple. I've been burned too many times. As much as I love the look of this game, i want to see what I'm paying for especially as the top tier is quite a lot of money.
  4. Personally, all of the above. However I realise they have finite time and abilities Postal Carriage routes, Road Agents etc would be good.
  5. hacking/hacks punishments

    If you cheat, Perma-ban, instantly, no chance of appeal.
  6. Personally, I want gritty and realism. Whores, Poker, Blackjack. Hunting, skinning, trading, gathering, making medicines. Ways to make income, jobs, so postal routes, where you drive the carriage, protect the carriage or attack the carriage. Both AI and PvP. Maybe even the ability to own a store. For me the most important thing is I want to be able to live a life, not just constantly shift from one fight to the next.
  7. The community come from?

  8. Clan Formation (Of sorts): The Deputy Directory

    I don't know why you're getting that message it should look like this:
  9. Clan Formation (Of sorts): The Deputy Directory

    bumping as there are a lot more members of the forum now.
  10. Role Play Character Index (Post Your Characters!)

    Character Name: Seth Bullock Affiliations: Deputy Background: Born in Amherstburg, Canada West, later became a resident in Helena, Montana and worked as a Sheriff. Later he moved to the town of Deadwood in the Dakota Territory with his hardware business but ended up moonlighting as a Sheriff again. With Star & Bullock's Hardware Store up and running, he set out to bring law and order to the west, where he now roams the territories as a Deputy. Images:
  11. The community come from?

  12. Penalty for Death in a Town

    Agreed, Permadeath is a horrible idea.
  13. Penalty for Death in a Town

    So, bear with me on this. The biggest problem with games like this is that the threat of dying is no drawback, everyone engages in wild shootouts with no care of whether or not they live or die, because they are always 5 seconds from a respawn and getting back in the fight. Whilst out in the middle of nowhere I believe this to be a good thing, when in a town, in order to make it more realistic, if you die in a town there should be a penalty, be it: weapons confiscation, money loss to the doctor for healing you, extended respawn wait. The idea being to stop endless shoot-outs where people want to just chill out. So that when in a tavern, having a disagreement, people will seriously consider shooting up the place. Thoughts?
  14. Saloon der deutschsprachigen Community.

    Prost kann nicht warten zu spielen mit dir alles.
  15. German Players around

    Da ist dieses auch: