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  1. Map locations 100?

    99 ! today with BADGER PASS i don't know if this location was reset.
  2. Map locations 100?

    Same here. I'm now 98 cause stagecoach cabin of south of cumber pass was reset. Logically, it remains only Eagle head mountain and The South east part not available.
  3. STEAM LAUNCH 25.07

    Steam launch today : ...2 hours Really ?
  4. Map locations 100?

    I'm 97 since patch with "new discover" stagecoach cabin to complete SEASON quest challenge fore stagecoach. so , all new place are into game since this stagecoach patch. But^, never find eagle head mountainnnnnnn !!!
  5. PATCH 7.10.19 Changelog

    SAME ! house and flag disapear... nothing in mail box... ( no small land and no gold lingot to up house ) that's bullshit... pfffff , restart or not is the same when your land disapear. we don't talk about bug icon house map !!! we talk about land disapear totally , no house , no flag on the floor and no items in our mail box. bullshit ! there is nothing in our mail box .........
  6. TPS or FPS ?

    this message especially means : Some of team members don't really give a about western style... Some of team members want make a FPS game for kids with monsters and M4a1 cause it's too slow to have fun with a Colt or remington... Some of team members want destroy town because they can't make a good story line with good quest... Some of team members prefer destroy town without reasons, cause there is nothing to do... Thank for your honesty ....... 10min played by week, that's enought, no need to play more ........
  7. Search for Eagle Head Mountain

    lol it's a joke ... *no skull *no eagle head mountain Just wait a new patch...with challenges that work. If this challenge worked, someone would have already done...

    Don't work , again and again ... *complete vendor's missions *unlock stagecoach cabin *find monster skull at abandonned farm

    Don't work ... no unlock stagecoach cabin season Achievement ! 03. 07. 19 Always the same today. Achievement don't work. 03.07.19
  10. New Update

    Patchnote : * We changed colors of 3 trees..... Good game !
  11. So ? and what ? I'm fanboy too , like you . Otherwise i would not be there , and if disgruntled people can express their concerns throught a vote , why not ? New project is like you said , but it can change if this project does not take . You can vote too , if you want Aliens or others . But principal things now is , people have to be heard ! , not like with the olds devs .
  12. Npc's !!! for sure aliens are so hasbeen ugly and non sense....
  13. This is only good suggestion , but they don't understand , and 3 month later , nobody will play that game....