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  1. Character name used

    Good luck with that.

    Yes, they know. Still no information about a second season. Billy told us that the devs going to bring M5 and the Zombie version online. Main game maybe finished? Who knows?
  3. Flares dont worth

    Update: Today the flared balloons got a change. They enlarged the loot tabel and they rised the price up to 699 TN. I tested it and it was ok. For me flares now worth more, but the price is to high. Case closed.
  4. Research lost

    So you have to find the blueprints
  5. Map locations 100?

  6. Flares dont worth

    Update: Ten days passed by. No chaneges concerning the drop rate of uncommon or rare weapons and blueprints. The only thing they have done is to rise the price of the flares massively up to 495 TN (apox 12 Euro for 20 flares). I asked for the reason on discord, but nobody could tell me. The devs not responding or answering. To rise the price for an almost useless item and dont fix the ussues with that item is a very bad idea and a very bad call to the player community. For me it sounds like "we are the devs, we dont care about that what the players want or complaining about, we do what we want to do". And of course, it was a very bad timing. They raised the price shortly after the announcement of RDR2/RDO for PC. Sonds like "grab what you can, the end is near". Note to the devs: take back the price of the flares. Fix the issues with the drop rate of uncommon or rare weapons and blueprints at the balloon event. Both immediatealy. I dont like to talk about this issue again and again. I dont like to write negative about the developement. But some issues should be adressed. If nobody talking about, nothing will ever happen.
  7. Help us to make the game better!

    RDR 2 for PC will be released soon. Do you think that New Frontier will survive next month (or will survive Read Dead online)? I dont think that the devs will be able to do what they wanted to do, including the private servers. The player base is dropping. Do you hear the noisy sound of silence concerning your question from dev side? Its the same sound you can hear if you aks for their future plans. I still like this game, but i have no hope.
  8. Flares dont worth

    Update: The drop of the weapons or weapon blueprints, by using flares you can buy at the ingame store, are still not fixed. 99% you will get Equalizers, Coaches, and Cattlemans (all Tier 1 weapons, you can easy and cheap buy inside the game with ingame dollars). The picture below shows a ramdom screenshot (i could post 59 more). Since the patch last week, you have to learn weapon blueprints to craft weapons. Sadly the balloon drops to 99% just the blueprint of a black widow or a catleman 49, if it drops a blueprint. For now the flares are still almost useless, if you want to get a better weapon. The devs are aware of this issue since almost 6 weeks (maybe more). They collected datas of it. They finished the colletion of datas concerning this issue two weeks ago. Since then, there were two updates. No changes on the flares/drop of weapons or blueprints. I am still like the game and supporting it, but for me this is a issue the devs should fix soon.
  9. Meanwhile you can use the crafting tables of the other players.
  10. Coolest Building so far

    Yes, realy nice. Good work.

    Do it. Dont forget to post a proof.
  12. Is the Train coming soon?

    Just an artwork. I dont think, that it will come.
  13. Thanks to technical support!!!

    Computer games are serious business