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  1. U.S. Marshals Service [RP/PvP] [NA/EU]

    interesting. your link to discord is a dead link.
  2. When will I play?

    im shooting someone. //s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/wwoforum/emoticons/biggrin.png
  3. Combat

    well its skill based, you have to be able to aim to shoot someone //s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/wwoforum/emoticons/tongue.png
  4. Lock

    I agree.
  5. Alpha Info

    yea, dont need another Archeage lol.. And more info is always fun. I hope they do alittle more into detail character creation stuff then it is.. For RP aspect things i care about the most. A: Let us loot bodies, people have banks for a reason dont be scared... Anything not equiped is lootable. Belts and bandoleers can be holsters for bullets, so what ever doesnt fit can be looted. B: Bullets, limited not infinite C: Character creation ability.. I wanna be unique not 100 people looking like me D: the ability to easily change my appearance at any time, C No level system ,just skills.
  6. Clan Recruitment: Iron Smoke PVP/North America

    oh oh Outlaws Maybe interested my gang i was making backed out for foreesable future.
  7. Duel, Horseback, Bank for sure... the train stuff is already know to be a future main event
  8. Alpha Info

    true true hopefully sooner then later but im ok with later if it improves it. :p.
  9. Alpha Info

    wahhhhhhhhhhhhh why @Dev
  10. Clan Recruitment: Iron Smoke PVP/North America

    What type of guild is it? Criminal or Legit?
  11. Alpha Info

    When does the alpha officially start? I got the big package cant wait to actually start testing lol. ^_^. I didnt see a date anywhere, So i was wondering if maybe i missed it. I know that say late July for first phase of alpha.
  12. No Dropped Items on Death

    Darkfall, the greatest sandbox of all time.. full loot system, you couldnt tell peoples levels either so you had to be careful who you attacked. was amazing.
  13. Hello Community

    it must have recently came out, i just noticed it. release some footage i wanna see before i pre-order 59.99
  14. Hello Community

    they dont have a pre-order?
  15. Roleplayers Unite!

    Name: TBD Age: 29 Affiliation: Confederate, Served as a Member of the Stonewall brigade during the war, (If the timeline allows). Now runs a gang called the Demon Hounds has been seen hitting trains and coaches from mexico to oklahoma