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Found 3 results

  1. I'm working on some visual character profiles like the one below. The end result, and my hope, is that I can compile the characters together into a PDF we can update and share. I'm working on a sample document now.
  2. WWO Fan Art thread

    Post up your WWO art. I know there's a few folk out there who like to create and re-create scenes, logos, wallpapers etc for the games they love. It's a big passion of mine too, and whilst I don't yet have work to post I do have something for anyone else who's thinking of creating something. Here's the WWO title text in .png (transparent) format Interestingly enough the font itself is called Bleeding Cowboys^^.. go figure, if you want to go find it for yourselves.
  3. Add recent artworks here: If I missed anything please feel free to add them here.