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Found 1 result

  1. I thought I could use a little practice before I try WWO. So I tried Arma. Turns out, I can't aim...When I'm about to shoot someone I get really nervous and I basically hit everything except my target. I was going to shoot this one fella in his back. He didn't even see me ("coward!" well, keep reading). Arms go full spaghetti mode...whatever. I fire, the bullets prolly grazed his head. He turns around and looks at me...I'm like wow he's alive, crap. Awkward for a second. "hey, just kidding!" nah, gotta take him out..but my aim is like I'm holding a giant firehose. Then I die, great. Stupid game anyway. I also hit the wrong keys when I panic. Tab out ect. How do you remain calm in these situations? Just practice more?