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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all! I figured I would do a poll on the subject of character customization. I am really hoping they give some time and love into the editor so we get a good range of diversity between players beyond just apparel. I hope for a more advanced head editor towards what we've seen in Fallout 4 and APB Reloaded. Perhaps also be able to do the face asymmetrical. I really hope this is something they spend some time on opposed to just selecting between a few heads, or a few of each noses, eyes and mouths. I hope they dive into some morphmaps or the likes. One thing I missed with Fallout was to be able to move scars around on the face. (Textures projected to the head and movable, albedo, normals etc)
  2. I'm working on some visual character profiles like the one below. The end result, and my hope, is that I can compile the characters together into a PDF we can update and share. I'm working on a sample document now.
  3. Character Introductions!

    A similar thread has probably been made, though I felt the need to make an updated one. I also decided to put this in general rather than roleplay, since I feel as though you can play a unique character and not feel the need to engage in organic roleplay 24/7. Take the opportunity to introduce your fellow character(s) you plan to play as. Include anything from name, sex, skills, interests, characteristics/traits, home town, backstory etc. Reeeidiculous Reid From: Bisbee, AZ Sex: Male Skills: long-range shooting, thievery, good hearing and sense of smell, great sense of direction, hunting/fishing, texas hold 'em Characteristics: humble/quiet, colorblind, extremely curious Backstory: Raised in the deserts of Bisbee, AZ, Reid got the name Reeeidiculous from his ability to shoot his dad's 1874 Sharps accurately past 600 yards off hand. Reid left home at age 19 to start his own life, living off the land and collecting bounties as his main form of payment. Reid tries to stay far away from the danger, using his keen senses to judge windage and distance, making long range shots on his targets, be it animals or criminals. He plans on continuing his bounty hunts, as well as trading furs for ammo and other needed supplies.
  4. Better be able to play poker...

    Just hoping all the towns have the option to join in on BlackJack and Hold em' tables. That would be sweet. I could see myself sitting at a table for hours!
  5. With the forum blossom up in a wonderful way, I thought we could maybe start a thread about features that might be in the game when it is released. When it comes to a game like this. I know this will probably be answered in the FAQ. But would a level system fit/work in this game? If they do add a level system I really hope it wont benefit the character in a way that it will get more health/mana/stamina in any way. (I know it probably wont even have abilities.) The only level system I can agree with is if you need a certain level to buy a weapon, like in GTA V multiplayer. I also read in the article that fast travel will be in the game. When it comes to a feature like this in a game that is actually quite realistic compared to the other MMOs out there, I think that the only fast travel feature should be by train, no teleporting in any kind of way. What are you thoughts about this topic? Feel free to discuss this and come with ideas, so the devs can see.