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Found 3 results

  1. "Media Mondays"

    Everybody hates Mondays. They suck. How about posting just ONE new random screenshot from the game or piece of concept art EVERY Monday (morning preferably) to start everyone's week off with a bit of hype and give the community something to talk about?
  2. Add recent artworks here: If I missed anything please feel free to add them here.
  3. Character Concept Art!

    Characters! From gruff and tumble outlaws to rugged woodsmen. We've got ideas for law officers, shootists, dancers, bartenders, and a lot more. There will be all kinds of colorful characters that will fill Wild West Online. On top of that we also want to hear about your ideas. What kind of characters are you planning to play as and what kind of NPCs do you want to see populating the digital old west? Take a look at all this concept art and let us know what you think. Twitter: