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Found 14 results

  1. The devs are wondering what action events do you most want to see in WWO. Let us know with this poll, any thoughts you have feel free to leave comments.
  2. Howdy all of you hopeful cowboys and cowgirls out there! The WWO dev team here, and we want to know what your expectations are for our upcoming game. Please tell us what YOUR ideas are for what the gameplay of WWO should be – ie, what you as a player want to see in the game and the things you want to do in the game. Tell us what feature will make it the absolutely best game for you. We want to know your thoughts. Discuss! Express! Let us know your feelings.
  3. Greetings fellow frontier explorers, The Wild West Online devs invited some journalists to play an early build of the game. Not quite the alpha - so forgive some graphical and SFX issues. These journalists put together their thoughts and some videos on what they saw and played. There are a lot of tempered but positive comments here and a lot more gameplay footage for those who have been hankering for it. IGN: PC Gamer: Polygon: Gamespot:
  4. Updated FAQ

    So! Many of you have noticed. I just wanted to make sure anyone that didn't does. The FAQ has been updated. Check out the feedback the devs have given to direct questions from the community over here: This is hopefully only the first of a lot of cool info we'll be giving out in the near future. I would have posted this sooner, but I hadn't realized California Fats had put it up until just a few moments ago! You're all already discussing it. Continue that. Continue to discuss it.
  5. New Weapons!

    As the title says, they've revealed a new weapon on Facebook, "The Bronco Peacekeeper: Six chambered rounds will serve you well should you find yourself needing to shoot your way out of a jam. The classic pistol of the Old West."
  6. UI Color scheme.

    The devs are wondering people's thoughts on the UI and the coloring especially. What kind of colors best suit the look that the devs are going for? Do you have any other thoughts on UI design? (It's a fiddly element that could change up until the last moment, so thoughts are appreciated)
  7. I just put this up on the facebook: "Are any of you out there youtubers or streamers? If you are, Wild West Online is looking for people to help reveal the upcoming gameplay video. If you contact us we will provide you with a download link upon the videos release. Many of you have been asking us for ways to get involved, connect, or how to start a relationship or partner up. This is the chance to do that. We would appreciate each and every one of you willing to help us spread the word. Please send an email with your information to" This should also hearten you all as it means the gameplay video is VERY close. I'm not allowed to say a date. Just... very close. So, if you know any streamers, youtubers, or other people that might have a reason to want to partner up with WWO and help spread the word on the upcoming day. Please e-mail
  8. Video Delayed

    Now most of you have read as I've been saying for the last few days it seems the video is delayed a wee bit. I'm sorry. I was told the end of June. They tried. They're going to miss it by just a little. I'd give reasons and excuses but the truth is, it's just not quite done. I would have told people sooner, but they were really hoping they'd be able to get it out soon enough it wouldn't be an issue. Of course, as most things do, it slipped. I've asked if there are any new screenshots or things I might be able to showcase tomorrow/today while they get the video together. I don't know if I'll get anything new to show off, but if I do, I'll show it to all of you. Hopefully. I can't promise anything, though. I'm not allowed to give any concrete dates for when the gameplay will be done. I do know that it should be well before the 7th. If for some reason it isn't, I would push to have the early bird pre-order extended. As I think that would just be fair. You're all free to be annoyed and disappointed. Hopefully the video will be worth the wait.
  9. Howdy forum pokes, The gameplay trailer is fast approaching, and the alpha not all that much longer after that. Currently the team is nose to the grindstone nose grinding away. Often looking at me sideways whenever I saddle up to them with questions or attempts for more answers as they tell me 'every time we stop to deal with your fool headed nature we lose time makin' dat der game they all want!' However, there is a question they have for all of you. Card games. The game will have gambling. You want it. They have put it in. Attached is a shot of roulette. One of the gambling games already implemented. The question is, what card games should be put into the game using the gambling system being developed. What do you want to see? Poker? Faro? Blackjack? Go fish? This is something that could easily really alter the world. While any game being put in and done properly takes time. It's also the kind of thing the team will be looking at and will certainly try their best to do if there's enough support. If enough of you want a certain game inside your game, you very likely will get it. So, don't be shy. Say any card game you wish you could see in the world of Wild West Online
  10. We have the Bronco Peacekeeper: Six chambered rounds will serve you well should you find yourself needing to shoot your way out of a jam. The classic pistol of the Old West. The Volcano Rocketball: Lethal, man-stopping firepower from this lever-action repeater pistol will put down even the toughest customer. And the Quartermaster 1860: This lever-action rifle will keep your homestead safe from all manner of varmints that come to take what's yours, whether man or beast.
  11. Wild West Online will have the following server availability during the Alpha: - North America – ( Dallas and Virginia locations ) - Europe – ( Amsterdam and Berlin ) - SEA – (Singapore and Hong Kong) More importantly I have been told, and thus I am telling you, that people can freely play even if you're not near the server. While there may be lag issues (sometimes thanks to the very speed of light) if there is enough interest in a region we will then try and open more servers over there. Now you know the secrets of the sever info. This was talked about on twitter and facebook, I wanted to find out the specific of expansion before posting it here or if there were any restrictions to out of region players. Now you have the info on both.
  12. Greetings all! It's not really a Dev Blog so much as just a link to a neat six second video. However, here is a quick sneak peak of the character rendering system.
  13. Based on the S&W M3 Weapon: Handgun Type: Revolver In Service: 1869 to around 1916 Caliber: .44 variants Round Capacity : 6 Introduced by S&W during the 1870s - The Model 3 is a single action, top opening revolver. This bad boy was pretty much the first cartridge firing revolver in the history of the US military. Definitely one of the great lethal legends of the wild west. Many Famous lawmen and even the most fearless Outlaws were known to use this revolver for decades to come. Different armies of the world adopted this powerful gun for their needs as well. A typical shooter can quickly fire this revolver and easily reload it with little effort. Known to be very durable with a rugged steel frame is what makes this popular gun a reliable work horse on the frontier. Simple in appearance, the reliable 6 shooter will save your life in many a tricky situation. Based on the Model 1873 Weapon: Rifle Type: Lever Action Rifle In Service: 1873 to around 1900s Caliber: .44 variants Round Capacity : 15 round tube Known as one of the most successful Lever Action Rifles of the time period. Some people say, "It is the gun that won the Wild West". Many variations of this amazing repeating rifle were made. Some even include a short barrel version without a butt-stock which was loved by the bandits and outlaws for it's easy concealed carrying. From the biggest bank robbers, to the bravest sheriffs, a true masterpiece of the West. With ingeniously simple design that fires a very powerful cartridge you can rest easy knowing this will be your true guardian and protector in the Wild West.
  14. Forest Biome Video

    Just a quick sneak peak of the forest environment biome. This is in-game realtime rendering, so this is how environments are looking in the actual game. We'll have a lot more to show in the coming days and weeks. The video is too large for the forum, but it's up on both the facebook and twitter. Facebook: Twitter: