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  1. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS WITH THE WILD WEST ONLINE DEV TEAM the Wild West Online team is busy working towards an Alpha but took some time out to answer a few questions that were brought up by the community. This isn't the official FAQ but should answer many of the questions people have about the game and give a good idea of the scope that the team is shooting for. More questions may be included later and a more detailed FAQ should be forthcoming. ----------------------- QUESTIONS & ANSWERS (All questions are from community members) Q: Will the game be in 3rd person or first person view? Or will it be switchable? A: Game will have both first and third person cameras that you can switch on fly. You can also adjust the FOV for the first person camera. Q: How will the servers be set up? specifically in regards to our characters? Will we have one character per server like WoW (and most other MMOs), or will our characters move freely between multiple servers without players necessarily noticing, like we see in GTA Online?| A: You will have one character that you'll be able to freely move between servers. Q: Is your class chosen ahead of time, or if it is based on skill progression? And, can you dump skills down the road in favor of others.| A: There are no classes in the game. We're still debating exactly how character progression will work, but if we do character progression, it will be skill based. Q: Will WWO have some sort of equipment (gear) with stats to work - progress towards like other games WoW, Rift, GW2 etc. or will it only be cosmetic like GTA?| A: Clothing/cosmetic items will not have stats, guns and other usable items will of course have different stats. Q: Will WWO be available for Mac OS at release or only for Windows? A: The release will be only for windows and we will consider a Mac port if there will be significant interest from Mac player. So, Mac users make sure to be loud if that's what you want. Q: When will the first playable alpha or beta be released? A: We're planning an early to mid summer release for our first Alpha that will be open to the public. Q: Will WWO be based on a character leveling system, skill progression system, or will it be a twitch/reflex action MMO?| A: The game will mostly rely on your skills and not on a leveling system. Q: Will this be in US historical context? If so, which time period (Pre-Civil War, Post Civil War, or late west (Big Jake Style) or Will this be "alternate universe" Wild west where the story line revolves around a huge undiscovered territory that just opened up?| A: WWO is based on the old west of the late 1800s, early 1900s, but it's not historically correct and will not reference on any real world events. Q: How indepth is the character creation? A: We're still working on how deep initial character customization will be, but you'll be able to choose the sex of the character, face, hair style and color of hair, also probably skin tone. Q: Will you be able to own a ranch or farm or, will it just be a house? A: You will be able to own a house/farm in the game. And you will be able to customize your house and even decorate it to some extent. Q: What kinds of systems are planned / being implemented to support ROLE PLAY? Such as emotes, character animations, chats, dedicated servers... etc.| A: We will have a set of community run and managed RP servers, and yes the game will feature emote animations, text chat, and voice chat to support RP. Q: Will the keybinds to all of WWO's available gameplay control functions be completely customizable? A: Yes, every single keybind will be customizable. Q: Regarding the cosmetic content to be offered in the cash shop, will you be sticking strictly to designs and a color palette that actually fits WWO's theme/genre? A: Yes, this is the plan. We clearly will stay away from space suits, neon rave suits, and things like that. Q: WWO Devs: Have you had the chance to view the polls that have been set up by forum members to observe public opinions and preference of gameplay mechanics? A: We're monitoring the forums, but unfortunately we don't always have time to give you feedback on all those polls. Q: Will you be leaving us ladies in skirts and dresses? Will we be able to wear trousers, chaps and normal shirts? Will there be some racy clothing for women? Can we mix and match outfits? A: Yes you can mix and match outfits, and yes we'll have shirts, trousers, etc. Here's some of the ideas - nothing final - that we have for the ladies Q: Will there be servers available for people with diverse playstyle? IE: Roleplaying / PvP / PvE / RPPvp / RPPvE? A: We will offer at start two types of servers - official servers that feature PVP and PVE mixed activities, as well as community managed and run RP servers, where the community will set their own rules for each server. Q: Will this game actually support teaming with other players to do missions/objectives? A: Yes, you'll be able to group up with other players to form a "posse" aka a group. Q: Will there be something endgame for those that aspire to advance in the game? IE: Raids, mining dungeons, etc? A: We have some ideas here (such as Raids), but we want to keep them under wraps for now. Q: Why should people make clans in Wild West Online other than to group with your friends or find others of like mind, are there incentives? A: Joining a clan will have its own benefits, as players will be getting passive perks that will depends on how their clan performs. We'll have more details on that later this summer. Q: Are you planning on having non-cowboy factions in the game? A: There are no factions, so to speak, in Wild West Online. It's up to you who you choose to be in the world and who you'll ride with. Q: Is the game going to be played on a universal server/regional server, or is this going to be a game where players can host their own server with their own settings? A: All servers will be hosted by us, but we will allow players to manage some of the "community RP" servers. We also will offer official servers, that will be hosted in different regions. Players will be free to join any server with no regional restrictions. Q: Regarding character name tags(those that are always floating above players' heads for all to see)...Will they again be permanently up there in WWO? Or will they only appear when a player has their targeting reticle aimed at an other player? A: They will only appear when you mouse over other players. Q: Will the naming structure be identified in part by account name "[email protected]" or just "name"? A: Your email will be used to login to your account. Your character will have its own screen name - like "Bob the Cow Slayer". Q: Is their a set max world limit in mind yet or will it just continue on forever and ever as it is discovered? will their be a "Corner of the map"? A: Yes, the map will be restricted in size. We expect it'll be somewhat bigger than the GTA 5 map at the start and we'll expand it during first year of the game's operation. Q: In terms of gameplay, how much freedom of control do we have over our characters? Such as, will we be able to ledge climb, hop over fences, roll along the ground, prone, crouch, etc.? A: You will be able to jump, crouch, and go prone. We'll look into more user controlled moves later on. Q: will the game include weapons such as sniper rifles giving scouting players an upper hand against other players from a heightened position? A: We will have sharp shooter rifles with integrated scopes, but they will be weapons that will require skill from the player to operate. They also won't be fast firing. Q: Will the game focus on players being able to build an empire and fight in gang style battles for territory and power over the world? A: We're still working on the end game content. Q: We see the game will have a mature rating. What sorts of things might we expect in Wild West Online; nudity, alcohol, violence, gore? NPC's with potty mouths? A: Our game is clearly targeted at mature audiences. So you may expect things that are clearly off limits to minors. And yes the game will have nudity. Q: What kind of combat system will WWO have, will it be Tab+target combat or free aim style? A: It's like in any shooting game - you aim and shoot. Q: You've already mentioned there being a day/night cycle. Will weather be dynamic, or somehow realtime? A: The day/night cycle will not be in real time, we think it'll be more like a 1-2 hours cycle. Q: Will be UI be fully customizable? Will we be able to have downloadable plug ins to add UI options? A: No we do not plan on UI customization at the moment. Q: Will it be feasible for players to have different roles within their gangs, IE have a group of scouts a group of raiders a group of looters, etc? A: This is all up to players themselves. Q: Regarding the open-world housing system...Will there be some kind of limitation to help combat the abuse of what I like to call "plot-bots"? Such as one plot of land per server, per account. A: Land lots and housing will be sort of instanced, ie several players may own the same land lot in a town. But when they approach it, it will be their customized house. You will be able to invite other players to enter your house, and they will not need to leave game server, so it's all happening without loading into an instance. Q: How will respawn after death be handled? A: Once you die, you will be able to respawn in the closest town at the "Hotel" or at the closest house/cabin/farm you own or rent. Q: question regarding gangs, will gangs be able to set their own emblems to distinguish them apart? A: Yes, Gangs will have emblems and slogans beside the name of the clan. Q: Question regarding gangs/factions would there be a limit the the number of members in said gangs A: No , there will be no limit on the number of clan members. Q: Will trains be used like a fast travel to get players from town to town? or will it be used for things like faster movement along a set path and ore transportation? A: They will be used for fast travel between stations. Q: When a player is killed by another player will their be the option for a custom death message? A: most likely, no, to avoid excessive griefing. Q: How in depth do the options for player skin color go? will it predominantly be White/Hispanic characters or will it be a larger spectrum ranging for all races and skin tones? A: we plan on having a wide range of skin tones available, as well as face shapes and features. We have not yet figured all this out, due to technology and resource requirements, but trust us when we say we want there to be lots of options. Q: Will we be able to convert in game currency to real money store currency like what GW2 dose? A: No, we will not facilitate a way for players to transfer in game money between accounts or get that currency out of the game. Q: Will we have errands? A: Yes Q: Will their be in game voice chat for players or will it require 3rd party software like Teamspeak or discord? A: Voice chat is built into the game and available to all players. Q: Will items in the game have different rarity values that will correlate with the stat buffs they give, something like Common -> Uncommon -> Rare -> Epic -> Legendary -> Mythical? A: Yes. Q: Why not release pre orders for even more funding? A: We will announce preorders as soon as we have more to show to our players. We want to make sure everyone knows what they're getting before they preorder the game. Q: Will WWO have support for 21:9 monitors and will it have controller support? A: There will be controller support from the start, and if there is enough requests for 21:9 monitors support, we'll add that. Q: What kind of healing mechanics will be in-game? A: We do not want to make it overly complex, so most likely it'll be something pretty easy to use. Q: To stimulate crafting: do items wear down and/or need replacing after a time, and do we need to craft bullets/arrows? A: We think of crafting as more of a side dish to the main game and not something that players will be forced to deal with to be successful. Q: What kind of weapons can we expect? A: Pistols, shotguns, repeater rifles, basically things you expect to see in a western styled game plus some experimental guns from that era. Q: Will we have options or ways to make our characters older in terms of appearance? Both male and female? A: Most likely, no. There will be no extensive physical customization. Q: What mechanics will be in-game to help/aid sheriffs, bounty hunters and bandits (f.e. handcuffs, lasso's, hangings, being send to jail or escaping jail, being able to drag a person after a very well aimed lasso throw to another place)? A: We'll reveal that later on. Q: What will you do to prevent/combat hackers, (aim-)botters, and will there be a 'report player' system? A: we have a sophisticated custom developed anti-cheat system, that we believe will curb most cheating, including aimbots, and yes we will provide a report player service. Q: Will we be able to see when friends and clanmembers were last online, so that we may spot inactivity? A: Yes you will. Q: If a player reaches 0 health do they just die or will there be a "downed" state where a player can be revived or executed? A: They'll go into an "incapacitated" state and will slowly bleed to death. Their friends will be able to revive them and their enemies will be able to perform execution moves. Q: Will two clans have the option to have undisturbed fights with each other without other clans or people disturbing their fight A: They'll be able to do that in their own clan owned server. Q: Where will the servers primarily be located, assuming it's 612 that host them? A: Initially we'll have servers available in North America and Europe, with more servers coming up in South America, Asia/Oceania and Russia. Q: For open world PvP, will it be genuine open world PvP, in that nowhere is safe, except perhaps towns (with guards?). A: It's a real open world PvP with no restrictions outside towns and settlements. Q: What is the player limit for groups/posse? eg. 4 people, 8 people etc. A: We plan for 8 players. Q: Will the game have things like vaults, just where players can safely store gear and currency? A: Yes, there will be vaults for players to store their loot. Q: In terms of the games economy, will it be like cents and usd, or will it have its own type of currency system? A: Most likely it'll be some imaginary currency based on silver and gold dollar coins. Q: What kind of damage model are you going to implement into the game? Will it be a standard fps shooter(potential 1 shot kills), or will it be more like The division (bullet sponge) A: It'll be something between those two, with the average kill require depending on the weapon. Something like 3 to 5 body shots and with a chance to deal critical headshot damage. Q: will the game include tnt or explosives for things like ore mining, teraforming, and etc? A: The game will not have terraforming, but it will have variety of explosives. Q: is their a possibility that the game will include pets, something like dogs to help with hunting and scouting? A: This is something that has been requested by many players, but we will not announce our plans about pets yet, stay tuned! Q: will the game include liquor, and will it give players buffs IE. 1-2% damage reduction or something along the lines of that? A: Yes it will. Drinking though will have negative effects, blurred vision or worse depending on how drunk you get. Q: will the map include hidden secrets, things like gold vaults and fortunes, maybe going west far enough leads to some of the lost Indian civilizations? A: Yes it will, and bunch of our PvE activities are centered around exploration and treasure hunting. Q: How will weapon mechanics be will it be hit scan or is there gonna be a slight realism to them? A: All weapons have proper bullets ballistics, so it actually takes some time for bullet to reach the target, so you have to plan for bullet flight time as well as drop. Wind or weather will not alter bullet flight though. Think that we are more like Battlefield 1, and not like CSGO/COD. Q: What engine will this game be made in? A: We are using a proprietary licensed engine, designed and developed specifically for open world online games, and we'll cover our technology in more details in the coming months. The engine rendering is DirectX 11 based. Q: I imagine there will be trading between characters. If so, how do you plan to combat gold (or whatever the currency may be) sellers? A: While we will allow players to trade with each other, we're not planning on allowing in game currency to be exchanged or traded between players. Q: This question verges the line between R-rated and X-Rated, since the game is R-rated, will it include the option for female/male characters to partake in prostitution? A: There will be no option for players to become prostitutes. Q: Are you planning on having multiple character slots (if so, how many), or just a single character who can be respec'd as your play preferences change? A: We're debating this right now, with both options as a possibility. Q: Will you use a community-voted reputation system for chat in-game? A: You will be able to mute anyone who you don't like. Q: Can we get other languages, like a Japanese, Chinese, and so on. A: The game will be localized in most widely used languages, as well as languages of the majority player groups, like Russian, Mandarin, Thai, etc... Q: Will certain NPC's be invulnerable to damage/death, such as npc's vital to accessing certain features? eg. Shopkeepers, access to bank etc. A: Most likely yes. We don't like this simplification. Most likely we'll make shops, saloons, etc to be gun free zones... But once again - we'll see. A lot is up in the air. Q: It is mentioned that you can steal items from abodes, stores and camps. Can you go into depth on how this mechanic works? A: we have several systems in place and we think we'll really need to test them all during alpha to figure out the best ones to remain in the game. Q: We have seen images of a creek and lake, both water environments. Will the game feature swimming? Or will the player simply die if they fall in the water? A: We plan on having characters be able to swim eventually. Right now they just can't go deep into the water. Q: Will there be any way for players to build/buy and operate a business such as a general store, saloon, funeral parlor, barbershop, etc.? A: We don't have this feature in the game yet, but it's something we are actively discussing. -------- Second round of Q and A: Q: For the open alpha, will it be similar to the alpha for TLOPO, players get access to the server via reserved time slots and Alpha Keys remove that restriction or is it free game any time of the day without reserving a play time? A: As long as you’ve been selected to participate in the Alpha/Beta you’ll be able to play anytime you want for the duration of Alpha/Beta. Q: Can the player tame a wild horse or steal it? A: This is not planned at this time, so you will need to buy a horse. Q: Will it only be played on steam or will also have your own client? A: The game will be played using its own client, and it also will be available for purchase on Steam after the pre-launch period. All players who pre-order the game, or who purchase it on our website at any time, will also receive a Steam key. Q: Curious on what animals will be huntable and if you can make a living off of being a hunter? A: We do not plan to support hunting during the initial release, but this is something we are strongly considering as a free expansion later on. Q: Will NPC's (and quests for that matter) be fully voiced, and will there be cinematics for quests/raids? A: This is not yet decided. We need evaluate how much of the voice we will need to record – in all the different languages -- and balance that decision against other features. Q: Will there be hangings and different types of executions like firing squads, dragged from a horse, etc. staged as events in towns? A: No. Q: I just want to have more detailed information on Roleplay servers being community run and what that means exactly. Thanks! A: We will reveal this information at a later date once we consider all the community input and decide the rules/format. Q: Is there any information you could give in the way of the physics engine? A: We use PhysX as the physics engine. Q: Will there be melee combat? A: Yes, with both bare hands and melee weapons. Q: Will gang emblems be uploadable? Will hats and weapons be customizable? A: This is still under discussion. Q: Fully lootable corpses or dropped items upon death? A: There will be no droppable items on death. Q: Is the text chat system going to feature chat bubbles and local proximity for those that want to role-play without the use of microphones? World of Warcraft's system worked very well for roleplay. If not, what in game text chat system will you guys use? A: There will be a chat using a chat window. --------- Third round of Q &A Q: Do players that choose to play as deputies/bounty hunters get any special perks? Like weapons or clothing? A: Players who assume deputy roles will receive special outfit/cosmetics. We even have a screenshot showcasing this - Q. Will there be carriages, cars and the likes (driven by horses) and useable by players? A: We do not plan on having carriages at the initial release of the game, but this is something that we will certainly keep our eyes on for a future. We will not have automobiles in the game either. Q. When can we see the first gameplay? A: We plan on releasing a gameplay walkthrough sometime before the closed Alpha. Q: I assume you're gearing up for a late fall Q4 release? A: Right now our public plan is to release the game before the end of the year, i.e. before December 31st, 2017. Q: Will it be possible to play on a private server, or some kind of server that only allows friends/clan members? A: You will be able to have private server for your friends and clan, or even a whole world to yourself. Q: Will you be able to have professions or farmsteads/ranches? and with those skills, trade to other players? A: The game will not have fixed professions or classes, so it’ll be up to players to roleplay those. Q: Will they plan on having wildlife at the initial release? I think it could add a very cool aspect to the game. If so, what kind of wildlife can we plan on seeing? A: We don’t know yet, but this is something that is on top of our list of “extra” features to work on, after we’re sure that core of the game is fun and working as intended. Q: Will there be means of making small campsites in the wild with campfires, tents and such? If so, will they be utilized as percs for healing, buffing etc? A: Yes, you will be able to create a small campsite that will provide healing, access to your stash, etc. for you and players in your group/posse. Q: If the game has a very good pvp, fun and become huge , is there the possibility of competitions or even e-sport? A: We’re not looking that far in the future, but it’s definitely something we’ll be ready to explore when the time comes. Q: Will I have to use all the weapons? Or can I just walk with a single revolver and be free? A: You may choose to use the same gun over and over, you will not be forced to use all the guns in a game. Q: will there be mini-games like horse shoe, finger fillet or shooting contest, lasso throwing? A: This is something we will determine after initial Alpha tests. In general: first we will focus on the core game, and then we'll add more as we are able. Q: Can I change the color of my weapon, change the stats and add a pattern? A: You will be able to change the skin of your gun, but it will not affect gun stats. Q: There will be fast draw duels? A: This is something we have explored, and we’ll see how Alpha testing goes before we decide if we want this feature to be developed into the game. Q: Is it possible to marry in this game? If so, is there any advantage? A: We don’t plan on having marriages or any structured relationships in the game. Q: Reputation will work as rank in this game? A: It’s more like reputation in the real world: you may be a "badass criminal" but that doesn't fully define your position in society. Q: s the game generally easy or will there be difficult fights to get very rare weapons which will allow to distinguish the good players? A: Yes, there will be certain guns, cosmetic items as well as quests that will clearly distinguish good player from the average players. Q: Can I shoot while I ride? A: This is something we have not yet developed, but it is on our list for future development. Q: Will there be "Cowboys and Indians" clans? A: We do not plan to divide the world into two clans like WoW. The character customization will, however, allow you to role play a Native American. -------- Fourth Round of Q & A Q: Is there any plan to let players set 'traps' in the game? A: Players will be able to set traps to catch small animals like rabbits, or setup traps and proximity explosives to damage other players. Q: What are the devs doing in order to prevent combat logging during pvp? A: If a player closes their client, his character stays in the game for 10 seconds, so other players can still damage and even kill them if they sign out. Q: What kind of options can we expect to manage on community run servers? eg. can we change damage, health etc. A: We have still not decided on the exact options, but this is something we want to decide while having an open discussion with our players. As we get closer to the alpha, we will start this discussions here on forums and ask for input on how we should set up the community run servers. Q: Will there be any prevention methods for people logging out on PvE servers and jumping into the same spot on a PvP server allowing an advantage to kill people? A: You will not be able to login at the same spot if you’re changing servers. We are also not planning on providing official PVE only servers, PVE rules must be set and enforced by player run community server admins. Q: When it comes to - the open world. Will it be instanced sections? or a super large map like in RDR. A: It will be an open world persistent map like RDR. Q: We already know that we'll have the option to create private servers. Assuming that this feature works as the survival genre server creation, does that mean that we'll have the option to create a localhost server and play offline? A: No, all private servers will still be hosted within our own infrastructure to combat cheating and exploitation. Q: I just want to know about ammo (is it unlimited? Do we need to carry it in our inventory? or is there a set amount on each person that we will need to refill at a weapon smiths from time to time) A: Ammo will be limited and you will need to replenish it by buying it from NPC controlled shops around the towns and settlements. You will be able to give some of your ammo to other players. There will be a limit on amount of ammo you can carry on you at any given time. Q: Is fishing going to be in game (even a simple system like WOWs fishing would be awesome!!) ?!? A: Hunting and fishing are planned as part of the post release expansions but not on the initial release. Q: If there's NO exchange of currency between players, how are we going to gamble? A: You will make bets with the house and you will receive winnings from the house. There will be no direct currency exchange between players. Q: When and (most important) how is it planned to give Player Access to the Alpha Version? A: We’re planning the first round of the Alpha tests to happen around the middle of summer. There will be two ways to participate in Alpha tests – you’ll get guaranteed slot if you have preordered the game from us, and you also can also get access through lotterys and giveaways on our facebook and twitter as well as on partner websites. Players will be allowed into the Alpha in waves, with players who preordered the game getting first priority. Overall we plan on distributing at least 5,000 free keys for each stage of the Alpha. Q: As we can customize our characters with different clothing items, will we have an option to save some custom outfits so we can swap from one to the other? A: This is awesome suggestion and we’ll add it to our design backlog. Q: You mentioned there would be nudity in the game, is this only for npc's or will players be able to be nude as well? either in their homes or maybe if they are with one of the Saloon girls? A: No players will not be nude in a game. At least we’re not making player characters with that in mind. Q: Will there be Forum - Sections for different languages later on? Like: French, German, Italian etc A: Yes, as community grows we’ll be adding sections for players from different countries. Q; Rifles , Revolvers and other weapons , how that will be found or created, like craft or quests? I mean Rare or Mythical items something in other mmo. A: You will be able to purchase most of the guns from gunsmiths in towns. Some of the rare guns, will needs to be found either hidden in the world, or received as rewards for completing missions. Q: Will the game have Minimap and if so will the minimap show players or can we hide in PvP without minimap spoiling it like in so many mmo's? A: The Minimap will not show other players, except players who belong to your clan or your group/posse. Q:One more question- Will there be options to modify the game? In terms of- mod's. Like someone makes more content for the game. or etc. A: For the security reasons of running persistent online game, mods will not be allowed.
  2. A couple questions

    First for those of us who have the collecters edition. How will the kickstarter affect us? Codes to add to whatvwe already obtained? Pvp Will there me instanced pvp for lawmen to fight other lawmen and bounty on bounty hunters? Ranked pvp of sorts outside of the open world pvp. Will bounty hunters be able to enter the bandit hideout?
  3. Hey all, I've seen a lot of questions being asked around the forums so I thought I'd compile this thread of frequently asked questions to help clarify some things. These answers have all been either reported on the website or through interviews with the developers. As development progresses, I will try and stay updated as best as I can. If you have any suggestions for the list or answers to questions, please drop them below! ------------------------------------------------- When will Wild West Online be released? We plan on running a number of alpha tests this summer, with a closed beta available by the fall and a short open beta prior to the game’s launch. Players will be able to get a taste of what’s coming, provide feedback and help us create the ideal western game they wanted." Will Wild West Online be PvP only? "Our reveal actually mentioned that WWO has both PvP and PvE activities, but for some reason it has been perceived that our game is strictly PvP. Combat will be between players, but we have plenty of other activities tailored to either single player or co-op play that will not include killing everyone you see. There are NPCs in the game and some will provide you with information: Some will give you missions and quests, and some are just there to trade with. The world is big enough for players to “be lost” and not meet other players if they don’t want to." "...We’ll offer community-driven PvE and roleplaying servers. These servers are community-driven and players who don’t want to do ANY PvP whatsoever will be free to do so and have their own “reality” on a custom server, or they can join one of the community-ran and -regulated roleplaying servers. It’s pretty much the same concept as the role playing servers for World of Warcraft." What are the system specifications to be able to play WWO? @Zancuto asked the devs on Facebook, and they replied stating that a NVIDIA 460 graphics card and anything superior will work. Will WWO be subscription-based, or a one-time purchase? @Domi asked the devs on Facebook, and they replied stating that it will not be subscription-based, but a one-time purchase with the opportunity to purchase cosmetic items. How much will it cost? "We expect price to be below $40 or 40 euro depending on your country." Will it have controller support? "Yes, the game will support any directx controller - including Xbox and PS4." What languages will WWO be in? "We’re planning on having English, French, German and Spanish versions, initially, with with the possibility of adding Russian, Portuguese, Thai and Mandarin." Will it be third person or first person POV? ------------------------------------------------- Reminder: this serves as an unofficial F.A.Q. until an official one gets published by the devs. As of right now, this is the only important information that I can find that has been verified by 612 Games. More to be added soon! -- BadSandwich